My favorite Black Series I purchased in 2020 & looking ahead to this year

Sep 5, 2011
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2020 was a year where I bought more Black Series than ever before. I found that interesting because I prefer TVC over The BS series. I had to stop and think why did I increase my BS purchases last year. Here are my top three reasons-

1- The Mandalorian. I really like the main character and other figures from the TV series. The I enjoy seeing The Mandalorian in this scale.

2- The Vintage Card Backs. I love the TVC packaging, always have always will. So it stands to reason that when Hasbro released The Black Series on vintage card backs, it sucked me in.

3- Different Characters that look cool to own in the 6 inch scale. Zeb Orrelios is a perfect example of coolness in the Black Series. This is a rather large, bulky figure that just looks really cool to me. His facial features really stick out. He reminds me the Gamorrean Guard. I also like several of the Gaming Greats figures, even if they are re-paints. Two of my favorites that I just had to get were the Stormtrooper Commander and Shadow Stormtrooper. Then looking at the SW Galazxy's Edge, there is the Mountain Trooper which I really like, included his weathered, dirty appearance.

here are my 2020 Black Series purchases listed in order of favorites.

40th Anniversary Han Solo in Carbonite
Credit Collection The Mandalorian
40th Anniversary Hoth Rebel Soldier
Rebels Zeb Orrelios
40th Anniversary Imperial Probe Driod
40th Anniversary Darth Vader
Credit Collection Heavy Infantry Mandalorian
Gaming Greats Shadow Stormtrooper
Credit Collection Imperial Death Trooper
Mountain Trooper
The Mandalorian
Gaming Greats Stormtrooper Commander
Hoth Rebel Soldier

For 2021, I want to get some of The Mandalorian figures like The Remnant stormtrooper and I hope that we get more 40th Anniversary figures with the nice vintage card backs. It would be nice to also see the Gaming Greats line continue as I feel it gives collectors another reason to look at the Star Wars 6 inch line.
Dec 12, 2012
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I started collecting again 3/4's of the way through 2020 and began heavily with CW but ended with tons of BS. I definitely prefer the VC card back style.
I'm only listing what I haven't sold or I'm not reselling. I bought so many initially I had to thin my collection and focus slightly. These are also from all years not just 2020 but what I purchased late 2020. My purchases for BS were double what's listed, expensive little hobby we got here.

In order of favorites:
20th Anniversary Maul
Cad Bane with Todo Deluxe
Mandalorian Credit Collection
Cad Bane Regular
Captain Rex Deluxe
Old Republic Trooper
Hondo Ohnaka
Mandalorian First Edition
General Kenobi
General Grievous Deluxe
Darth Revan
Darth Plagueis
Darth Malgus
Mandalorian Super Commando
Darth Vader (ESB)
Boba Fett Deluxe
Mandalorian Loyalist
Ahsoka Tano
Count Dooku
Jul 24, 2007
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TVC is still my favorite too. Obviously Hasbro is not going to regularly do 6" figures on vintage cardbacks. But those have been a draw for me for sure. But I have grown to appreciate the way 6" figures display out of box. I'm still waiting on some of the 40th Anniversary figures from the final wave to arrive and still have a number of figures still to open. But love Hoth Rebel, Dagobah Luke & Yoda, and Endor Luke & Leia a lot! Yes there are more but I'll stop there. I don't buy much PT, EU, or ST at all and still feel like I'm behind. 2020 was a pretty good year for figures IMO.
Aug 2, 2014
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TVC is still my favorite too. Obviously Hasbro is not going to regularly do 6" figures on vintage cardbacks. But those have been a draw for me for sure.

Since 2017, Hasbro have done vintage-style cardbacks every year except for 2018.

2017 - A New Hope 40th Anniversary
2019 - The Phantom Menace 20th and Kenner-style Boba Fett exclusives
2020 - ESB 40th and Credit Collection

It's been a trend for both Black Series and Marvel Legends recently and I'd be very surprised if it stopped any time soon. I think we'll see them for G.I. Joe 6" in the not-too-distant future as well.
Jul 24, 2007
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Yeah I'm not suggesting they will stop. Rather they will use it occasionally for special releases/re-releases versus the boxes. whereas 3.75" is coming on vintage cardbacks with every figure.
Feb 10, 2010
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Sacramento, CA
I collected very little BS figures before 2020 actually. I did pick up some in 2018 and 2019 but it was still a relatively small collection. It's still not huge but I definitely expanded on it quite a bit. My rule used to be just ESB figures and just the mains. I cheated a little with Ben Kenobi, Jaina Solo, Thrawn, Luke Stormtrooper (he works as an extra Stormie) and Jedi Luke (because it's my favorite look for Luke).

Getting some Mandalorian figures in 2019 was my first big cheat and this year I finally got around to watching both Rebels and Clone Wars. Those two lines plus more Mandalorian figures are the bulk of what I purchased in 2020.

I'm not sure I can really put them in order....but here are the figures that jump out to me the most.

Luke Bespin (2nd favorite Luke look)
Luke/Yoda 2-pack.
Mandalorian with Grogu Target exclusive
Stormtrooper (Mandalorian)
Incinerator Trooper
The Rebels Crew
Ahsoka Rebels
Plo Koon
Kit Fisto

Still some figures I've pre-ordered that I'm really looking forward to. I don't have a PT era Obi-wan or Anakin in my collection yet and those feel like glaring holes. AOTC Obi-wan will fill that role but I'd like a Clone Wars Anakin at some point.