Need a few figures loose or on damaged cards.....

Aug 15, 2000
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Hello all,

I am in need of a few figures in the condition stated above (a few I need MOMC though). I'm either looking to buy or trade for them so either way let me know. Here's what need:

EP1 Battle Amidala w/ Ascension Gun
EP1 Sio Bibble
EP1 Pit Droids
EP1 TC-14
EP1 R2-B1
EP1 Naboo/Swimming Jar Jar (need MOMC and loose)
CTC Admiral Motti (need MOMC and loose)
CTC Princess Leia (need MOMC and loose)

I really prefer to get them on damaged cards so I can open them myself, but, I would definitley be happy with loose/mint/complete. If anybody could help me out on these please drop me an e-mail or post here. Also, if you are currently in need of anything SW related feel free to let me know and I'll see if I can help you out as well. Thanks for the read.


Hey 77! I have a nice Minty Tc14 loose, And didnt you want my Theed Amidala and SasSae from my case? Email me on this one :)

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