MOAWP S1/E8: "Madness of the Clone Emperor"

Nov 8, 2005
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MOAWP S1/E8: \"Madness of the Clone Emperor\"










Mt. Corvast-Sarapin-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont: (narration) there ain’t no coming back, atleast not without loosing a whole lotta ur self in whatever underhanded effort it tags to bring your keester back from death.


Three speeder bikes pursue another across a soot drenched landscape as a massive lava mine erupts causing a down pour of ash. The sudden distraction blinds the swoop rider, in a mere second he wrecks and is surrounded by a motley crew of burnt out spacers and pirates turned bounty hunters. Without pause the prize captive jumps to his feet and attempts to flee, only to be pistol whipped by an obese man.


Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: get your bloomin act togetha ya lepi!, dis em a karkin run down. Plain an’ simple.

Jaxxon: least amaiza cut and run like I’d hoped she would, none of you be gitten within an inch of her while I still….


The lepi’s boastful claims are silenced by a savage thrashing by way of an blaster rifles butt to the face.

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: save it, da captain’s got plenty of questions for you to answer!


The emerald lepi is drug within the confines of a rusted landing craft before it lifts into the atmosphere of the volcanic energy planet.


The vessel speeds to an equally battered Victory II class Star Destroyer and docks.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-orbit of Sarapin-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV


Barely after settling upon its creaky landing gear, the swoop gang speeds from the craft and out into the confines of the nasty vessel.


The speeders burst through rubbish filled hall ways, their vibrations causing great avalanches of trash heaps and the collapse of a many make shift camps set within technical alcoves. Dangling by a chain through the mad dash is the captive mercenary Jaxxon whom endures another thrashing along the way to the bridge.


The speeders maintain their break-neck velocity upon entering the bridge. The two lesser swoop riders peel off into the technician bunkers and park as their chieftain continues towards the viewport, where stands a portly nerf hide bound middle-aged human looking down at the decomposing corpse of the vessels former captain, slain six years earlier above the moon of Gall.


Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: here’s the bastage cap’in. that secure my boyz and I’s case of reserve?

Dilbun Vont: sure id doz! Go have a ride wit da theelin strum nests in the lower decks as well. Dis here lil lepi iz worth a lot.

Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: oh thanks boss!

The obese pirate quickly remounts and speeds from the bridge, his cohorts follow. Without pause Vont kicks Jaxxon in the jaw while assuming a squat over his captive.


Jaxxon: wut the kriff is yur interest in me again already? Yur boys ran me down just three weeks ago!

Dilbun Vont: first ovv, I’m gonna deprive yous of the remainder of those creds you made hijackin ships with Niles Ferrier.

As a show of respect for the recently deceased ship thief, Dilbun pours some reserve on the deck.

Jaxxon: we earned every cred Thrawn paid, dats my whole retirement fund!

Dilbun Vont: fur seconds, I’m gonna need you to turn me in….

Star’s End-Mytus VII-Corporate Sector-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV


Jaxxon leads a shackled Dilbun Vont down a row of energy shielded cells, within the cells reside the dregs of the galaxy. The two are greeted by a corporate sector authority representative. Before the prisoner can be processed an member of the bounty funds allocation agency must inspect the person in question.

Jaxxon: ok, transfer my funds. I want outta here before a price tag pops up on my head.

CSA Rep: all appears to be in order, splendid. But what funds where you expecting for a prisoner exchange?

Dilbun Vont: he ain’t talkin to you!


Without a seconds notice the shackles drop from vont’s arms and he’s driving a shive into the inspectors throat. Vont grabs Tyber Zann by the shoulder and hauls past Jaxxon whom scurries after the two.

Tyber Zann: wish you’d left me in the cling vont, only one reason you’d risk the csa’s wrath and I want no part in it!


CSA soldiers swarm after the three as they run up the ramp of a landing craft.


It lifts off while taking several bolts. As the vessel reaches space, it automatically blasts into light speed. Aboard Zann turns to Vont raising up his shackled hands. Vont sneers.


Dilbun Vont: partners we may be, but yous bein summoned by the emperor.

Tyber Zann: that’s a death march and you know it, I thought we where pals?

Dilbun Vont: trus me, there’s an angle here.

Jaxxon: I think you two need some kriffin privacy for this heart-wrenchin deal, so can I be’s on my way?

Dilbun Vont: almost forgot you were here, guess you’ll be wantin yur nest egg back.

Jaxxon: don’t be so sore Zann, kriffer held my life savings as chattel to get me in on this lil spring job.


In a blur of motion vont shoves the lepi in an escape pod and jettisons it.


Dilbun Vont: silly lepi, creds are fur me.

Tyber Zann: that’s pretty cruel Vont, even for the likes of Jabba. Escape pod adrift in a hyperspace tunnel? Odds are that kriffer will drift for the rest of his life!

Dilbun Vont: otay, the lepi’s nest egg- double or nutin he comes afta me wit the best bounty hunters creds can buy?

Tyber Zann: yur on bastage.

Victory II class Star Destroyer-Ravager XIII-Orbit of Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

A small gathering of bandits stand at the viewport of the dilapidated Star Destroyer glimpsing the sheer scope of the Emperor’s Dark Empire-hidden at the very heart of the galaxy.

Gaff: hell the navigational charts to this place are worth more than even one of us are to be getting outta this!


Suddenly Dilbun draws a blaster rifle and aims it at the viewport.

Dilbun Vont: I recall a time when everyone in this group could git away wit murda! Krif knows I should talk knows. Wut I’m sayin is diz: this is the last chance the empire has, eder id rize again now or its be fadin into the dust. Us along wid id! By rebels turned politicians or by rivals. Dis is our last chance to stand tall.


Gaff: and we non-humanoids get to go back to bein looked down upon?

Tyber Zann: takin the good with the bad, like we used to sounds a hellva lot better than runnin from the rebels!


Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha: da bosses are right! Lifes easier for us under the emperor.

Vont lowers his blaster, as a hologram flares to life beside him.


T’iaz: welcome back lekku loper, have you assembled the needed party?

Tyber Zann: were here.

T’iaz: very well, his eminence will receive you at the citadel. Landing instructions transmitting.

Emperor’s Citadel-Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV


Dilbun Vont,Tyber Zann,Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha, Gaff approach the heavily guarded throne of the Clone Emperor.

T’iaz: may I present his eminence; the true ruler of the galaxy; empero…

Dilbun Vont: cut the malarky, here to offa my services to ya Augie, bein lost without ya, really.


Clone Emperor: do not impose familiarity with my person! A servant does not share common concern with its master.


A bolt of force lightening connects with Dilbun’s chest, hurling him to the ground. The clone sneers out at the remaining attendees.

Clone Emperor: secure our guests, do not deny them the slightest inspections. Traitors are everywhere.

Imperial sentinels seize the remaining bandits and hall them away. Dilbun attempts to regain his footing, only to be once again caught in the grasp of the clone emperor’s powers.

Dilbun Vont: wuts this more of the rewardz for service to yur [censored]!

Clone Emperor: oh, the ever faithful servant returns to my side. Oh! With what grace do you impose yourself into my cabal. Your identification checks out with my feeble network, but I know nothing of you nor do I intend to reevaluate myself!


Without hesitation the clone engages his light saber and takes a lethal swipe at Dilbun’s torso; the blade collides with the rare gungan cortosis craft vibro-axe gifted to Dilbun by Senator Palpatine eons earlier. At the sight of his disabled light saber, the clone stands in awe.


Dilbun Vont: dats rite augie, I saved you wit dis as my kriffin reward!

Clone Emperor: the naboo swamps, young Maul had failed me…and you could not be sensed in the force. Yes augie was my name!

Dilbun Vont: exactly, yur lil Zabrak couldn’t protect ya and I did!

Clone Emperor: the man; Palpatine died at Endor. The Sith Lord; Darth Sidious survived.

Dilbun Vont: so ya git my bein here now Augie?


Via the force, the clone emperor [censored] the gungan vibro-axe from Vont’s grasp. The clone absorbs the events partaken with it via force enhanced Psychometry.

Clone Emperor: where is your son!

Vont is yet again thrust into the air via the clones control over the force.

Dilbun Vont: left that lil prisy bastage wit hiz gimped out motha of da surface of Gall six years ago and vaped the joint from orbit!

Clone Emperor: you knew I required your progeny! Why then did you consign the child to certain death?

Dilbun Vont: yer kriffin [censored] wasa ded, wut good wuz tha whelp to ya as you wur blown to star dust?


The clone drops vont to the floor and despairs.

Clone Emperor: your return to my side, maybe short-lived vont, my essence cannot be endured for great lengths of time within a non-force sensitive body.

Dilbun Vont: you where gonna take over my son’s body?

Clone Emperor: yes, yes Dilbun. Your sons body was to be my vessel. I myself do not have the knowledge of how to manipulate midi-chlorians…

Dilbun Vont: fazanatein, so where’s a dark sider willin to take you in?

Clone Emperor: you presume my adapts are of great strength, they merely serve my needs while in the thrall of the dark side.

Dilbun Vont: huh, huh. So kriffin jeti purge affects yur [censored]! Kinda funny. Huh, huh.

Clone Emperor: I have no need for an jester vont! You’ve sealed my permanent doom, without that child I cannot endure!

Dilbun Vont: wud bout yur karkin spawn! Eh? Can’t spill yur own blood?

The clone is physically taken aback at the mention of his own forgotten progeny.

Clone Emperor: do not jest Dilbun, do I have a child?

Dilbun Vont: well you sure don’t remember yer karkin past life do you?

Coruscant-19 years before the Battle of Yavin IV


Darth Sidious stands with his hand crackling dark force lightening above the stomach of a restrained woman.

Niobi: you will not have my heart! What you do is against nature! Ahhh!


Darth Sidious: silence!


Suddenly a ball of dark force energy is hurled into the woman. Upon it’s introduction upon her body she is visibly pregnant. However the experiment is a failure as the young woman vomits up the forced impregnation. An mutant infant gurgles in its own fluids as it is telekinetically lifted into the air for the sith lords inspection.


Darth Sidious: alas, my masters secret midi-chlorian skill eludes me. A weakling mutant! Not even powerful in the force!

Niobi: see yourself in your child!


The restrained woman springs from the bolted table and leaps out the window at force propelled speeds. The sith lord cradles the mutant infant in lieu of slaying the unwilling mother. Sidious summons holographic forms of his aides; Sly Moore and Mas Amedda.


Mas Amedda: my lord, an heir!

Darth Sidious: nothing but an inferior mutant! Cast it from my sight…like the others! Summon vont. It is his duty.

Emperor’s Citadel-Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV


Clone Emperor: so you didn’t kill him, why?

Dilbun Vont: bacuz, waste iz a thief.

Meditation Chamber-The Jedi Explorer-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV


Luke Skywalker restlessly attempts to center himself before entering into his force guided meditation. His effort is pointless, he is still tainted by the dark side, his common sense of justification lost while bowing before the clone emperor. The floating cybernetic ganathan king Empatajayos Brand bursts into his chamber, uninvited.


Empatajayos Brand: master skywalker, your unease is deafening in the force. You must suppress it or the others will grow tired of your endured distraction.

Luke Skywalker: distraction? The Jedi knights cannot defeat the emperor with so few!

Empatajayos Brand: we fell as many before, and yet it took only one to defeat vader and his emperor. We are already legion by my count.

Luke Skywalker: Anakin Skywalker saved the galaxy…and his son. I was merely his cause to act. I cannot defeat the emperor alone, we must expand.

Empatajayos Brand: the Jedi will rise again, but not without our stand against the sith. This is our test luke, with you in the lead. Not a shattered man, you are the leader of this era. You must stand firm, without you we are cast back into the dust, the light will be stomped out forever if you do not accept your…

Luke Skywalker: enough! I’ve already fulfilled my destiny. Ben and Yoda have turned away from me, my fall to the dark side was my undoing. I cannot lead us to victory. I cannot even focus on meditation.

Empatajayos Brand: most unfortunate, but not unheard of, are you vain enough to assume you’re the only Jedi to give into the dark side. I can assure you the road back is treacherous, but it exists for only those hardy enough to traverse it.


Luke Skywalker: then perhaps the holocron can be of assistance in this matter.

Empatajayos Brand: the true tedryn holocron it may be, and even if it is the sith may have tainted it. I do not want you to activate it while we search for your recruits.

Luke Skywalker: whose to say I’m not tainted as well!

Empatajayos Brand: the force!

The young tribesman of Ossus bursts into the chamber.

Rayf Ysanna: were approaching the system luke.

Luke Skywalker: thanks rayf…by the way would you care for a lesson from the holocron. Master brand is going to authenticate it for future use.

Empatajayos Brand: as underhanded as a high council member, and you doubt yourself. Very well, if this is what it takes.

Rayf Ysanna: I’m lost..whats this all about.

Luke Skywalker: pay it no mind.


Vodo-Sia-Baas: I’ am the gatekeeper of the Tedryn, what knowledge do you seek?

Empatajayos Brand: by the force, I challenge your authenticity, and wish to expose the truth via an lore contest.

Vodo-Sias-Baas: such insolence; you carry much self importance master Brand. Far more since your trails under Yaddle to be certain, let us regale the students.


Empatajayos Brand: of what species was my master Yaddle?

Vodo-Sias-Baas: she was of an unknown tridactyl race, most commonly thought to be of relative to the Whills; the shamans whom are thought to reside on Tython; the Jedi planet of origin.

Empatajayos Brand: your cross-branching logic is in place, this must be the doing of Sidious!

Luke Skywalker: do you believe palpatine would have sought out the Whill shaman?


Empatajayos Brand: worse.

Vodo-Sias-Baas: little good they’d have been, much like the Rakata or the Celestials they’ve passed…

Luke Skywalker: is it trustworthy?

Empatajayos Brand: too fourth coming it is. We’ll come back to this after we’ve secured your recruit.

Emperor’s Citadel-Byss-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

Dilbun Vont,Gaff, Gir-Kybo-Ren Cha and Tyber Zann kneel before the Clone Emperor.


Clone Emperor: and that is how it will be!

Tyber Zann: the guy that took down the first Death Star and three other Jedi! that’s asking way too…

Clone Emperor: don’t worry your cowardly Hyde zann, your task plays to your skill set. If your survival is possible you may go about your corrupt profession.


Dilbun Vont: well idz da be a walk in da park fur mesa huh? Augie.

Clone Emperor: in order to assure your success , I’ll be supplying some special..comrades.

Three warriors approach the dais, a heavily armored Gamorrean, a muscle bound Tusken Raider and a woman with the arm of a Juggernaut war droid. The trio are escorted by a group of Dark Troopers.


T’iaz: may I present the Masters of Teräs Käsi.

Dilbun Vont: gotta be ovv yur kriffin roqqa augie! These bastages be total savages!

Clone Emperor: augie is dead, Darth Sidious is all that remains, we’ve been through this already.

Hoar: (Tusken battle cry)


T’iaz: (igniting light saber) restrain yourselves in the prescience of his galactic eminence.

Tyber Zann: if its muscle we need, why not get a hold of my crew? Utai Fenn and Silri are the best back up in the galaxy!

Clone Emperor: I will not entrust this mission to an barely sentient thug or a treacherous Dathomirian Witch!

Gaff: barely sentient?

Clone Emperor: all non-humanoids lucky enough to be in my service will remember their place! I will not tolerate the guttural sounds that pass for language leveled at me from a non-existent elevation!

Dilbun Vont: give the kriffa a break their augie, we’res to be puttin our karkin [censored] on the line to…

Clone Emperor: silence Vont! Your protectors do not require the facts!

Arden Lyn: aw, does the mighty reborn emperor have a soft spot? Do I detect a weakness to exploit.

Clone Emperor: all is never what it appears to be, my dear. Never assume yourself to be a threat to my person, you breath simply because I do not trust their martial abilities when stacked against these odds.

Arden Lyn: my place in this scheme is purely personal, all assumptions aside.


Clone Emperor: very well. This mission will be lead by T’iaz and the archetype of my new storm trooper class. May I present…Hayt.

A scantly clad female in sparse plastoid armor approaches the throne, Dilbun steps closer to her upon her entrance.

Dilbun Vont: (attempting a spank) well I’ll be suga…


The barely attired trooper disables vont in three movements, leaving the elder man on the floor.

Clone Emperor: as you understand Dilbun, almost every species in the galaxy is easily intoxicated, distracted and best of all subdued by the mere sight of an human female.


Hayt: subjugation can be pleasurable, do you not agree commander Vont?

Dilbun Vont: tage an army of strums over dweebie stormies anytime.

Clone Emperor: an entire garrison of women will be both welcomed and underestimated, at any cost we will have peace.

The entire group is lead from the throne room by Hayt as the Sith Lord sinks further into his throne.

Dilbun Vont: (narration) wut a peaceful galaxy we’d huff bein stuck with!

The Jedi Explorer- approaching Dagobah-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV


Kam Solusar: what a glorious magnet of the living force, no wonder your master hid here so easily.

Luke Skywalker: yes, but don’t let the currents of life dull your senses. The marsh planet is a perfect example of all aspects of the living force.

Artoo-Deeto: (beeps and whistles)

Luke Skywalker: and watch your step.



The interior flares an proximity warning, as the mammoth form of the Millennium Falcon soars above the simple Jedi Explorer, all aboard are rattled from the effectiveness of Solo’s surprise arrival.

Han Solo: (via intercom) thought you Jedi had sight beyond sight? Huh

Chewbacca: (in Shyriiwook) told you they’d be caught unawares, pay up ya scoundral!

Luke Skywalker: thanks han, we need the humility.

Rayf Ysaana: yes, master.


Han Solo: (via intercom) don’t go turnin into a zealot there kid!

Empatajayos Brand: captain solo is right, young Ysanna. Respect for your elder is one thing, blind allegiance is folly indeed.

Kam Solusar: now you’re certain you weren’t followed here?

Chewbacca: (via intercom) (wookiee growls and whines)

Han Solo: (via intercom) take it easy, there ain’t no kriffin homing beacon on this baby! Chill your followers out luke. Last thing we need is Jedi that are nervous in the service!

Luke Skywalker: we’re fine han, now that we’re here prepare for com-silence.

Han Solo: (via intercom) whatever.


The ships descend into the atmospehere of Dagobah, as the falcon goes through the re-entry phase of the decsent, a space suited form affixed to the hull can be seen.

Entrance to the Dark Cave-Dagobah-10 years after the Battle of Yavin IV

The Jedi Explorer lands adjacent to the cave and the already landed Falcon. Han,Chewie and Bey stand on the ramp with blasters drawn.


Han Solo: so hows everything shaping up their intel wise?

Bey: all our so called allies have either lied down their arms, joined the Dark Empire or worst of all gone silent.

Chewbacca: (in wookiee) the wookiees will fight for the republic, once the council convenes!

Han Solo: ya, haven’t they been trying to descide if their gonna give aid to us since before Thrawn’s surge? Good thing were not holdin our breath!

Bey: the greater concern is the sudden influx of Bothan units into our command structure, Fey’las eying the big job, no doubt bout it.

Han Solo: that guy’s slime, lucky us Mon Mothma welcomed Garm Bel Iblis back into the fold.


Bey: Iblis won’t take a seat long enough to sell an agenda, he’s no politican.

Empatajayos Brand: than perhaps bothan backstabbing will rule the aftermath of this diaster.


Luke Skywalker: I’m fairly certain Leia will be the barrier of Mothma’s torch han, leaving Jacen and Jaina in the tutledge of their uncle.

Han Solo: back off kid! My twins ain’t messin with all this force stuff till they can atleast fly an airspeeder!

Empatajayos Brand: but Jedi of the old republic where…

Han Solo: snacthed from their parents while infants! Not my kids luke!


Luke Skywalker: fine, now will you all wait here.

Rayf Ysanna: are you sure master? I could be of..

Kam Solusar: ease off kid, he needs to be the one to rally this one.

Luke desends into the dark cave while Artoo quivers an audible pang of fear. Upon luke’s decent he is greeted by a thick glowing vapor, a gust of frigidness engulfs him. Luke casts out a vaneer of force energy, shielding him from the passive illusions of the cave, but not from the all encompassing dark presence.


Luke engages his light saber as the vapor looses its luminosity. A twisted cackle sounds from the pervasive shadows and settles into a featureless set of flaming eyes and a gaping maw of broken teeth.


Darth Sidious: mine!

The ghostly vision dissipates as luke continues his journey to the bottom. From all around luke crackles dark side lightening, the miashma of dark power evaporates as he passes it.


Upon entering the final passage, luke is bombarded by an apparitional force vision; a tall black haired pony tailed figure burns in a dark spectral form over his unconscious body as a young man turns away from luke’s body and boards a gleaming cylindrical vessel. It lifts off into the skies of the fourth moon of Yavin Four.


The dire situation is washed away by the blinding radiance of several thousand lightsabers, the entire spectrum collides in a solid white that collapses upon a brown haired teenage human boy meditating while doing an handstand in the very center of the stalgatite ridden cave.


Ken: gee goly, master skywalker! Boy am I glad to see you.

Luke Skywalker: young ken, you’ve grown quite a bit, since our last meeting. Have you come to understand my meaning for insisting you study within this cave?


Ken: (standing) of course, but it only troubles me further master! This dark cave reflects nothing of myself. I’ve been here as you suggested for five years, and have found no trace of my grand fathers dark nature within myself.

Luke Skywalker: breath boy, I wish I shared your certain fate, but I understand your troubled conclusion, and regrettably must ask too much of you.

The boy in white stands stoically before his black clad master in prepartion for a mission.

Luke Skywalker: your wretched grand father has returned from the nether realm of the force and cast a terrible darkness upon the galaxy, and regrettably I fell to his side in an failed attempt to vanquish him.


Ken: (engaging lightsaber) I will not serve him!

The reckless boy force hurls Skywalker through the cave wall, luke is sent flying towards a dammed swamp ledge. Upon regaining his footing, the dam ruptures and a wave of putrid mud water gushes down the hillside.


The young Jedi initiate lands atop an falling tree that plummets towards Skywalker whom settles the tree at the edge of the swamp fall.

Luke Skywalker: stretch out with your feelings ken, I mean to vanquish the emperor not serve him!

Ken: than why do you reek of the dark side!


The young boy takes a swipe at Skywalker with his light saber; whom engages his own blade as the boys connects with it. They stand facing one another with locked blades, as the tree begins to crack against the mighty currents.

Luke Skywalker: this darkness will pass, but only if the Jedi rise to quell its ascension! And only united will we succed!

Ken: I was taught every detail of our history in the lost city of the Jedi, we will fail. Palpatine was able to topple the guardians of peace and justice in a single rotation, it will be just the same for us!

Luke Skywalker: my sister and I have already defeated one of his clone bodies. With you at my side, we the decendents of darkness will triumph.

Ken: perhaps, we can.

Luke Skywalker: no, we will.

The two Jedi disengage their weapons and spring from the log, they quickly reappear above the dark cave.


Han Solo: well I’ll be..

Chewbacca: (quickly grabs and huggs the boy)

Ken: nice seein you again chewie.


Luke Skywalker: may I present our comrades; Rayf Ysanna of Ossus, Kam Solusar of Nespis VIII and Empatajayos Brand, King of Ganath as well as an Jedi of the Old Republic.

Ken: Astral!

Han Solo: oh yea, thrilling stuff. How bout we ditch that lil tike Jedi craft here and everybody pile aboard the falcon for the rest of this party?

Kam Solusar: I don’t know han…

Ken: sure thing captain solo, come on gang!


The young boy bolts up the ramp of the falcon as followed by the mighty Chewbacca,Artoo-Detoo leaving the elder men in their wake.

Han Solo: (walking after him) see the kid knows best.

Bey: (following) falcon’s anti-tracking package is even better than most New Republic espionage craft, take him up on his offer before he charges you for the lift.



The falcon blasts off into the atmosphere of the Swamp world shortly after the Jedi are aboard, as the vessel reaches space the space suit clad figure affixed to the hull sqiurms about attempting a slip stream com-burst.

Dilbun Vont: (within space suit) merchaindize iz aboard, navicomputer jump iz included with dis burst, be ready ta pounce on dis bastage upon reversion from hyperspace. Loper out.