Marvel Universe and 3 3/4 Hasbro Marvel Figure Checklists Part 2

Aug 27, 2005
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This is an updated list and replaces the previous thread as it no longer allowed me to edit the list. If you notice any figures missing let me know, but please note that this list largely focuses on Super-Articulated Marvel lines.

Marvel Legends 3 3/4

Series I (2016)

___Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
___Black Panther
___Iron Man Mark 1
___Captain Britain Spider-man
___Spider-man Noir

Deluxe Figure

___Captain America with Motorcycle ("Captain America: Civil War" Uniform)
___Falcon with Jet Pack ("Captain America: Civil War" Uniform)

Confirmed (C) and Rumored (R) figures

___Gamora (C)
___Vision (C)
___Morbius (C)
___Hydro-man (C)
___Rogue (C)
___Quasar (C)
___Living Laser (R)
___Dormammu (R)
___Armored Spider-man (R)

Marvel Infinite (2014-2015)

Series I (2014)

Wave 1
___Hulk (Modern Uniform)
___Grim Reaper
___Captain America (Re-released Marvel Universe Series 5 Captain America)
___Heroic Age Iron Man (Re-released Marvel Universe Series 3 Modular Armor)

Wave 2
___80's Thor
___Deaths Head
___Red She-Hulk
___Yellowjacket (Re-released Marvel Universe Series 2, 32. Yellowjacket but without mini Ant-man)
___Steve Rogers (Re-released Marvel Universe Series 3, 21. Commander Steve Rogers)
___Beta Ray Bill (Re-released Marvel Universe Series 4, 11. Beta Ray Bill)

Wave 3
___Cyclops (Heroic Age Uniform)
___Omega Red (Re-released Marvel Universe Series 5, 26. Omega Red)

Wave 4
___Starlord (Re-released MU 3-pack Figure)
___Rocket with Groot (Re-released MU 3-pack Figure)
___Drax (Re-released MU 3-pack Figure)
___Ionic Wonder-man (Translucent Purple)

Series II (2015)

Wave 1

___Black Cat
___Big Time Spider-man (Black and Green Suit)
___Beast (Blue Jim Lee Version)
___Beast (Gray Beast Variant)
___Sandman (All Sand Colored Variant)
___Daredevil (Classic Costume)

Wave 2

___Doc Ock
___Armored Daredevil
___Ultimate Spider-man (Miles Morales)

Wave 3

___Colossus (Juggernaut-like costume)
___Emma Frost
___Deadpool (Blue/Yellow Uniform)

Deluxe Figures

___Ant-man with Flying Ant (Movie Series)

Marvel Universe (2009-2013)

Basic Figures

Series 1

___001. Iron Man (Ultimate Alliance)
___002. Spider-man
___002. Spider-man (Darker colored variant)
___003. Silver Surfer
___004. Punisher
___005. Black Panther
___006. X-Force Wolverine
___007. Human Torch (Flame On!)
___008. Daredevil
___008. Daredevil (Darker Red Variant)
___009. Iron Man (Stealth Ops)
___010. Bullseye
___010. Bullseye (Deco Change Variant)
___011. Human Torch (Classic Fantastic Four Uniform)
___011. Human Torch (Negative Zone Uniform)
___012. Ultimate Captain America
___013. Hulk
___014. Grey Hulk
___015. Green Goblin
___016. Ronin
___016. Ronin (Black and Gold Costume variant)
___017. Iron Fist (Black Dragon Insignia and No Clenched Fists)
___017. Iron Fist (Variant Figure with Yellow Dragon Symbol On Chest and Clenched Fist)
___018. Spider-man (Black Costume)
___019. Thing (Long pants and boots)
___019. Thing (Negative Zone Uniform Variant)
___020. Punisher (Black Uniform)
___021. Classic Iron Man
___022. Ms. Marvel (Modern Uniform)
___022. Ms. Marvel (Dark Avengers Variant)
___023. Ms. Marvel (Classic Uniform)
___024. Hand Ninja
___025. Electro
___025. Electro (Translucent Yellow Hands)
___026. Union Jack
___027. Moon Knight
___028. Red Hulk
___029. Blade
___030. Hobgoblin
___031. Guardian
___032. Spider-man
___032. Spider-man (Red and Black Costume Variant)
___033. Iron Man (Red and Silver Armor)
___034. Sub-mariner (Modern Costume)

Series 2

___001. Spider-man (House of M Uniform)
___002. Wolverine (Yellow and Blue Uniform and Unmasked)
___002. Wolverine (Variant Head)
___003. Warpath (X-Force Uniform)
___003. Warpath (X-men Uniform)
___004. Jean Grey
___005. Sunfire
___006. Vision (Regular Solid Version)
___006. Vision (Variant Translucent Intangible Version)
___007. Iron Man (Extremis Armor)
___008. Captain America (1st WWII Uniform and Original Triangle Shield)
___008. Captain America (Brighter Re-paint available at Dollar Stores)
___009. Luke Cage (Fan's Choice Runner Up)
___010. Bucky
___011. Black Widow
___012. Thor (Modern "Reborn" Uniform)
___012. Thor (Slight color repaint, available at Dollar Stores)
___013. Colossus
___014. Juggernaut (Helmeted Version)
___015. Archangel (Fan's Choice Winner)
___015. Archangel (Death Mask Variant)
___016. A.I.M. Soldier
___017. Kitty Pryde and Lockheed
___018. Havok (Fan's Choice Winner, Modern Uniform)
___018. Havok (Classic Uniform)
___019. Iron Patriot
___019. Iron Patriot (Variant with Norman Osborn's Head)
___020. Wrecker
___021. Iron Spider-man
___021. Iron Spider-man (Translucent Red Variant)
___022. Winter Soldier (Fan's Choice Winner)
___022. Winter Soldier (Variant with Shorter Hair)
___023. Mary Jane Watson (Fan's Choice Winner)
___024. Skrull Soldier [__Variant Alien Writing On Figure Stand]
___025. Constrictor (Fan's Choice Runner-Up)
___026. Captain Britain (Corp Uniform)
___027. Wolverine (Team X)
___028. Ultimate Multiple Man
___029. Mystique (Fan's Choice Winner)
___030. Ghost Rider
___031. Dark Hawkeye
___032. Yellowjacket with Ant-Man
___033. Iron Man 2020
___034. Thanos

Series 3

___001. Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell not Carol Danvers)
___002. Doc Samson
___003. World War Hulk
___004. Iron Man (Mislabeled as Modular Armor, actually Bleeding Edge Armor)
___005. Spider-man 2099
___006. Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
___007. Cable with Baby Hope
___007. Cable (Without Baby Hope)
___008. Wolverine (1st Uniform)
___009. Apocalypse
___010. Cyclops (Jim Lee Uniform)
___011. Gladiator
___012. Dr. Strange
___012. Dr. Strange (Translucent Astral Form Variant)
___013. Falcon with Redwing (Falcon)
___014. Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) [___Variant Spider-man Figure Stand]
___015. Doctor Doom
___016. Skaar [___Variant Son of Hulk Figure Stand]
___017. Ultron (Green Highlights)
___018. Darkhawk
___019. Sub-mariner (Classic Uniform) [___Variant Imperius Rex Figure Stand]
___020. X-23
___021. Commander Steve Rogers [___Variant Captain America Figure Stand]
___022. Iron Man (Extremis Uniform with Tony Stark Head) [___Variant Tony Stark Figure Stand]
___023. Iceman
___024. Absorbing Man (Human Form)
___024. Absorbing Man (Absorbing Form)
___025. Astonishing Wolverine
___026. Ultimate Magneto

Series 4

___001. Thor (Age of Thunder Un-helmeted Uniform)
___002. Patriot
___003. Storm (Modern Uniform)
___004. Daredevil (Shadowland Uniform)
___005. Psylocke
___006. Iron Fist (White and Gold Uniform)
___007. Spider-man (Ultimate Peter Parker)
___007. Spider-man (Variant Miles Morales' Uniform)
___008. Kraven the Hunter
___009. Incredible Hulk (New Sculpt)
___010. Beast (Modern Catlike Face)
___011. Beta Ray Bill
___012. She-Hulk (Modern Avengers Uniform)
___013. Punisher (New Mold)
___014. Future Foundation Spider-man
___014. Spider-man (Variant Bag-Head with Fantastic Four Uniform)
___015. Kang the Conqueror
___016. Scarlet Witch
___017. Hercules
___018. Nighthawk
___019. Nova
___020. Puck with bird
___021. Angel (Blue Uniform)
___022. Professor X with hover-wheelchair
___023. Jubilee
___024. Blastaar
___024. Blastaar (Translucent Orange Forearms)

Series 5

___001. Silver Surfer (Simple Repaint*)
___002. Iron Fist (Green and Gold Uniform)
___003. Rhino (New Sculpt)
___004. Captain America (Classic Uniform, New Sculpt)
___005. Mysterio
___006. Elektra
___007. Black Costume Spider-man (New Sculpt)
___008. Iron Spider
___009. Astonishing Wolverine (Simple Re-paint*)
___010. Thanos (Simple Re-paint*, only missing extra hand)
___011. X-Force Wolverine (Simple Re-paint*)
___012. Dark Hawkeye (Simple Re-paint*)
___013. Red Hulk (Simple Re-paint*)
___014. Possibly X-23
___015. Punisher (Simple Re-paint*)
___016. Nova
___017. Marvel's Knight's Cloak
___017. Marvel's Knights' Dagger
___018. Iron Man (New Deco)
___019. Marvel's Abominations (Green Abomination)
___019. Marvel's Abominations (Blue A-Bomb)
___020. Ghost Rider (New Deco)
___021. Grey Hulk (New Deco of 2012 Sculpt)
___021. Green Hulk (2012 Simple Re-paint*)
___022. Baron Zemo (Pirate boots)
___023. Baron Zemo (Variant thicker sword hilt)
___023. Unknown Figure (Possibly Red Highlight Ultron [As he was shown early on to be in Series 5, wave 5])
___024. Colossus (Simple Re-paint*)
___025. Warpath (Simple Re-paint*)
___026. Omega Red
___027. Alpha Flight Aurora
___027. Alpha Flight North Star
___028. X-Force Nightcrawler
___029. Black Knight

Comic Packs

___Secret Wars 1. Captain America and Klaw
___Secret Wars 2. Wolverine and Human Torch (in flames)
___Secret Wars 3. Spider-man and Thunderball
___Secret Wars 4. Hulk and Cyclops
___Secret Wars 5. Nightcrawler and Storm (Mohawk)
___Secret Wars 6. Mister Fantastic and Ultron (Black Highlights)
___Secret Wars 7. Iron Man and Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)
___Secret Wars 8. Spider-man (Black Costume) and Magneto
___Secret Wars 9. Hawkeye and Piledriver
___Secret Wars 10. Absorbing Man (Partially Absorbed Form) and Doctor Doom and Tiny Wasp
___Secret Wars 11. Thor and Enchantress
___Secret Wars 12. Bulldozer and Thing (Classic Uniform)
___Cyclops and Dark Phoenix with "Uncanny X-men" 175 comic
___Dark Wolverine and Sinister Spider-man with "Dark Avengers" comic
___Spider-man and Sentry with "New Avengers" 8 comic
___Thor (Modern) and Iron Man (Extremis) with "Thor" 3 comic
___Wolverine and Captain America with "Captain America Annual" 8 comic
___Deadpool and Taskmaster with "Cable and Deadpool" 36 comic
___Wolverine and Silver Samurai with "Wolverine" 2
___Marvel Girl and Cyclops with "X-men: First Class" 1 comic Toys R Us Exclusive
___Wolverine and Sabretooth with "Wolverine: First Class" 2 comic Toys R Us Exclusive
___Power Man and Iron Fist (New Sculpt) with "Power-man and Iron Fist" 79 comic
___Spider-man and Captain Britain (Original Uniform) with "Marvel Team-Up" 65 comic
___Daredevil (New Sculpt) and Bullseye (New Sculpt) with "Daredevil" 132 comic
___Wonder Man and Quicksilver with "West Coast Avengers" 60 comic
___Thanos (Purple Uniform) and Adam Warlock with "Infinity Gauntlet" 3 comic
___Gambit and Mister Sinister with "X-men 1" comic
___Colossus and Juggernaut (Un-helmeted) with "Uncanny X-men" comic
___Hulk (Re-paint New Sculpt) and Wolverine (1st Uniform) with "Incredible Hulk" 181 comic
___Iron Man ("Iron Man 2" Re-paint of Silver Centurion Armor figure) and Mandarin (Re-painted Orange "Iron Man 2" figure) with Iron Man 200 comic
___Captain America and Falcon with "Captain America" comic
___Dr. Strange and Silver Surfer with "Defenders" comic
___Avengers vs. X-men: Captain America and Magneto (Unhelmeted) Toys R Us Exclusive
___Avengers vs. X-men: She-hulk (Classic Avengers Uniform) and Wolverine Toys R Us Exclusive
___Spider-man and Rhino (Spider-man Figure Line Repaint) Toys R Us Exclusive
___Spider-man (Black Future Foundation Uniform) and Dr. Doom (White Uniform) Toys R Us Exclusive

Team Packs

___Classic Avengers (Thor, Gold Iron Man, Hulk, Mini Ant-man and Flying Ant, and Mini Red Wasp
___New Avengers (Red Hulk [Series 4 Hulk Sculpt], Thor [Modern], and Iron Man [Shiny Bleeding Edge Armor])
___West Coast Avengers (Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and War Machine)
___Fantastic Four (Modern Blue Uniforms, Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, and H.E.R.B.I.E.)
___Fantastic Four (Future Foundation Uniforms)
___Fantastic Four (Modern Blue Uniforms with Clear Invisible Woman)
___Guardians of the Galaxy (Starlord, Rocket Racoon, mini Groot, and Drax)
___X-Force (Wolverine, Warpath, and Deadpool)
___X-men (Brown Wolverine, Jim Lee Rogue, and Longshot)
___Inhumans (Medusa, Black Bolt, and Karnak)
___Masters of Evil (Baron Zemo (Fur boot cuff), Radioactive Man, and Tigershark) SDCC 2012 Exclusive

Masterwork Series

___Galactus with Silver Surfer
___Galactus with Silver Surfer (Variant Ultimate Alliance Version)
___Sentinel with Wolverine
___Sentinel with Wolverine (Variant Classic TV Show Colors)


___Captain America (Black and White Newsreel Captain America) SDCC 2009
___Invaders (Captain America, Red Skull, Sub-mariner, and Human Torch [Jim Hammond]) SDCC 2009
___Captain America (Ultimates WWII Uniform) SDCC 2010
___Spider-man (Tobey Maguire "Spider-man" Movie Uniform) SDCC 2010
___Thor ("Age of Thunder" Helmeted Version) SDCC 2010
___Galactus (Giant Carded Figure) SDCC 2010
___Sentinel (Giant Carded Figure) SDCC 2011
___Masters of Evil Team Pack (Baron Zemo (Fur boot cuffs,) Radioactive Man, and Tigershark) SDCC 2012
___Shield Super Helicarrier with Maria Hill and Captain America SDCC 2012
___Deadpool Corps. in Taco Truck Packaging SDCC 2013
___Compound Hulk (Half-green and Half-red Hulk) NYCC 2011
___Nick Fury (Classic) 2009 and exclusive
___Archangel 2010 and exclusive
___Victor Von Doom 2011 and exclusive
___Old Man Logan with Hulk Baby 2012 exclusive
___Giant-Size X-men pack (Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Storm, Thunderbird, and Colossus) Toys R Us and Disney Store Exclusive
___Giant-Size X-men pack (Nightcrawler phasing variant) Toys R Us and Disney Store Exclusive
___X-men pack (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel [Red Costume], Iceman, Apocalypse, and Mr. Sinister) Toys R Us Exclusive
___Toys R Us 3-Pack Spider-man and His Amazing Friends (Spider-man, Firestar, and Iceman)
___Toys R Us 3-pack Iron Man, Silver Surfer (White), and Daredevil (Classic Yellow and Black Uniform)
___Toys R Us 3-pack Soldiers and Henchmen (Shield, Hydra, and Hand)
___Gigantic Battles Skrull Giant vs. Captain America (Heroic Age Bucky) Wal-Mart exclusive
___Gigantic Battles Goliath (Yellow and Blue) with Iron Man Wal-Mart exclusive
___Gigantic Battles Goliath (Red) with Iron Man Wal-Mart exclusive
___Gigantic Battles Savage Frost Giant with Loki Wal-Mart exclusive
___Gigantic Battles Goliath (Bill Foster) with Thor (Clone) Wal-Mart exclusive
___Ultimate Gift Set (Captain America with translucent shield, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-man, and Wolverine) Wal-Mart exclusive
___Target 2-pack Classic Iron Man and Black Panther (with cape)
___Target 2-pack Ultimate Alliance Iron Man and Punisher (with bandana)
___Target 2-pack Spider-man and Green Goblin (metallic finish)
___Target 2-pack Wolverine (Jim Lee Uniform) and Hand Ninja (Black Uniform)
___Avengers Assemble Light-up Base Captain America (Steve Rogers Classic Uniform) Toys R Us exclusive
___Avengers Assemble Light-up Base Captain America (Heroic Age Bucky) Toys R Us exclusive
___Avengers Assemble Light-up Base Iron Man (Bleeding Edge Armor) Toys R Us exclusive
___Avengers Assemble Light-up Base Iron Man (Translucent Red Extremis Armor) Toys R Us exclusive
___Avengers Assemble Light-up Base Hulk (Darker Green Secret Wars Comic Pack mold) Toys R Us exclusive
___Avengers Assemble Light-up Base Black Widow (Basic Figure mold with Dark Phoenix Head and gold belt and wristbands) Toys R Us exclusive
___Avengers Assemble Light-up Base Black Panther Toys R Us exclusive
___Avengers Assemble Light-up Base Thor (Modern) Toys R Us exclusive

Cancelled, Delayed, Rumored, or Confirmed But As Of Yet Unreleased Figures

Ant-man and Moon Knight with "Secret Avengers" comic
Shield Flying Car
Marvel Masterworks Fing Fang Foom
Marvel Masterworks Devil Dinosaur
Variant Luke Cage with white shirt
Black Widow (Yelena Belova)
Beast (Secret Avengers)
Nova (Variant)
Darkhawk (Modern Uniform)
Spider-man (Peter Parker variant)
Whirlwind (Cancelled from SDCC 2012 Super Helicarrier, but later released in the Marvel Infinite line)
Vance Astro
Eric Masterson Thor with Thor Frog (Later released in Marvel Infinite without Thor Frog)
Asgardians (Thor, Executioner, and Valkyrie [Valkyrie later released singly in Marvel Infinite Line)
X-men (Emma Frost, Colossus, and Astonishing Cyclops [All later released singly in the Marvel Infinite Line)
Ultron (Red Highlights)

*It appears that Hasbro has re-released figures that had been released earlier in the line, giving the figure a new series and figure number, changing the packaging, but making minimal changes to the figure that had been released previously. There may be sculpt changes or deco changes, but they appear to me to be nearly identical to figures Hasbro released before.

2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Super Soldier Gear Figures

___Cinematic Universe* Shockwave Blast Captain America (Avengers Uniform)
___Grapple Cannon Captain America (Unmasked Captain America Sequel Uniform)
___Cinematic Universe * Air Raid Red Skull (Captain America The First Avenger Uniform)
___Precision Strike Winter Soldier
___Rocket Storm Falcon
___Shield Blast Captain America

*Cinematic Universe may just be the series the figure is in, like some of the Marvel movie lines have comic series and movie series figures, but they are all part of the same line.

2013 Avengers Assemble: Shield Gear Super Articulated Figures
___Shield Blast Captain America (Re-paint of Ultimate Captain America in all blue and red uniform from the "Captain America" movie line, but with easier to move hips)
___Sky Attack Falcon
___Cosmic Strike Red Skull (Re-paint of Red Skull from the "Captain America" movie line, but with new head)
___Tornado Blade Iron Man
___Gamma Fist Hulk
___Inferno Cannon Black Widow (Re-paint of "Avengers" movie Black Widow with new head and belt)
___Phoenix Bow Hawkeye (Re-paint of "Avengers" movie line Hawkeye but with new head)
___Thunder Axe Thor
___Jet Armor Nick Fury (Re-paint of "Avengers" movie line Nick Fury but with new head)
___Radiation Rocket Leader

Iron Man 3 Assemblers 2013

Basic Figures (Note: The Basic Figures are not Super Articulated [only five points of articulation] and have interchangeable parts

___Iron Man Mark 42 (Gold and Red Movie colors)
___Iron Man Mark 42 Variant (Black and Gray)
___Exo Sphere Iron Man
___Hammer Strike Iron Man
___Iron Patriot
___Striker Iron Man
___War Machine
___Stealth Tech Iron Man
___Hypervelocity Iron Man
___Starboost Iron Man
___Boxer Iron Man
___Thumper Iron Man
___Black Stealth Iron Man
___Silver Centurion
___Crosscut Iron Man
___Sonic Camo Iron Man

Multi-packs (Super Articulated Figures)

___Hall of Armor Collection (Tony Stark, Marks 1, 2, 3, 6, and 42)

Exclusives (Unknown amount of articulation)

___Red Snapper Iron Man and Gravity Cloak Iron Man (Toys R Us)

Thor: The Dark World 2013

___Thor with Hammer (Armored Sleeves, Helmet, and Cape)
___Thor with Blue Poncho
___Dark Elf

"Avengers" 2012 Movie Figures

Basic Figures

___1. Super Shield Captain America, COMIC Series (Ultimate uniform)
___2. Battle Hammer Thor, COMIC Series (Ultimate uniform)
___3. Heavy Artilery Iron Man, CONCEPT Series (movie Mark VI armor)
___4. Captain America with rocket grenade, CONCEPT Series (movie "First Avenger" uniform)
___4. Captain America with rocket grenade variant with Chris Evans head and no helmet/mask
___5. Hawkeye, COMIC Series, (Ultimate uniform)
___6. Sword Spike Thor, CONCEPT Series (Helmeted "Mighty Avenger" uniform)
___7. Reactron Armor Iron Man Mark VI, CONCEPT Series? (bluish black armor)
___8. Gamma Smash Hulk, MOVIE Series ("Avengers" design)
___9. Shock Strike Thor, MOVIE Series ("Avengers" uniform)
___10. Shield Launcher Captain America, MOVIE Series ("Avengers" modern uniform)
___11. Fusion Armor Mark VII Iron Man, MOVIE Series ("Avengers" armor)
___12. Cosmic Spear Loki, MOVIE Series ("Avengers" uniform with helmet/headress)
___13. Marvel's Hawkeye, MOVIE Series
___14. Grapple Blast Black Widow, MOVIE Series
___15. Skrull, COMIC Series
___16. Cosmic Axe Chitauri, MOVIE SERIES
___17. Assault Squad Nick Fury, MOVIE SERIES
___18. Shatterblaster Iron Man, MOVIE SERIES

Deluxe Figures

___Captain America Aerial Infiltration Mission (Repainted movie figure from the Captain America movie line with parachute)
___Iron Man Divebomb Mission
___Chitauri Cosmic Chariot Invasion

Armor Robots

___Stark Tek Assault Armor with Iron Man
___Stark Tek Assault Armor with Captain America

Mid-size Vehicles

___Captain America's Goliath Assault Tank with Captain America
___Firestrike Assault Jet with Iron Man

Large Vehicles

___Avengers' Quinjet with Iron Man

Extra-large Vehicles

___Shield Helicarrier with Captain America

Exclusive Multipacks

___Ultimate Captain America, Black Widow, Extremis Armor Iron Man, and Thor (all re-released MU figures)
___Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man (pointy mask), and Loki (all re-released MU figures)

Toys R Us
___Original Avengers: Super Combat Captain America, Hammer Smash Thor, Iron Man Arctic Armor, and Secret Strike Loki (mostly re-painted past movie figures)

___Ultimate Value: Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, Nick Fury, and Loki


___Quinjet (Exclusive Paint Job) with exclusive Iron Man and Captain America

Cancelled Items

Skycycle (the Skycycle was originally supposed to come with the Quinjet so it could still be released)

Amazing Spider-man 2012

Basic Figures

Comic Series

___Mega Cannon Spider-man (Classic Red and Blue Costume)
___Grappling Hook Spider-man
___Symbiote Strike Spider-man (Black Costume)
___Hydro Attack Spider-man (Scuba Gear)
___Capture Trap Spider-man (Ben Reilly)
___Symbiote Snap Venom
___Glider Attack Green Goblin
___Power Arms Doctor Octopus (Ultimate Costume)

Movie Series

___Ultra Poseable Spider-man
___Reptile Blast Lizard
___Web Cannon Spider-man
___Zip Rocket Spider-man
___Night Mission Spider-man
___Web Shooter Spider-man
___Invisi-skin Lizard with Water Blasting Cannon
___Lizard Trap Spider-man
___Night Mission Spider-man
___Missile Attack Spider-man with Glider


___Comic Series Ultimate Gift Set (Spider-man, Hobgoblin, Carnage, and Scorpion [Partially Translucent Fiercest Foes Re-paints])

___Movie Series Sewer Clash Set (Lizard and 2 Spider-mans)

___Comic Series Venom City Strike Set (Venom and 2 Spider-mans)


Toys R Us Night Force Concept Glow in the Dark Figures

___Night Mission Spider-man
___Missile Attack Spider-man
___Invisi-Skin Lizard

2011 "Captain America: The First Avenger" Movie Figures

Basic Figures
___1. Ultimate Captain America
___2. Heavy Artillery Captain America (Classic Costume)
___3. WWII Battlefield Captain America (SDCC Ultimates WWII Re-paint in a darker blue)
___4. Winter Soldier
___5. Heroic Age Captain America (Bucky)
___6. Captain Britain (Corps Uniform)
___7. Super Combat Captain America (Movie Uniform)
___8. Red Skull (Movie)
___9. US Agent
___10. Crossbones
___11. Winter Combat Captain America (Ultimates Uniform with winter gear)
___12. Hydra Armored Soldier (movie colors)
___ Hydra Armored Soldier (comic colors/yellow and green)
___13. Jungle Trooper Captain America
___14. Night Mission Captain America (Ultimates uniform with Jet Pack)
___15. Hydra Attack Trooper (Movie colors)
___ Hydra Attack Trooper (Comic colors/yellow and green)

Deluxe Figures

___Parachute Dive Captain America
___Air Assault Glider Captain America
___Fortress Assault Mission Captain America
___Midnight Air Raid Captain America
___Assault Shield Captain America
___Dark Threat Hydra Soldier


___Captain America (Heroic Age Bucky) with Crossbones and "Captain America" 36 comic wrote by Ed Brubaker
___Captain America (Steve Rogers' classic uniform) with Winter Soldier and "Captain America" 14 comic wrote by Ed Brubaker
___Arctic Assault Captain America and Cosmic Fire Red Skull (AKA in the collector's community as Fire and Ice set)

___International Patriots (Classic Captain America, Captain Britain, and Red Guardian)


___Justice Jet
___Offroad Avenger
___Shield Assault 4X4
___Strikefire Transport with motorcycle (The Motorcycle that is included is used by Captain America in the comics, in particular Avengers X-Sanction #1.)

Thor: The Mighty Avenger 2011

Basic Figures(All Movie Versions)

___1. Battle Hammer Thor (Sleeveless and Capeless)
___2. Sword Spike Thor (Armored Sleeves and Cape)
___3. Lightning Clash Thor (Light-up Hammer and Limited Articulation)
___4. Secret Strike Loki
___5. Shield Bash Marvel's Odin (Silver Armor)
___6. Shield Bash Marvel's Odin (Variant Gold Armor)
___7. Hammer Smash Thor (Helmet)
___8. Harpoon Blade Fandral
___9. Blade Battle Hogun
___10. Ram Smash Hogun
___11. Fire Blast Marvel's Destroyer (Light-up Chest, Dark Grey)
___11. Fire Blast Marvel's Destroyer (Black Variant)
___12. King Loki (Helmet)
___13. Asgardian Glow Marvel's Odin
___14. Ice Axe King Laufey
___15. Thunder Crusader Thor
___16. Staff Strike Sif
___17. Axe Attack Thor (Maroon Details on Uniform)
___18. Sorcerer Fury Loki
___19. Cosmic Armor Thor (Glow in the Dark)
___20. Inferno Destroyer (Light-up Eyes)

Deluxe Figures

___Blaster Armor Thor (Yellow Armor)
___Ice Attack Frost Giant
___Asgard Defender Heimdall
___Lightning Fury Thor

2010 "Iron Man 2" and 2011 "Iron Man: The Armored Avenger Checklist"

Basic Figures

___1. Iron Man Mark 1 (Movie Series)
___2. Iron Man Mark 2 (Movie Series)
___3. Iron Man Mark 3 (Movie Series)
___4. Iron Man Power Assault Armor (Concept Series)
___5. Iron Man Hypervelocity Armor (Concept Series)
___6. Iron Man Deep Dive Armor (Concept Series)
___7. Iron Monger (Movie Series)
___8. Iron Man Mark VI - Power-Up Glow (Movie Series)[ __ Variant with Silver Highlights]
___9. Iron Man Mark IV (Movie Series)
___10. Iron Man Mark VI (Movie Series) [ __ Variant with Silver Highlights]
___11. Iron Man Mark V (Movie Series)
___12. War Machine (Movie Series) [ __ Variant Blue Eyes and ARC Reactor]
___13. Iron Man Inferno Mission Armor (Concept Series)
___14. Whiplash (Movie Series)
___15. Iron Man Fusion Armor (Concept Series)
___16. Weapon Assault Drone (Movie Series)
___17. Air Assault Drone (Movie Series)
___18. Iron Man Ultimate Armor (Concept Series)
___19. War Machine Munitions Armor (Concept Series)
___20. Iron Man Mark V Stealth Armor (Concept Series)
___21. Iron Man Hot Zone Armor (Concept Series)
___22. Iron Man First Appearance (Comic Series)
___23. War Machine (Comic Series)
___24. Iron Man Stealth Operations (Comic Series)
___25. Crimson Dynamo (Comic Series)
___26. Iron Man (Comic Series)
___27. Iron Man Hulkbuster (Comic Series)
___28. Iron Man Pointy Mask (Comic Series)
___29. Guardsman (Comic Series)
___30. Iron Man Mark VIII (Comic Series)
___31. Titanium Man (Comic Series)
___32. Iron Man Advanced Armor (Comic Series)
___33. Iron Man Arctic Armor (Comic Series)
___34. Iron Man Silver Centurion (Comic)
___35. Iron Monger (Comic)
___36. Iron Man Ultimate Iron Man (Comic)
___37. Ivan "Whiplash" Vanko (Comic)
___38. War Machine (Comic)
___39. Mandarin (Comic Colored/Yellow and Green)
___40. Iron Man Stark Racing Armor (Concept Series)
___41. Power Charge Armor War Machine
___42. Iron Man Mark V (New Mold)
___43. Iron Man Reactor Shift
___44. Hammer Drone
___##. Iron Man Mark IV, Power Up Glow (Movie Series) [Seen at San Diego Comic Con and NYCC]
___##. Unidentified Deep Dive Armor Mold Repaint Red, Gold, and Silver Colors (Movie or Concept?) [Seen at NYCC, Cool Toy Review Photo]
(Possibly the Deep Dive Armor in Series 2011, Series 01)
___##. Unidentified Large Blue Iron Man? (Comic or Concept) [Seen at NYCC, Cool Toy Review Photos]

Deluxe Figures

___ Iron Man Juggernaut Upgrade Armor
___ Iron Man Negative Zone Armor
___ Iron Man Shockwave Mission Armor
___ War Machine Armor Tech Deluxe
___ Iron Man Heat Blast Mission
___ Iron Man Exosphere Mission



___ Advanced Tactical Armor (War Machine (Omega Factor Armor, ,) Iron Man Mark VI (Vibranium Armor,aka Captain America Armor) and Iron Man Mark V ( Bio Metal Armor)

___ Proving Grounds (Iron Man Hulkbuster , Iron Man Holographic, and War Machine Recon )


___ Fury of Combat (Nick Fury, Iron Man Mark VI , and 2 Ground Assault Drones)


___ Armor Assault (Iron Man ( Mark V ,) Ivan "Whiplash" Vanko, and Sea Assault Drone)

___ Unknown 3-Pack (Black Widow, Iron Man Mark VI , and War Machine)

Hall of Armor (Figure and Light-up Bases)
___ Mark I
___ Mark II
___ Mark III
___ Mark IV
___ Mark VI
___ War Machine


___ Red Vortex Racer with Iron Man
___ Rolling Headquarters with Iron Man
___ Iron Assault Truck with Iron Man

Spider-man Fiercest Foes Cards 2010-2011

Basic Figures


___Dive Bomber Green Goblin
___Air Assault Hobgoblin
___Toxic Blast Venom (Eddie Brock, No Tongue)
___Toxic Blast Venom (Eddie Brock with Tongue)
___Stretch Strike Venom (Mac Gargan)
___Stinger Strike Scorpion
___Monster Claw Carnage
___Power Charge Rhino
___Sewer Clash Lizard
___Mass Attack Doc Ock (Yellow and Green Uniform)
___Power Armor Doc Ock (Orange Uniform)
___Strike Missile Shocker

Spider-man Figures

___Super Poseable Spider-man
___Arctic Attack Spider-man
___Web Winged Spider-man
___Dive Attack Spider-man with Scuba Gear
___Blaster Armor Spider-man
___Night Mission Spider-man (Black Costume)
___Spider-man with Battle Glider (Black Costume)
___Web Blast Spider-man
___Spider-charged Battle Glider Spider-man
___Mega Arms Spider-man (Doc Ock Arms Harness)
___Shockproof Spider-man
___Spider-vision Spider-man
___Web Shield Spider-man
___Web Strike Spider-man
___Power Punch Spider-man
___Space Crusader Spider-man
___Sky Speed Spider-man with glider
___Dive Attack Spider-man with Scuba Gear
___Ultra Spider Armor Spider-man
___Stealth Ninja Spider-man
___Web Slinging Spider-man
___Spider-man (Ben Reilly)
___Sword Attack Spider-man
___Web Attack Spider-man
___Orbital Assault Spider-man


___Air Mission (Flight Adventure Spider-man, Sky Bomber Green Goblin, and Web Net Spider-man)
___Land Attack (Fire Blast Spider-man, Ice Armor Spider-man, and Rock Crusher Rhino)
___Water Rumble (Aqua Venom, Armored Attack Spider-man, and Deep Dive Spider-man)

Web Splashers Action Figures with Water Vehicle

___Water Spitter with Venom
___Wave Charger with Spider-man
___Hyper-wave with Spider-man
___Sea Spider with Spider-man


___Attack Cruiser with Spider-man
___Armored Roadster with Spider-man
___Web Jet with Spider-man

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2009

Basic Figures

Comic Series

___Wolverine (Classic Yellow and Blue Uniform)
___Wolverine (Classic Brown Uniform)
___Wolverine (Yellow and Blue Uniform Unmasked)
___Strike Mission Wolverine
___Weapon X
___Cyclops (Astonishing X-men Uniform)

Movie Figures

___Logan (With Bone Claws and Axe)

Deluxe Figures

___Blob with Sabretooth
___Deadpool with Missile Cannon
___Logan with Motorcycle (Blue)
___Weapon X with Stasis Chamber
___Astonishing Wolverine with Astonishing Colossus


___X-Chariot Dune Buggy (Re-paint of G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Sand Razor)


___Backwood Brawl: Wolverine vs. Sabretooth (with Gray Motorcycle) [Toys R Us]
___Logan (with Soft Goods Jacket) [Wal-mart]
___Victor Creed (with Soft Goods Jacket) [Wal-mart]

This checklist is probably missing some figures or variants. Or maybe there needs to be a better description for a figure. If you know of something missing from this checklist please let me know. I am not a completest in any action figure line, I only collect the figures I like. While I collect a lot from some of these lines, there are some that I collected hardly any figures from. Please tell me if I missed anything. Thanks and God Bless.
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Aug 27, 2005
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Can you guys please help me out on the names of the figures in the Marvel Legends 3.75 comic two packs, (or possibly just two packs now?,) that they showed at one of the conventions? I know that there was a female Thor and regular Thor pack, a Sam Wilson CA with another figure, a masked Captain Marvel with someone else, and I'm not sure if I missed anyone else. I'd appreciate any info anyone can give me. Thanks and God Bless.
Aug 27, 2005
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Updates from Toy Fair.

__Yellow Daredevil
__Armored Spider-man
__Unknown transluscent purple character?

Comic Packs

Wave 1
__Sam Wilson Captain America and Vance Astro
__Machine Man and Superior Iron Man
__Odinson and Lady Thor

Wave 2
__Masked Carol Danvers Captain Marvel and Green and White Male Captain Marvel
__Spider-man and Scarlett Spider (Kane)
__Hyperion and Dark Hyperion

TRU Exclusives
__Black Panther and Agent 13 Sharon Carter (Looks to be CA Civil War movie costumes)
__Ultimate Captain America in brown vest and Iron Man in black and gold