Moving sale. Lots of stuff needing to sell!

Feb 7, 2002
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Hello, all!

Well at the end of December I will be moving and I have to sell some of this stuff off because financially we're not doing so hot. I have listed everything I am selling and conditions are listed below. All items have been kept in a non-child, non-smoker home and well taken care of, used for display use only or is MOC/MIP. Everything listed is assumed to be complete unless otherwise noted. Prices are pretty firm and would prefer to ship in the USA, as it is less cost for you and less hassle, but will ship to other countries if needed. Any questions please feel free to email me!

I am willing to place holds on items for 48 hours max and then will release it to the next willing buyer. Thanks so much and looking forward to giving these toys some better homes.

12" Figs
Collector Series Luke Skywalker Loose N/M w/box (missing saber) $4
Collector Series Lando Calrissian Loose N/M w/box $4
Collector Series Darth Vader Loose N/M w/box $5 HOLD - *DF*
Collector Series Greedo Loose N/M w/box $5
Collector Series Admiral Ackbar Loose N/M w/box $5
AOTC Obi-Wan Kenobi Loose N/M $5
TPM Obi-Wan Kenobi Loose N/M $4
TPM Qui-Gon Jinn Loose N/M $4
TPM Darth Maul Loose N/M (missing one of 2 saber blades) $4

Action Masters (MOC)
Die Cast StormTrooper figurine C7+ $1.00
Die Cast Luke Skywalker figurine C7+ $1.00
Die Cast 3P0, Leia, R2 & Obi figurine 4 Pack w/character cards (Some adhesive from bibble pack separated from card, C5, card in great shape $3.00

Figures (ALL MOC unless otherwise noted)
Zam Wesell Preview figure C9 $1
TPM Watto w/Commtech Chip C9 $1
TPM Jedi Duel Obi-Wan w/Commtech Chip C9 $1 (I have 2)
TPM Jedi Duel Qui-Gon w/Commtech Chip C8 $1 (I have 2)
TPM Anakin Skywalker (tatooine) w/Commtech Chip C8+ $1
X-Wing Luke Orange Card .01 C9 $2
Theater Edition Jedi Luke C2 (card & bubble in BAD shape, no tears or punctures) $1
Ceremonial Luke .01 Green Card, no holo C8 $2
Lando Calrissian Orange Card .00 C9 $2
Princess Leia Orange Card .00 C9 $2
Han Solo in Hoth Gear Orange Card .00 C8 $2
Yoda Green Card w/Holo .03 C8 $2
Han Solo Orange Card .00 C8+ $2
Amanaman Deluxe w/Salacious C7 (bottom corner bent) $3 SHIPPED
<font color="red"> Battlefront Exclusive Scout Trooper C8+ $9 HOLD *MJ*
Silver TRU Clone Trooper C9 $5 HOLD *MJ* </font>
<font color="blue"> Clone Wars Cartoon Yoda C9 $6 SHIPPED
ROTJ Luke Skywalker (Jabba's Palace) C9 $3 SHIPPED

Anakin Skywalker Podracer Helmet Loose N/M $12
1995 AT-ST Loose N/M $4
Applause 10" Greedo Loose N/M $3
Jabba Beanie Buddy $2
Bendems Lando Calrissian MOC C7 $1

E.T. Interactive Talking 15-18" w/blue robe 20th anniv. Loose N/M $10
Teddy Ruxpin Loose N/M $15
Matrix Trinity 12" Figure Loose N/M $5
Indiana Jones Commemorative Disneyland Figure C9 $9
1989 ToyBiz Batman Movie Joker MOC C7- $10