WTT MOC VC09 Fett for Original Vintage Beater Card

Jan 18, 2003
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Northwest Indiana
I have a ROTJ VC09 Fett MOC that I'm looking to trade for one of the original vintage figures MOC on my wants list. Not looking for AFA or anything Minty, as long as the bubble is firmly attached to the card, POP present and no major damage like long rips on the card or cracked bubbles. Yellow bubbles are fine. Any version of card is fine. I'm trying to complete my collection of one of every figure MOC. From 12 backs to POTF. If you have one in your collection and would rather have this, let me know. Its been a while since I've been involved with any trades so I don't mind sending first if you have positive feedback.

Fett's card has a couple of flaws. The bottom left corner is creased and there is a scratch mark across the "Star Wars Return of the Jedi" Other then that, I see no other flaws. Bubble is in great shape.

Let me know if we can make some kind of deal.

Rebel Commander
Luke Hoth
Emperors Royal Guard
Leia Poncho
Imperial Dignitary
Hoth Rebel Soldier
Imperial Commander
Bespin Guard (Black Guard)
Anakin Skywalker
Cloud Car Pilot
Tie Fighter Pilot
At At Driver
R2 Sensor Scope
Star Destroyer Commander
If you have something that not on my wants list, throw it out there, I may need it and skipped over it.

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