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Apr 4, 2016
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Hi everyone this is a place for everyone to share ideas for stuff Hasbro could do with the star wars micro machines brand no matter how unlikely this is where we can just let our imaginations go free with ideas for products hasbro could bestow to the wanting fans, so to kick things off here are my top ten hopes for micro machines!

10: Clone wars line of products, whether you hate it or love it clone wars is canon and there was plenty of action that is begging to be made into micro machines form! c'mon hasbro show clone wars some love, however the reason this was low on my list was because I never watched past season one (season one Ahsoka killed it for me, like her better in rebels) a friend of mine shared an idea that I thought was awesome so I am sharing it: Legion sets, where they'd have a set based around a specific legion in the clone wars such as the 501st which would have some clone figures from that legion in different poses, a jedi General figure, the Jedi's starfighter, a gunship in the paintjob of that legion and an arc 170 of that legion

9: remastered versions of old playsets or older sets that never came out or saw limited production. before micro machines folded back in the early 2000s (for reason that still elude a clear answer) I saw some pictures on sirstevesguide.com from the toyfair before the line folded of some sets and toys for the line that looked freaking awesome, we had qui-gon turning into the trade federation cruiser with a republic cruiser as a vehicle with obi-wan and Qui-Gon as microfigures with lightsabers out and a battle droid, among some other good stuff but for unknown reasons the line discontinued and canceled all announced releases, I was devastated that the things I saw at the toy fair would never see store shelves and I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me! but when the line was revived I have hope that they will delve into the old archives and try to give the older sets a facelift!

8: Epic figure and vehicle packs for the new canon. galoob did these figure and vehicle packs inspired by the novels of the expanded universe, they didn't sell too well and some of the better ones didn't receive a North American release making those sets hard to come by and with a new canon out it would be fun to see a visual of what is described in the canon filling the voids left by the de-canonization of the expanded universe

7: figure packs: every self respecting fan of micro machines such as myself has to admit this: while it is great to have micro machines back again the population of micro figures available SUCKS!!!! :mad: in the original run galoob put out these figure packs with characters to populate the universes we build with our playsets and they were a hit! with the sparse population of micro figures at this point they would surly earn praise (and our money ;))

6: more prequel stuff. Sure we've Lambasted the prequels left right and center but we have to admit there were some stuff in those movies that would make and have made ******* micro machines figures and vehicles and potential playsets! I'M LOOKING AT YOU THEED GENERATOR COMPLEX!!!!

5: a resistance base Playset, they might have one in the works but my idea is it having a general leia micro figure and for the sake of heaven DO NOT put an X-wing on it, make it a rebel transport!

4: ditch the gold models and the remote controlled vehicles!!! the gold models will be nothing more than a short lived and rather irritating gimmick that won't take the line far! keep the vehicles to the paint jobs we all know and love! and seriously whose idea was it to make a remote controlled vehicle?! electronics have NO place in micro machines the magic of micro machines is you move them yourselves in order to create your OWN flight patterns you have a machine that does it you loose the magic that micro machines gave me and many other people!

3: once again a tie this one because they have one thing in common something with the ideal micro figure a transforming set into starkiller base in the place for the lightsaber duel between rey and kylo ren and the figure is rey with a lightsaber and the second one being of Maz Kanata's castle with the figure being Finn with a lightsaber

2:more rebels stuff, 'nuff said, I love rebels! they have already proven in the latest blind bag with the figure of Kanan on a speeder bike that they seem to be doing more with rebels but these are hopefully tidbits to tide us over until new rebels content is revealed

1: I know it is highly unlikely but I want to see content from Star Wars the Old Republic MMO, figures of NPCs such as Darth Marr and Satele Shan from the empire and republic respectively and characters like valkorian or Arcann from the new Knights of the Fallen empire expansion that is still going on (still think it's a **** move on Bioware's part but I still love the game and hope they learn from this) and back to the figure packs they could do figures of different looks of sith warriors, bounty hunters Jedi Knights among other classes to add something new to the game!

so that is my list of my ten ideas for micro machines, thanks for seeing this and if you have any other ideas or expansions on ideas I came up with share them because if you are a fellow micro machines fan I WANNA talk to you about it!!!