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Aug 21, 2021
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Welcome, Rebelscum readers! We’re excited to bring the relaunched site to keep you up to date on all the greatest collecting news from the galaxy far, far away. As the head writer on the site, I’ll be providing comprehensive facts and insights on all corners of Star Wars stories, both canon and Legends.

I’m a lifelong Star Wars fanatic (I actually got my first name after my parents first heard that Liam Neeson was cast in The Phantom Menace). I grew up watching the core saga on repeat, and as a massive LEGO fan, I was an avid collector from a pretty young age. The Clone Wars began airing just as I was growing up, and keeping up with all of Dave Filoni’s ongoing storylines became a weekly obsession for me.

As my fandom grew, my dive into the Expanded Universe (now Legends) grew more developed. I’m a big time reader, and I kid you not when I say I’ve read literally hundreds of Star Wars books and novels. Whether it's Darth Bane, Legacy of the Force, or classics like Heir to the Empire and Shadows of the Empire, if it's a Star Wars book there’s a good chance I’ve read it. I’m excited to share my love of the larger Star Wars Legends canon with you all.

My love of Star Wars developed into a love for movies in general, and in the past eight years I’ve written thousands of published movie news, reviews, and articles. You can look for some of my work on Collider, Dallas Observer, Central Track, Dallas Morning News,, Schmoes Know, and Taste of Cinema.

Each week, we’ll be talking about specific storylines, events, or topics within the Star Wars universe. Here’s a handy guide to what we’ll be talking about in each segment:
Expand Your Mind”- This will be our base article for each series. We’ll introduce a topic and dive into a detailed history and list some of the best collectible items you’ll want to be looking for.
Timeline Breakdown”- Here we’ll talk about where a specific storylines falls in the larger timeline, and we’ll explore the connections you can draw to other moments in Star Wars media.
Character Profile”- We’ll be spotlighting a specific character and exploring their backstory, personality, and what storylines they’ll be featured in next.
Force Casting”- We’re all excited to see new actors and creatives join the Star Wars universe, and here we’ll give our pitches and fantasy casting picks for projects we’d like to see produced into upcoming movies and series!

A Little More About Me: Star Wars 20 Questions

1. Favorite Movie-
A New Hope
2. Favorite TV Episode- “Sacrifice,” The Clone Wars
3. Favorite Book- The Darth Bane Trilogy
4. Favorite Comic Series- Legacy
5. Favorite Game- LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
6. Favorite Scene- The Throne Room duel in The Last Jedi
7. Favorite Quote- “The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.”
8. Favorite Soundtrack Moment- “What Do You Get A Wookiee For Christmas?” from Christmas in the Stars
9. Favorite Character- Obi-Wan Kenobi
10. Favorite Legends Character- Ben Skywalker
11. Favorite Vehicle or Ship- Slave I
12. Favorite Planet- Coruscant
13. Affiliation- Jedi Order
14. Lightsaber Color- Blue
15. Favorite Star Wars Memory- Attending Star Wars Celebration V
16. Favorite Star Wars Celebrity- Ashley Eckstein
17. Favorite Action Figure Line- Revenge of the Sith 2005 Line
18. Favorite Non-Figure Toy- Star Wars Muppets Figures
19. Favorite Non-Toy Collectible Item- Star Wars Risk (Clone Wars Edition)
20. Most Wanted Item- The Star Wars Holiday Special Blu-Ray/ Disney+ release