My Endor Rebel

Dec 29, 2006
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Just something I came up with today while recouping from a bad asthma attack. Its mostly a repaint but sorta custom. I like how it turned out.


Body - TSC Battle Above the Sarlaac BP - Han Solo
Head - ROTS - Pilot Obi Wan
Vest - TSC Endor Rebel
Bandolier - Clone Wars Anakin
Gun - ROTS Jet Pack Trooper
Helmet - SAGA Endor Victory Accessory Set - wanted a whiter helmet than the TSC one.

Gave the bandolier a wash of black to make it look less plasticy. Gun was given a wash of silver acrylic and a bit of green to give it a kind of Camo feel

Even added some 'grass stains' to the elbows and boots. "Dirt" on the face and hands. Its simple, but I think it works. Whatcha'll think?