McQuarrie, UGH for sale $7.25 each!

Jun 30, 2003
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Central Florida
A friend of mine picked up these extras while looking for stuff for me, and would like to sell these off at cost.

** Here's what's left **
1x UGH Darth Vader
1x UGH Airborne Trooper
2x McQuarrie Concept Darth Vader
2x McQuarrie Concept Snowtrooper

PM me if interested, and I'll send you his Paypal info. He's not a forum member, but I can/will vouche for him as a straight-up, honest seller.

All the figures are MOC. He WILL combine shipping. He considered eBay, but I told him to let me offer them on here 1st to folks that might want them instead.
Jun 2, 2000
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I'll take 1 each of each UGH figure, except for the McChewie, if the combined shipping is not too high.
1 UGH Vader
1 UGH Boba Fett Animated
1 UGH Airborne Trooper
1 UGH Rebel Pilot Biggs
1 UGH McQ Boba Fett
Let me know what your friend was thinking of for shipping. We can take this to PM if you want. I haven't done any trading or selling/buying on RS, but I've got a pretty high rating on eBay (1341 with 99.6% positive feedback).