FS Master Replicas Star Trek Shatner Signature Edition Communicator #102 / 500

Sep 17, 2015
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I have for sale one Master Replicas (MR) Signature edition communicator with a MR plaque signed by Mr. Willam Shatner. The plaque number is #102/500. Thats worldwide so it's a pretty low edition. You will get the MR box and all the inner shipping material, MR COA and mail in warranty card and instructions, the MR signature plaque, a black replacement plaque stand, the MR acrylic cover and the MR Base that holds the communicator. The communicator shows minor wear and works as it should with all the lights functional, a crisp tuning signal plays and the landing party call feature that will "call" the communicator when the back button is pressed. The Morie pattern spins as it should The COA, and the inner box that holds the communicator are all marked signature edition...also the back of the communicator state's signature edition as it is supposed too. This will be shipped via the USPS fully insured and tracked. The batteries will be removed because they have too according to the USPS. I will ship overseas at actual cost however pm me first. $975.00 shipped anywhere in the US. 08B479AE-AA6B-4F5D-BEF4-CECB0E2EACE5.jpeg518CE576-7CA1-4718-AA43-66B808EDF037.jpeg63048E01-AEB6-49C0-AEBB-0533C6FBA5DF.jpeg713B06D0-46F2-4111-99C6-B4C53200CD20.jpegD38DCC8C-374E-481C-8AD7-6D713C86B9EF.jpeg14315DEA-6D89-4CE4-89B8-2FD953F76EF8.jpeg2996B6E9-FD17-47A5-8F97-41E2D65DA6E8.jpeg0544DF8D-FE4F-4EA7-934F-98B800FA8C76.jpeg5436780A-1149-4306-B3F4-7DA30AC722DA.jpegBDAFCAAD-DF03-4A5E-9BD3-261E8628E09B.jpegGC
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