My old Super 8 Star Wars animated 1981 Fan Film with vintage Kenner Star Wars Toys

Jul 19, 2006
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Thought I would share these Two Super 8 Star Wars fan films - One made on a Cold December day in 1981 and one on a hot summer day in 1981. I made these fan films with a couple of friends using my Vintage Kenner Star Wars toys (although they were not vintage at the time lol).

It is always appreciated if you like and subscribe to my YouTube channel at the link above as I will be adding some new videos soon of a huge vintage Star Wars scrapbook that I made when I was a kid (vintage theater ads, newspapers articles, and vintage kenner toy ads).

Video above is our childhood attempts at filmmaking for the first time with Super 8 animation and Kenner Star Wars toys. There's nothing extraordinary about these two short films other than we were kids discovering the magic of film and animation for the very first time in 1981. Some great memories with some amazing friends. There was no editing done on these back in 1981 - I just edited in the camera as I didn't have an Super 8 editor until my next birthday. There are some behind the scenes photos at the end. 1st film used real snow, the 2nd film used a lot of cans of salt (probably 40+) as a substitute for snow. Wonder how many families tried buy salt at the grocery store in my town during the summer of 1981 and couldn't find any - my apologies as we did buy out two grocery stores of their supply. :)

A bit of trivia, my friend in the middle of the behind the scenes group photo near the end of the video is Chris Young who would later go on to star in the Max Headroom Television series as Bryce Lynch and The Great Outdoors Film with John Candy and Dan Aykroyd. I went on to work in film production including on Field of Dreams (there is also some behind scenes footage I shot on set from that film on my YouTube channel as well). Sometimes childhood playing with Kenner toys could make dreams come true.