Need Help Identifying this Robot

Nov 18, 2011
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Recently cleaned out my sister's house after she moved, and found this Ceramic Robot in the basement. At first glance I thought it was a paint by number R2D2 figure, but once I really looked at it and wasn't tired or blurry eyed from my cat allergy that is, I noted that it is not R2D2. It's painted sliver and blue, and is way boxier than R2. I would eventually like to sell it, but first I am looking for more information on it. On the back, along the base it says in stamped on lettering "Great Plains" with a circled R. Did attempt to research the Great Plains company, but could not find this particular statue. It was suggested that I bring my question here about this statue to see if any information could be gleaned. My guess is that it was from the 70s or early 80s. I know nothing about it, and I doubt my sister would be able to tell me much about it at all.

Also, apologize if I stuck this in the wrong place, but have not clue what to even classify this thing as other than ceramic robot. It's clearly not a Star Wars character, and I am uncertain what sci-fi show they were pulling from for this guy. Also, important to note that this guy is not for sale. Would like to get to that point eventually, but at the moment this is an information seeking only. Thank you for any and all help in identifying this little statue.