Mary Oyaya//Joe Corroney Event at Comics 2 Cars

May 8, 2002
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I meant to post this earlier, and could have sworn I did when i sent it in to Dustin, but I guess not. Irregardless, here is what happened:

I just returned from the Mary Oyaya/Joe Corroney event at Comics 2 Cars in Florence, Kentucky. I saw Joe at Free Comic Book Day there last year, but being as Comics 2 Cars is only four minutes from my house, I decided to go.

I must say I was pretty underimpressed. They had the
free comic books and such, but they were vastly
overcharging for everything in my opinion. To get the
FREE COMIC BOOK from last year (Star Wars: Clone
Wars), which has Luminara Unduli on the front, it was
$8.00. To get ANY photos inside the store (with or
without Joe or Mary), it was $9.00 (which is why I
have no pictures to show you; I only got one with
Mary, and they would not allow personal cameras
allowed inside, you could only get a picture taken
with a store-provided Polaroid).

To get the pictures of Mary was $20.00, and the
autographs were aslo $20.00. Granted, there was no
line at all, but I think you can see why.

I did get to meet Mary a bit, and she seemed to be
very friendly and nice. I'm glad I got the picture and
autograph (even though I'm not an autograph collector
at all).

Just thought I'd share my experience!