FS/FT MOC's, Cardbacks (US and Foreign), and Proof cards

Sep 26, 2002
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FS: MOC's, Cardbacks (US and Foreign), Micro Collection, diecast

Please read:

Payment info:

**I only accept Paypal personal payments.

Shipping in the USA:
*orders close to $300+ , I'll ship for free ( if my price is met below).
*orders under about $300 , shipping will be close to actual ( i.e. 1-4 cardbacks or 1-2 loose figures would be $4 , a carded figure to most destinations = $11-14 Priority)

Shipping to countries foreign to the USA:

** ALL shipments to another country will be shipped Registered 1st class (as long as the weight of the package is under 64oz). The cost of Registered mail is $16 , the cost for 1st class varies by location and weight of package.

**If the order is about $300+ and I'm shipping to another country, I'll pay $8 towards the cost of getting the package Registered. 1st class or Priority shipping cost varies from country to country, however to give some idea 1st class to Canada tends to start at $16 …. price goes up by weight. To most countries in Europe starts at $22…. and price goes up from there based on weight. 1st class weight limit is 64 ounces.
Go here for further info:
**If 3+ items are bought at the same time, I'll give some further discount off the total (please inquire what kind of package deal I can make you. Buy more, save more**

** OBRO = means "Or Best Realistic Offer" given the current market conditions. I know, everyone wants a Bro-deal . Find it for less else where, I'll do my best to price match (given similar condition, etc). Send me a link to a recently completed ebay auction (in similar condition).:\:p

Carded figures:

A. Leia Organa 12-back Canadian (non-GDE) , MOC: displays well, but does have a crack on the lower left side of bubble (to the left of the bubble stem, going the width of the bubble, on bottom side of bubble). Bubble is intact otherwise, footer/figure cannot be removed, bubble seems fairly stable, bubble is clear (no yellowing). Card displays very well, there is a crease on the lower left side on back of card (can only be seen on the back in the right light), chance to get a harder to find 12B Leia, at a fraction of the price of a nicer example : $800 obro

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B. Luke X-Wing Pilot 20B Palitoy , clear AFA-75 graded ( 75 / 75 / 80 ): $1450 obro
Bubble is clear, crack free , firmly sealed to card (I don't see any lifting), but does have a small ding/kink on top left corner area. Card
displays well (unpunched) , nice bright/crisp colors , but the back of Luke's head (the figure) left an impression/ mark area on the back
of card (see second to last picture) , this is how it was graded ..... about 6 or so years ago.

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C. Chewbacca SW 21-C Secret Figure offer MOC : $700 obro
* bubble is slightly yellowed /discolored , otherwise bubble is nice ( I don't see any cracks , dings/dents , lifting, etc)
Card displays well, unpunched . There's a crease to the Right-top side of the bubble that goes into the card 3-4" , and same area on back shows creasing but extends to the Right side of card, or top area of where bubble is pressed on (no creases break white , and have to be seen in the right light). Picture #2 , #5-6 show it pretty well.








D. Rebel Soldier Canadian Transition (ESB / ROTJ) : $800 obro
* Nice bubble 100% factory sealed, clear, no dings, very nice. Card displays very well. The top ROTJ sticker has been removed (that is how I bought it some years back). All other stickers are in place and nice ( front round, and back bottom sticker).

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E. ESB 48B -back 2-1B MOC (sticker offer, not printed on the card) : nice overall condition, crease on card , bubble is very nice and clear 100% factory sealed : $440 obro
*there was a 'afa80 example on ebay in 2017, that sold for $675

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F. Leia Boushh disguise Canadian 65a -back MOC : yellowed bubble, otherwise nice , I don't see any outer cracks / dings/ lifting ( there is a inner crack, at the top right corner side, where her weapon goes up, but this is a factory made inner bubble crack/ opening so the weapon can extend up. Card is unpunched, displays nice, but does have two small thumb tack holes at center ( one at top , one a bottom center edge). See pictures, overall displays nice, clean flat card , nice color : $400 obro

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G. Luke Bespin Tri-Logo MOC AFA-70 #14373879 : displays well ( sorry for the light glare, I can take more photos if you want me to) . There is a hole punch on the top side near hanger area, unpunched hanger, otherwise clean card. Brown hair figure. Tri-logo is typical, with some denting. $2850 obo

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H. AT-AT Commander Tri-Logo MOC : cherry condition, top to bottom. Very nice bubble (nicest possible on a Tri-logo) , nice card ( on back of card there is a slight ripple effect happening in the center, possibly from moisture, not sure how it happened, and doesn't show up on the front of the card at all) : $240 obro .... pending sold

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I. Han Hoth Tri-Logo MOC : bought from Brians Toys some years ago, card is near perfect unpunched. Bubble is very nice given it's a Tri-logo , just one small ding/dent on top left corner side. Displays great: $420. ..... pending sold

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J. Stormtrooper Tri-Logo MOC : bubble does have dings/dents on top bottom (no cracks, no lifting) ,bubble is clear, see pictures to get a better idea. Card displays well , light edge wear. $650 obro

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K. Ben Kenobi Palitoy ROTJ 65-back dark gray hair(definitely not light gray or white hair) ( Chewbacca strap offer): card and bubble are in rough shape. Crushed clear bubble on all sides( firmly attached to card), and there is a crack on the left-front side along the bubble bend/seam, about 1" long going vertical. Card displays good/ decent from a distance, but does have a vertical crease ( doesn't break white ) starting at the bottom middle of card, and goes up about 4 inches : $200 obro ( pending sold)

M. Bespin World case shipping box (empty, would hold 4 total Bespin Worlds). Condition on this is very nice, given it's 35 years old already, and most got thrown away in '82-83. There is the one spot of water damage on the one end (see picture) , about 5"x5" in area. Otherwise, the box is really nice, two spots of writing: "63" in red , and on other side black pen writing, displays great , box is straight (no sags, sits flat, solid, nothing ****-eyed about it ), the blue Kenner writing is still very vibrant, and the brown of the box is still very brown: $480 obro

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N. Micro Death Star Escape (white box, packaged in DS World) , complete, mint, figures still sealed in their baggies : $70
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O. Micro Death Star Escape white box only : has a funky white sticker over over the name, not sure if this was the type packaged in DS World playlets, or where this came from : $25
*If you just need the playlet (no figures) , I have a near complete version I can sell with this box for $35 total.

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P. Micro Death Star Compactor , loose, no orange trash, figures have some light paint chips : $45

Kenner Micro Figures ( 1982) :
I have various loose figures for sale , most are $6-9 each in C8-C9 condition. Let me know which ones you need, I can check to see if I have them... and if I do I can then send pictures over. I don't have any pilots (X-wing, Tie, or Snowspeeder) and I don't have any unproduced figures.

Q. Kenner sealed Micro figures (as close to mint, as mint can be):
C3PO ( from Falcon playset ) : $24
Chewbacca (from Falcon playset) : $24
Leia Organa(from DS Compactor playset ) : $24

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R. 2-1B Unproduced Bacta Chamber figure, unpainted, nice condition : $480 obro

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XX. Casanova :MOC , bubble is lifting on bottom side. He is a action figure , lived an exciting life, his secret weapon is "Seduction" : $9

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1. SW 12B Canadian Lanspeeder MOC : clear bubble, bubble is nice, I don't see any dents, cracks, lifting, etc. Card displays well, bottom left corner is a bit tattered / curling up. On back of card, top right corner has some light creasing (has to be seen in the right light, doesn't break white) , but otherwise card is nice. : $640 obo

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2. ESB Snowspeeder Kenner MOC : clear bubble, no cracks/ no lifting, super clean package/card , flat card, no creases, unpunched, very little edge wear on card (bottom left corner is lightly tattered, but not majorly) , bubble has two very small dings/impressions on the middle stem (last picture) , you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer example: $800

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3. X-Wing Fighter Palitoy 12B die cast : clean card, but the bubble is open and vehicle has lightly yellowed wings, $95 obro

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* To get a much better deal on cardbacks, make me a good offer on 2-3+ cardbacks ( then I should be able to come down at least 10-15% off my asking price). Values on cardbacks are all over the place, but the cleaner they are ( cut bubble) , and if they're foreign definitely adds value. Some prices are off the top of my head of what I think is fair, some are of what I've seen sell on ebay in the last year or so:

A. Tie Fighter Pilot : 45B-back Palitoy , photos show condition pretty well (no creases) : $40
B. ERG : ROTJ 65-back : see photos for condition , there was a price sticker top-Left side : $24
D. Logray (Ewoks line): bubble cleanly cut off : $24
E. BattleStar Galactica Lt. Starbuck : $10

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E. Lando C. : Lili Ledy , pictured in a top-loader so there is glare. Crease on top left corner side , and bottom right corner. Pen writing on back, see pictures : $240 obro

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View media item 398531
F. Stormtrooper Tri-Logo. : hanger is torn at top : $40
G. Hoth Snowtrooper Palitoy 65B : nice. : $45
H. BBG 45-back : POP cut out : ..... sold

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View media item 397330
I. Darth Vader : 48B-back ( pictured in a top loader, so there is glare), nice condition, there is pen markings on back near figures): $45...sold
J. Leia Hoth : 41A survival kit offer : $30
K. Leia Boushh : 65A Canadian : $24
L. Display arena back drop , 2-sided : $20
M. AT-AT Driver : 45-back Palitoy. $45.

DD. Power Droid SW 21- back, displays well: $40 .......sold
EE. Palitoy 41B Luke Bespin, unpunched, displays good, hard to find , carded example in c8+ can/ do fetch $1500+ : $120 obro
FF. PALITOY 45B Luke Bespin cardback, displays well : $80 obro
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View media item 385547

MM. Death Star Droid 21-back : $40
NN. Walrus Man 20-back Fett offer : $45
OO. R5D4. 21-back : $48.
PP. Luke Bespin. 41A-back : POP cut out : .... sold
QQ. Rebel Commander. 47-back : $12

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_Toy Catologs : ___________________________

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$7 each ... or make me an offer on all of them.....



Loose vintage figures: (most have weapons, most are C7- C9 , most are $8-18 range, CCP/Luke Jedi/ Luke Bespin, Power droid, are more $, please inquire on condition and price . I can get pictures if needed:

A. Akbar : $8
AT-AT commander :
Bespin security guard (asian).... complete : $12
Bespin security guard (black) : complete , nice : $24
Boba Fett : complete : $30
C-3PO : $14
Chewbacca , no gun : $9
Cloud Car pilot : complete : $45 ... sold
Death Squad commander , complete : $20
Death Star Droid (displays well, fairly stiff limbs): $23
Dengar , complete : $14
ERG : no staff : $9
FX-7 : $14
Han Trenchcoat ( wear to front of hair) , complete : $16... sold
IG-88 : complete, nice : $24
Klatu : no staff : $8
Klatu skiff guard : no staff : $8
Jawa : no gun, rough cape : $9
Lando C. , complete , nice : $20......sold
Luke Bespin (yellow hair) : complete : $40 ... sold
Luke Bespin ( light brown hair) : complete : $60
Luke Jedi: complete : $95
Power Droid - nice complete : $24
Power Droid : missing antena, semi-rough : $8
Rancor Keeper (missing head wrap), otherwise nice : $11
Wicket : complete : $25 .... sold
Zuckuss- nice , complete : $22.....sold
some pictures.....


Gentle Giant bust sales thread:


*DisneyLand Star Tours display (measures about 34" x 34") , back side has a Gaterade offer, from 2012 : $30

2020 /'21 : Disney Mandalorian hand sanitizer display / dispenser : look at pictures, what you see is what you'd get
$65 obo
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View media item 405794
View media item 405795

OBRO = Or best realistic offer . Please research current / historical pricing.


Wanted pieces / willing to trade for:
1. Droids Boba Fett cardback (the cleaner, the better)
2. Foreign cardbacks (that I don't already have), SW and ESB primarily, (Toltoys, Clipper, Takara, Palitoy, etc). See here : http://forum.rebelscum.com/showthread.php?t=1135352

If you have anything, just ask me if I could use it, or not.
3. negatives/transparencies of action figure cardback groupings (41-D through 48-C). I tried emailing Mr. Derby about this some weeks back, but never got a reply back yet.____________________________________________________________________________________________________
***Also searching for a real Tubacca, top dollar paid, or finders fee if someone can locate. Hoodie must be intact and original !! Shoes must be the origional Fila-Tubacca model (please no need for the Skittles ... no Red #5, Blue #1 ... cancer causing dyes /man made chemicals) !!! I'm sure Tubacca can help me with my broken English, which is my reasoning for the needed acquisition :


Sold / Pending items:


a. Tri-logo Rebel Commando: $8 Sold
b. Tri-logo Luke X-wing Pilot: $9......... SOLD
c. Tri-logo Leia Organic (creasing): $8 ................. SOLD
e. Tri-logo AT-AT Driver (black ink touch ups on bubble boarder): $6 Sold
d. Tri-logo Lando C. $9 SOLD
g. Tri-logo Han Hoth: (black ink touch ups on bubble boarder) $7 SOLD
h. Tri-logo Biker Scout: $6 SOLD
l. Paploo (POTF): $6 SOLD
m. Han Solo 65B : $3 SOLD
n. Boba Fett (Palitoy ROTJ 45c): $60 SOLD
o. Rebel Soldier 31-back : $6 SOLD
p. Stormtrooper 47-back : $5 SOLD
r. Gamorian Guard 77B : $3 SOLD
R. Imperial Dignatary POTF : bubble cut off, : $15 …….. sold
S. Tie Fighter Pilot: ESB 48-C (some ink touch ups on top area, bubble cut clean, no pop): $9…. sold
I. Canadian 20-back Chewbacca: $27.......... Sold
j. Canadian 47-back Tie Fighter Pilot: $18......... TRADED
L. Canadian 12-back Luke Skywalker : $40 ......... SOLD
a. Luke Bespin 31B : $5 SOLD
b. Nikto 77B : $3 SOLD
c. Stormtrooper 65B: $6 SOLD
d. Stormtrooper 77B (Aniken offer) : $7 SOLD
e. Madine 77B: $3 SOLD
f. B-wing pilot: 77B : $3 SOLD
S. Ugnaught 41B Palitoy : $33……. sold
T. Luke X-wing pilot ESB 21B : $15……..sold
U. IG-88 ESB 32B, crease at top, bubble still attached : $14….sold
V. Han Hoth 31B ESB bubble still attached : $16……… sold
W. Imperial Gunner POTF (bubble still attached) : $20……. sold
X. Darth Vader 41B : $16…….. sold
Y. 2-1B Palitoy 41B : $40…….. sold
Z. Han Bespin Palitoy 45A : $45……… sold
g. Weequay 65B : $3 SOLDO: Snowtrooper on 30B Palitoy: $48….. soldS. Hammerhead 20B Canadian: $20 …. SOLD

AA. CHewbacca 12-back : $15……. sold
CC. Darth Vader 12-back: $15…. sold
DD. Tie-Pilot 47 back : $7 ..sold
Han Bespin outfit, 41-back: $14….. sold

b. Nikto ROTJ : $3 …sold
e. Stormtrooper ROTJ offerless : $9 ……sold
f. Stormtrooper ROTJ Aniken offer : $7 ... sold
g . Wicket ROTJ: $3…… sold

View media item 392867
View media item 392868
F. Luke Stormtrooper POTF : displays well, small rip from bubble peal on left side : $45
G. Imperial Gunner POTF : $35 ..... sold
H. Vader ESB 48C back: unpunched, bubble cut off fairly clean, there is writing on back near figures-names: $45
I. Stormtrooper 41-E back : $8.....sold
J. Stormtrooper ROTJ ( Aniken offer) $9. ..... sold
K. Stormtrooper : Emperor offer : $9. ...... sold

View media item 379431
View media item 379432L. Imperial Gunner (tri-logo): $40 .... sold

U. CCP 48-c back with bubble: $24 …. sold
V. Stormtrooper with bubble : $45 ….. sold
W. Han Trench coat with bubble (bubble plastic is missig on top) : $45
X. Luke X-wing pilot ROTJ with bubble attached , clean : $70 .....sold
Y. Luke Bespin ROTJ with bubble attached, clean : $45 …. sold
Z : Leia Organa ESB 47B, with bubble attached, price sticker : $45 ….. sold

GG: IG88 31-back Kenner-US : $18 .... sold
HH: IG88 : Kenner 32-back : $24 ..... sold
II: IG88 41B -back Kenner-US : $15. ..... sold
JJ: IG88 41E- back Kenner US (in plastic wrap, thus glare) , top hanger torn a bit, can be seen on back of card: $14 ... sold
KK: . IG88 Palitoy 41-back: $50 ..... sold
LL: IG88 Palitoy 45-back : $60 ...... sold

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View media item 394245
Carded figures:
D. Luke Skywalker 12/32 back MOC. Nice bubble, no dings/dents/cracks/lifting, and its clear. Card front is very nice( two light/fine creases, one at lower middle of card). On the back, someone at one time tried to remove the extra 20-figure sticker on the sides/edges of the card. The right side/top corner of that sticker was slightly pulled up, as there is rinkles/wear to that right side of the sticker. POP is intact. I've seen about a total of five of these over the past 6-7 years, and a few of them did have the POP fully removed-hole. Original K-Mart price sticker on top right area. Also as a side note, this is either a 12A or 12B cardback (cannot tell which exactly, since the 20-figure sticker covers the bottom portion of the card. Most 12/32 backs tend to be on a 12-C card (most if not all Leia's, R2, Chewbaccas...) . which makes sense since it would have been left over store stock: $850 obo ( I say OBO due to the overall condition of this piece, and the fact that not many make it to the open market for sale ever year (maybe 1-2), so it can be tough to gauge price when its not a piece that shows itself weekly or monthly (ebay, etc) to better guage market value. I bought this piece about 7-8 years ago, and its in the exact same condition as when I bought it (and kept out of 99.8% of any kind of light over the years). ..... .....traded

A. Darth Vader Canadian 32-back factory sealedVader has finally come out of the darkness! I've enjoyed this piece for about twelve years now, time to pass the torch. I was recently notified by a fellow Canadian collector here on the forums that there have been two other 32B carded examples to have surfaced in the last nine years (one back a few years ago went to a forum member-Vader foci), and I'm aware of two cardbacks in the last five years of collecting cardbacks fairly hardcore. Condition: overall I'd say its tough to beat. Near-perfect bubble(I only see some faint/light bubble scratches on the front of bubble), no dings/dents/cracks/lifting/discoloration/yellowing to the bubble. Card displays well overall, crisp to the touch/sight for the most part, very light edge wear on a few short spots, card is flat (been in a star case and acrylic the last 12-years). There is a faint/ light rub mark on the upper left side(small 3mmX 3mm area), not sure what caused this, as its been this way since I first aquired Vader. Figure: nice, no frosting or paint rubs. Overall sweet piece: $950 - .....traded

B. Black Bespin Guard, Candadian 45-back MOC (factory sealed)
Bubble is slightly yellowed-to yellowed(judge by the pictures how yellowed), very light lifting of the bubble on the top edge(1-2mm in, still fully sealed) and small seperation on left margin(two 1-2mm areas) otherwise bubble is nice (no dings/dents/cracks, etc). Card is very nice, unpunched, flat, displays very well (on top right side-front, there is some light wrinkling/waviness to the cardboard from what looks like a price tag had been removed at one time) : $95 ...... sold.... sold

C. Zuckuss ESB 48-back MOC (factory sealed) printed offer on front/back.
Overall cherry. Bubble is clear, no dings/dents/cracks/lifting,etc. Card is very nice, punched, very light edge wear on right side. I don't see any creases (except for some micro sized ones at the punch area). Figure is nice, gun still taped(no yellowing) on side. = $195... SOLD....soldsimilar condition Zuckuss recently on ebay, sold: Vintage Empire Strikes Back Zuckuss 1982 Kenner 48 Back Unpunched | eBay

A. 2-1B Canadian 41-back (Survival Kit offer) MOC, factory sealedSweet piece overall, perfect bubble (no dings/dents/cracks/lifting/discoloration/yellowing, etc). Card is very nice, unpunched, flat, crisp, very light edge wear on back of card, and a small 1-inch diagonal crease (doesn't break white, has to be seen in the right light) on bottom left corner on front of card. Check out the pictures, not sure what else to say! $240 ( sold)

4. Factory sealed vintage carded figures:
D. AT-AT Driver 45-back German (General Mills) MOC $165 ( traded ) :**I'm not entirely too sure if this is a ToyToni piece , or not (please read here : http://forum.rebelscum.com/t1104900-97/#post19377119 ). I received it from a German collector about 3 years ago, and I did try to send two messages to the collector in regards to this piece about 6 months ago asking about it's provence, but I received no reply back. Please judge for yourself. There is edge wear on the card (see pictures) front/back. Bubble is nice and clear, and displays good overall.

G. Tri-Logo Leia Boushh disguise MOCCard displays well overall, however bubble has big dents in it (please see pictures). No lifting of the bubble, or yellowing., harder to find Tri-logo : $120-firm….. sold

H. Chirpa Clipper ROTJ MOC: factory sealed , clear bubble, small bubble dings on top left/right corners, nice card overall (small wear at hanger area), displays very well: $95..... sold ... sold
D. Rebel Soldier Tri-Logo (AFA 70) MOC, There is a straight crack on the top right corner/edge of the bubble (going from front to back). Its about 1-inch long, however its ever so slightly open about 1/4-inch of that 1-inch area. Card is nice, unpuched, however there is a light crease on the bottom by the name tag. Overall the piece displays super great, dispite the condition marks. $130......... sold... sold...

J. Palitoy ROTJ Darth Vader MOC: factory sealed, clear bubble with one very small ding at top left side/corner, card is far from perfect but still displays well. Then hanger is rough around the edges, light edge wear around the card (see pictures), and there is a horizontal crease that can mainly be seen on the back of the card (going from right to left, through the yellow Collect all 65 figures). : $98 obo (SOLD)

C. ESB Tie Fighter Pilot, 48C- back MOC: nice overall (near perfect bubble and figure). Card has the hanger punched, and a light 1.5-2-inch light crease (does not break white, has to be seen in the right light) on top-left side(from front of card) going horizontally). Otherwise, great condition piece: $240 obo…….Traded

E. Gamorrean Guard Tri-Logo MOC : displays well, factory sealed, see pictures $80…. sold

F. Rancor Keeper Tri-Logo MOC : displays good, factory sealed, sticker tear on top right, see pictures : $40….sold

1. Dusty: MOC factory sealed: super nice speciman. Near perfect bubble (light scratching on front), price sticker at top right. Overall very nice: $160 SOLD

A. Canadian Darth Vader Tie-Figher, 20-back MOC: Card displays good, however its got some creases(please see pictures) and edge wear at the corners, top. Bubble is clear, however it does have dents. Piece displays good for its age. $80...… sold

B. US-Kenner Star Wars Millennium Falcon, DCA (Die Cast Athority = AFA subsidiary= same company) graded at 70, EX+, (Box:85, Window/bubble: 60, Vehicle: 85), #32501201. Box looks case fresh(I don't use this terminology all the time), however the bubble does have very small crack(cloudiness), maybe 4mm X 4mm is size, on front-left corner of the ships bubble, thus the 60 bubble grade I suppose. I don't see this area getting any worse then it already is. Otherwise, bubble is clear, no lifting, very nice. Viddy well gents and ladies : $240 (bottom opening of AFA case was slightly cracked, barely noticable)......... .. sold...sold

C. SW Y-wing MISB: displays well. The bubble is 100% factory sealed, clear, does have a small 1/4" white mark (not a crack) near the pilot haul to the right of the bomb, hard to make out on the pictures but it's there. Box is nice overall, does have the indentation on the top side, very light edge/corner wear for a 1979 boxed die cast, box is fairly crisp: $430 ..... sold

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View media item 378551
View media item 378550
W. Micro X-wing fighter, loose, complete (figure has paint chips) : $30.....sold

X. Micro Snowspeeder , loose, unpainted (fan made) figures included : $49 .....sold

T. 1982 Micro Collection Tie-Fighter MIB . Clean vehicle (stickers applied) and figure, box displays good, but isn't perfect (flap is creased, TRU price sticker at top, please see pictures) = $65 .......sold

A. ESB Taun-Taun MIBExcellent + box, very little wear to the box corners/edges (see photos please). Its MIB, so all the contents are present (cardboard insert, ESB catolog present, however instructions missing), and all interior pieces in near-mint/ very nice shape: $70- sold

B. ROTJ Vehicle Maintenance Energizer MIBCherry box, all contents present (stickers applied) , box is in superb shape (looks case fresh, but MIb, very nice overall: $30... sold

1. Dip Dots origional Artwork (one of a kind): Luke Stormtrooper!The outside cardboard two sided exterior is 12" X 9" , but the actual art itself is just under 6" X 6". The art has two layers to it (you should be able to make this out in the photos), at top black ink/ orange marker , then the bottom is a finished black ink. The artwork is done at 200% (or double) the final/production dip-dot pieces.Nice condition, originated for sale some years back(2002-03?) from The Earth Toy Mall: SOLD

2. Dip Dots origional Artwork (one of a kind) : Stormtrooper !The outside cardboard two sided exterior is 12" X 9" , but the actual art itself is just under 6" X 6". The art has two layers to it (you should be able to make this out in the photos), at top black ink/ orange marker , then the bottom is a finished black ink. The artwork is done at 200% (or double) the final/production dip-dot pieces.Nice condition, origonated for sale some years back (2002?) from The Earth Toy Mall: SOLD

D. 2-1B German General Mills 45-back ESB MOC, factory sealed. Double stem bubble. Bubble is maybe very-very lightly yellowed (mainly can only tell on the outer heat sealed area that rests up against the card. Package displays very-good overall. I don't believe this to be any kind of TT re-carded after 1982. I bought this off a collector on Ebay in about 2007 , but given the level of wear on the card, double stem bubble, etc I don't see it being a TT piece. German 45's are still plenty tough to track down, yet there value doesn't seem to be anything close to say a similar era Palitoy piece that can command 3-5x higher values. $380 …… traded

D. Emperors Royal Guard , Palitoy 65-back: factory sealed, bubble dents top/bottom, bubble is lightly yellowed at outer perimeter (where it's adhered to the card). Card has shelf and edge wear, please see pictures : $90……. SOLD

E. Bib Fortona , Palitoy ROTJ 65B offerless : bottom left corner , and about 3/4 length of the left side of the bubble is starting to separate from the card (cannot get figure out, figure has never been out of bubble). Otherwise bubble is nice, clear (no discoloration). Otherwise , see pictures for condition, displays well : $65 obo …. SOLD

G. Death Star Droid ESB 21-back (secret figure offer) bubble is nearly flawless, clear, very small dent on top right side-corner, no cracks, very nice. The reason why the piece scored a 60 grade (card scored a 60), was due to the top hanger area of the card (creasing to the left of the hanger going to the edge of the card, and creasing /wear around the hanger). Still displays very well overall. Target price tag on upper right side. $240 ……. SOLD

F. Tie-Fighter Pilot ESB 48A back MOC: factory sealed, bubble is nice overall (no discoloration) but does have a slight ding on top right corner/edge, gun is loose inside bubble. Card got the brunt of the damage, on the top half side (please see pictures). Sticker removal, and someone put a tack thru the card right below the "Star" and to the left of "The" in the ESB logo. $95 obo. ...sold

D. 2-1B Tri-logo MOC (AFA 70 grade) : displays very well. Some hanger wear. Bubble has light dents on the corners : $170 …… sold

E. 48C back ESB Tie Fighter Pilot (printed Revenge offer) : nice bubble (no dents, very clean) , main condition mark is there is a round punched hole on the top side of card by the "S" in Star Wars on the ESB logo (see pictures). Unpunched hanger, however looks to have been pulled/riped thru to the top of card. Price tag. Otherwise, card displays well : $150.. …..sold

A. Han Solo Canadian 12-back (resealed carded figure, please see pictures). English/French text. All original parts, cardboard footer is missing. It looks as though the bubble was opened on the bottom 20% of the bubble, but then resealed down ( I only see one very small tear on the inside bottom right corner, see pictures). Displays very well . Kenner Canada was produced at about 10% in quantity as US-kenner. Even this particular cardback only can get $45-75 usually: $340 …. sold

B. POTF Romba MOC : fairly clear bubble 100% factory sealed , no cracks, no dents. Card has a tear on the top left side/edge (can be seen in the photos) , light/faint creases at top left side, and near the unpuched hanger. Still displays well : $80……sold

M. Lando in Skiff disguise Tri-Logo MOC: not the greatest condition, but it's 100% factory sealed. Bubble has typical Tri-logo dents, and card has edge wear, and creases (on upper half of card). : $40 …..sold

N. Squid Head Tri-logo MOC : card has a diagonal crease on lower right corder, some edge wear. Typical Tri-logo dented bubble, but it's 100% factory sealed : $70 …..sold

K. Weequay Tri-Logo MOC : bubble dents, and bubble is swashed a bit. 100% factory sealed. Card has edge wear , still 100% factory sealed, see photos : $100….. sold

G. Lobot Canadian 41B oferless MOC : $210…… sold
* debut card, Bubble is lightly yellow (light tint), otherwise nice no dings/dents/cracks/lifting. 100% factory sealed. Card displays well, please see pictures:

B. Admiral Ackbar ROTJ 65-back Palitoy MOC, 100% factory sealed figure 1983 . Bubble dents on top left/right corners (no cracks, no lifting). The good thing about Palitoys, is if the bubble isn't yellowed yet, then that is a very good sign. This bubble is fully clear , no discoloration. Card does have price sticker removal /litho removal on top right side, see pictures, displays well dispite condition marks: $230 about...... sold

E. ROTJ Palitoy Bib Fortuna 65B offerless MOC: $230 about...... sold
*Overall displays very nice. Bubble near perfect, 100% factory sealed, card very nice, a fine specimen , please see pictures:

G. 31-back ESB Canadian Bossk : cherry condition, they don't come better then this. 100% factory sealed. Bubble is very nice, no lifting, and I don't see any dents or cracks. There is one small pin hole that goes thru the card, near the unpunched hanger area. On the back, there is a diagonal crease (breaks white) on the lower right corner , and a 2" horizontal crease (corresponding to where the width of the bubble was pressed on at the factory) that does not break white. I'd think this Canadian is rarer then a US example 31B , but I could be wrong (I haven't taken a head count of both versions) :$995....traded

K. B-Wing Pilot Tri-Logo MOC : nice card, 100% factory sealed, good/ fairly good Tri-logo bubble (no cracks , discoloration, or lifting) , displays very well: $130.. .sold

RR. Barada Tri-Logo MOC : card displays well (crease on lower right corner, see picture. Bubble is on the nicer side for a tri-Logo , no cracks or lifting. Figure displays well, a nice displayable piece . I like how they went to the Aqua blue figure/name plate background over Orange: $380 obro ( traded)

1. Takara walking R2D2 (no stickers front/back) : nice condition, clean dome, bone white, working : $120 obro ( traded)

A. POTF Yoda : bubble is yellowed and cracked on the top of the bubble ( U -shape crack going from card to outer bubble). From my knowledge, Yoda hasn't been out of the bubble, cane still taped on inside. Bubble also has one small ding on bottom corner. Card is nice, displays well . Nicer carded can get $1500-2000 , and a cardback/bubble recently sold for $500, to help put things into perspective: $800 .....traded

F. Weequay: ROTJ 65-back Canadian-*bubble has been taped back down on left side margin. Bubble is yellowed. Card is nice overall, unpuched. Please check pictures well. Cardbacks can get $10-15 alone . $49 ..... sold

8D8 Canadian ROTJ 65-back Emperor offer MOC: clean package, unpunched. I don't see any creases on card. Bubble is nice overall 100% factory sealed (no dents, no cracks, no lifting), however inner plastic bubble tray is slightly yellowed, and on edges of outer bubble it also shows a lighter yellow tint. In general, much of the outer bubble looks clear (but obviously isn't 100% clear) : $90 ....... sold

YYY. Storm Shadow Argentinian MOC : bubble seal is separating on the left margin. Figure has never been out of the package, otherwise displays well, top bubble is fully sealed : $99......sold

Toltoys 12B: factory sealed, package is rough ( creased heavily ), but it is a sealed example : SOLD $150

Canadian 12B : factory sealed,very nice condition overall, very clean : SOLD $340

Kenner 21-back : factory sealed, harder to find then a 12B , very nice package / bubble : SOLD $240

4. X-Wing Fighter
Takara 12B die cast : beautiful example, bubble is very lightly yellow, factory sealed, nice condition : $350 .... traded

View media item 384181
View media item 384183

*5. X-wing Fighter Kenner ESB 31B die cast :factory sealed, fairly hard to find, nice condition overall (card isn't perfectly flat, most ESB aren't) $360 .... traded
View media item 384184
View media item 384185
H. Emperor Tri-Logo MOC : very nice card , bubble is fairly nice considering its a Tri-logo (just some small dents at top corners) , but I'm sure it's better then most Tri Logo Emperors you'll see : $140 obro ….traded 4/27

1. Luke Farmboy (made in China) AFA 80 : clean, nice white figure (harder to find then a HK or Taiwan) : $220 obro ……. Traded 4/27

D. Yoda 48b -back ESB MOC, AFA 75, # 19035726 ( Revenge sticker offer front/back , not the easier to find 48c back printed offer) : $400 obro
Bubble doesn't have any dings, cracks, lifting , however the bubble has slightly yellowed since being graded , faint tint. Card has light edge /corner wear, unpunched but there is a bit of wear at the hanger area. Fairly good/realistic grade by AFA , minus the "Y" designation. Yoda has brown snake, still holding cane.
Traded 4/27

B. R2D2 Canadian 32-back MOC , factory sealed : $1700 obro …. ...traded
Bubble is as nice as they come, no dents , no cracks, no lifting, clear. The left side of the R2 figure has some slight yellowing , and the blue paint they used on his dome looks to be an earlier darker blue color ( early bird / 12B era). The card has some creasing on right side ( see the last few pictures). They can be seen from the front at the right light angle. They're mainly easily seen from the back of the card ( one goes between the Snowtrooper /Leia Bespin figure photos , and one goes thru the top of the Luke Bespin figure photo). Canadian 32-backs , of the first 12 figures are tough to track down. I had a Vader I sold back in 2011 , and another one surfaced in 2012 , but that was 6-7 years ago and I remember the values back then. Please make reasonable offer , my price might be semi- low , or close to the mark given its condition. Foreign, great character , on a nicer condition package( not perfect , but displays well).

ESB Tie-Fighter Pilot 47-back MOC :
the POP was cleanly shaven off the back (not a thru hole). Bubble is very nice, no dings , no lifting, very faint / light yellowing to the plastic bubble where it is pressed onto the card (so along the boarder/margin). Card is unpunched, displays well, good color. $125. ........ traded
View media item 395430
View media item 395428
View media item 395426
F. Emperors Royal Guard Canadian 65-back MOC : yellowed bubble, otherwise nice I don't see any cracks or dings or lifting. Card displays very well. On the back ( second to last photo, where Luke Jedi / Leia Boushh, Squid Head are located) , there was some kind of sticker removal , didn't do much damage, look at picture judge for yourself : $280 ....... sold

H. Teebo Tri-Logo MOC : nice card , and nice bubble (for being a Tri-logo bubble), 100% factory sealed. It has the rare white head dress (from my knowledge it's rare, not the tan standard issue version ) , factory sealed , overall nice : $220 .... traded

View media item 372385
View media item 372384
View media item 372381
View media item 372380
N. Yoda (brown snake). Tri-logo MOC : $650 ..... traded
Factory sealed, near perfect bubble (no dents, no cracks, no lifting , clear) , some very light scratches front/sides (minor) . Card is mostly flat (see last picture) , no creases, overall displays great one of the better ones out there!!!
View media item 397674
View media item 397675
View media item 397676
View media item 397677
View media item 397679
View media item 397681
View media item 397682
O. Darth Vader Tri-Logo MOC : Card displays nicely. Bubble is probably average or slightly better then average for Tri-logo (just dents mainly on the top left/right , please see pictures) , 100% factory sealed, displays very good overall : $480 .......traded

View media item 373763
View media item 373762
View media item 373761
View media item 373759
View media item 373758
P. 1985 Droids R2D2 Kenner-US : factory sealed, however bubble has yellowed (as most have over they years), and there is a crack that developed on top right corner , going from front of bubble to back of bubble (against card). See photos, they show it pretty well.
$500 ...... Traded

View media item 398750
View media item 398751
View media item 398752
View media item 398754
Admiral Ackbar : Palitoy 65-back MOC - clean card ( light edge wear on bottom right corner and right side (small spots), very minor. Bubble is very nice, just one small kink-ding , on top left corner, barely noticeable. Also on the double stem bottom of bubble, it's lightly lifting on the center portion of it (between the double stem), this may be due to age or could have come from the Palitoy factory this way (last picture). It's not a trap, this is the real thing, primo condition: $240 ( I sold a non-double stem version Jan. 2018 for similar money, but it was a bit lower condition). ... sold / sold

View media item 387615
View media item 385585
View media item 385582

POTF coins:
II. A-wing pilot: $14 ……….sold
JJ. Romba : $16 (very clean condition)……sold
KK. Barada : $16 (very clean condition)…….sold
LL. Imperial Dignitary : $9
MM. Amanaman : $24 ( very clean condition) ….. ...sold
NN. Luke Stormtrooper: $35 ( very clean condition)………. sold
OO. Luke Endor rebel leader: $14
PP. R2D2 : $16 ( some wear, pitting of the alloy metal) …….sold
QQ. Lando General pilot : $16 ( very clean condition) ……...sold

VV. Boba Fett Palitoy ROTJ , nice cardback displays well ....... $220 ... sold

N. ROTJ B-Wing fighter NMIB : nice box (I'm not about to try and grade it with some kind of number, please see pictures), but the POP was cut out near the bar code, then someone had applied electrical tape in that area of seal it off. Ship is near-mint in box, complete, nothing broken, with instruction sheet : $120 ..... sold

* I do my best to describe condition (and please see pictures, they tell a million words by themselves). I'm more then happy to take further photos and/or describe a piece more in detail if someone inquires. I sell to the first person I make a deal with. We have a deal when you receive my PayPal address. Once you get my PayPal I consider it sold and will mark it pending. Payment is expected within 1-day, unless you let me know otherwise. I am not the origional owner of the majority of these pieces I'm offering for sale, so if there is any questions/concerns you may have (i.e. condition, providence, etc.), please contact me and I'll see what I can do to investigate further into your inquiry as best I can. Buyers from out of the USA pays as close to actual shipping as possible, and I can ship it anyway you want me to (I'm open to being given specific directions of how you want it).* If you cannot pay all at once, then I can accept a payment plan. My above prices are not written in stone, however they are very well researched prices of these pieces, given their scarcity and condition. just PM me for a possible payment arrangement plan. Thanks in advance. It would be best to PM me here for further inquiries.

My trade feedback :
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I replied back to you Andy, thank you.

Pending /sold items. I'll have more items added hopefully on Sunday... stay tuned for more updates!
Sep 26, 2002
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adding some more cardbacks today/Sun. and a few other things, be on the lookout
Sep 26, 2002
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Luis: I replied back to you, just waiting for the dust to settle a bit.

Paul: sorry for the delay, your package is going out for sure by Mondays mail.

A few new things up, edited (lowered) some prices. Out with the old, in with the NEW !!!
Jan 8, 2003
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Hey Adam L. I tried to pm you but got an inbox full response and also mine was the same when you pmed me at first. :awesome:
Sep 26, 2002
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Mr. DarthRavenger, I did contact you back via PM's... but never heard back on what you want to do (either way). Cardback is still available, first come... first served. I take 1-2 days to ship something off, well packaged to someone (not 1 month +). Just a 411, FYI for all those that may inquire.
Sep 26, 2002
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bumpinski. I can ship to most countries (minus Mexico, China, United Emerites, Italy-sorry, and tin-buck-2).
Oct 9, 2012
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YOur inbox is full intersted in these:
a. Luke Bespin 31B : $5
b. Nikto 77B : $3
c. Stormtrooper 65B: $4
d. Stormtrooper 77B (Aniken offer) : $5
e. Madine 77B: $3
f. B-wing pilot: 77B : $3
g. Weequay 65B
Dec 10, 2011
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PM sent regarding:


Sep 26, 2002
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updated sold items. Pictures up of Luke 12/32 back... more pieces to be added next weekend...
Sep 26, 2002
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updated with new cardbacks and carded figures. Just PM me, and I will send you pictures to your email on the cardbacks.