WTB Multiple Vintage Figures Wanted - Have Lots of Minty Vintage to Trade

Oct 27, 2005
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Hello Everyone!
Years ago I acquired a HUGE collection of vintage 3.75 inch SW figures. None had been played with: The owner put them in cases, and, after cutting the bubble off with a razor blade or an X-Acto or something, placed it over the top of them. That's the way they stayed for, gosh, 30 years.
In many instances, they're perfect, but in some cases, mostly involving Stormtroopers holding their guns at their sides, the vinyl has "gassed" a bit and yellowed their thigh.
Anyway, there are LOTS and LOTS of them - 160 Stormtroopers and 68 BIker Scouts, for instance - but the multiples are mostly troopers and soldiers. (I have FOUR Imperial Gunners from the POTF collection! No coins, though - just figures and guns.)
I'm 30 figures away from having a complete collection, and have posted what I need below. I'm looking to trade some of what I have for some of what you have, but I'm only looking for mint or near mint complete figures.
Here's what I need - If you're interested in trading, let me know what YOU need, and I'll see if I have it!

Thanks for reading! I need:
  1. Death Star Droid
  2. Gonk Droid
  3. Greedo:
  4. Hammerhead
  5. Ponda Baba
  6. Snaggletooth
  7. Bespin Guard (both B & W)
  8. Boba Fett
  9. Bossk
  10. C-3PO (removable limbs)
  11. CloudCar Pilot
  12. Dengar
  13. FX-7 Medical Droid
  14. Ugnaught
  15. 4-Lom
  16. 8D8
  17. Emperor's Guard
  18. Klaatu (2)
  19. Nikto
  20. Pruneface
  21. Rancor Keeper
  22. Ree-Yees
  23. Weequay
  24. A-Wing Pilot
  25. Amanaman
  26. EV-9D9
  27. Han Solo (Carbonite)
  28. Imperial Dignitary
  29. Kithaba
  30. Yakface


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May 17, 2005
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Hey Joe,awesome collection you have! Try posting this in the vintage classified section at the top and you should get way more action! Hope this helps,K