Name Change Request

May 31, 2016
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Canton, Ohio
I've tried to kick this around between PMs for the last year or so on and off, and never really got any answer from the staff I have asked. So I am putting it here because I didn't get an answer for whatever the reason. When registering it was said I needed to have a Star Wars related named to avoid getting deleted in the registration process. So I decided to switch my name up and add the Darth in front of the name to make "DarthTyrannosaur" instead of going with my usual "TyrannosaurTJ" name to make it related. I gotta say, in hindsight it feels beyond...dorky and quite newbish to me. Would it be possible to change it to TyrannosaurTJ instead please? It's literally my username elsewhere across the 'net in various communities. It would make it easier and also less newbish for me. Thanks very much!