Medicom Mafex ESB Boba Fett No 16 Review and what is wrong with it

Jan 4, 2006
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This review is something folks should know about.
Those who know me also know that I'm a Fett fan, so here is somewhat of a bad experience folks should know about.
I have purchased some Medicom ESB Fetts and I don't like how the manufacturer is handling their Quality issues.
I read quite often how people complain about cheap action figures and how bad they are painted, well personally I'm quite happy with the cheaper ones AND how those companies address the
issues, but not how this company deals with their rather expensive product. Here is what happened.
Upon opening the box which had already a cut flap even though it was factory sealed the holster fell out. It wasn"t even attached to the figure. You can see a glue spot
but apparently the glue wouldn't hold it in place. Lousy job Medicom! Next up on the right gauntlet the white paint is smeared over it looking like it was appiled to thick and dripped down.
Then a fat big green paint buildup on the chest after most likely a paint touch up with a brush. Incorrectly mounted jet on the backpack.Wrong left shoulder color, but then the real bummer
a stalk that isn"t even straight. The fun part they attached some plastic so it wouldn't bend when placed in the blister. Guess what Medicom, it didn't help because the initial piece is already
formed like a bow!. Confronted with the Quality issues their customer service didn't give a damn. Their response was that the figure is not for sale internationally and I should contact the seller for
a refund or to deal with the issue. Yes folks you read that right. The poor quality is not the problem of Medicom the manufacturer, it is the sellers problem! they basically told me to go F.... myself.
it is my fault that I bought their product! No such thing as, sorry we will learn from, oh, how could this happen, no, only constant repeats of, the item was not intended for international sale!
Now what a great way to stand behind a product! I guess they forget that the same figure could have ended up with a customer in Japan. Would they have treated him the same way?
Hey Disney, how about you rethink issueing them a license? What a joke. What a great company! What a poor way dealing with their poor product that they want top dollars for.
And the other figure didn't look much better. I could go on with other things that are not correct with this figure,(edge lines on the chesta armor, shoulder plates, knee armor, incorrect and too dark green paint) but I'm saving my breath. Look at the pics, check the links or the TDH and the RPF
to double check if you like. Good thing I haven't bought the ROTJ Fett yet or other Medicom figures. Not interested in spending my money on companies who don't give a darn and respond in such unprofessional manner.

For those who think I don't know what I'm talking about:

Feel also free to check The TDH and RPF for reference.

And Medicom latest response:

Dear Customer,

Although we do not support overseas customers directly, our Product Management Dept. has checked a condition of the item sincerely. However, we are afraid that we are unable to support this issue since we did not release this product to overseas and we do not replace for resale/non-direct items. Please contact the seller for exchange/refund.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

*Please be advised that our office is currently closed for New Years Holiday from December 29th to January 4th.

Best regards,

3-22-5 Uehara Shibuya Tokyo 151-0064
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Sep 7, 2016
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Ugh! Thanks for the frank review! I was thiiiiiis close to picking one up, but with the recent debacles with other Mafex figs, I think this will be a pass.
Jul 22, 2013
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Every tiny nitpick you attacked are common with all figures below the $60 range.

Aside the paint dub on the chest, you're too easily frustrated and should considered hot toys and thier heavy price if you're expecting near perfection.

As for medicom's reply... What do you expect. They're not licensed to be sold outside of Japan.
Jan 1, 2016
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To be honest this review is out of touch with reality. This is not a $250 Sideshow figure you have bought. Every imperfections you pointed out is just found everywhere on everything for that range of price.
Also is if you expected them to send you a replacement straight from Japan only for what you mentioned, that's really out of touch with reality as well.