WTB Master Replicas Darth Vader Lightsaber ROTJ LE or SE (I will pay USD 4500 for SE and USD 3500 for LE!)

Jan 15, 2017
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Yes, if there is any of you who has a perfect condition (No dings, no scuffs, no scratch, no marks, no sticky rubber fins & plastic parts , no cracked/damaged rubber fins & plastic parts , no loose rubber fins , no loose parts , etc) and complete (Brown shipper box , serial number plaque or signature plaque , mirror based stand , acrylic cover , MR black box , brochure , COA , the velvet fabric cover , and all the "paperworks" & all the plastic wraps) Master Replicas Darth Vader ROTJ SE or LE and want to sell 1 of them to me, please send me a PM.

I will buy the SE one for USD 4500 and/or I will buy the LE one for USD 3500.

I will arrange and pay for the shipment from your address to my address using UPS. So, the shipping risk is mine and mine only to bear.

Thank you and MTFBWY always!

Owen Sidharta
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