FS NEAR COMPLETE set of AFA-graded 12 inch/large scale figures/dolls

Jun 8, 2021
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Hello everyone, I'm looking to sell this near complete set of original 12 inch/large scale figures, all sealed and AFA-graded. Clear pictures are absolutely available upon request, I just didn't put them here so the thread stays navigable. These are VERY rare pieces.

Darth Vader: AFA 80 (B80 W80 F85) $2,000
IG-88: AFA 75 (B75 W80 F90) $2,500
Boba Fett (Star Wars box): AFA 80 (B75 W85 F80) $4,000
Stormtrooper: AFA 80 (B75 W85 F90) $1,700
Han Solo: AFA 85 (B85 W85 F90) $2,500
Princess Leia Organa: AFA 85 (B80 W85 F90) $1,350
Luke Skywalker: AFA 80 (B80 W85 F85) $1,200
C-3PO: AFA 80 (B80 W85 F85) $1,000
Jawa: AFA 80 (B80 W85 F85) $1,000

Most of these have been collector-owned for well over a decade, and now we're looking to sell them to someone who might appreciate them more. I am open to offers, and again will take clear pictures of any part of the figures at request. Because these were graded so long ago, plus grades were not used back then. I can't guarantee, but some of these may likely be higher (ie, a plus) grades than AFA gave.

Please understand, these are huge toys and will have to be shipped in huge boxes. Shipping will likely be expensive. I'd be glad to calculate an estimate for anyone interested. The items will also be fully insured. Due to the fragile nature of these items, if anything happens inside the case I cannot be responsible. However, I will do everything I can to file for insurance if something does happen.

All payments will be through PayPal Goods and Services. Don't worry about the fee.

Please let me know if you're interested or have any questions!
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