Many Star Wars POTF2 First Shot Prototypes for sale

Jul 12, 2012
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I picked a large prototype collection a while ago (about 45lbs). It came from a senior design engineer. I have finally had time to post a portion of them. This is all very early stuff, 95% is episode 1 or POTF2.

So here is the deal, Any figures below $175 (2 or more price drops to $165.)

I paid a ton for this collection, probably too much. So respectfully if the price is too high for you I understand if you are not interested, but these are my prices. Seldom do you find figures with prototype weapons/ accessories. So look through and see if there is something that you want. some are complete, some are not, some are dated, some are not. ALL are authentic.

All 100% from Kenner used in the production process (No fake crap pumped out of a far east factory on a lunch break or after hours.) This stuff is all the real deal.

Each will come with a COA. I take paypal paid to (shipping is $5 for a single figure to USA location. I do combine shipping. Overseas shipping varies.

These are not the greatest photos, I have far too many to get very detailed. So email me if you want better photos of any of them and I will shoot them for you.

Luke Blaster Rifle - Dated

Luke Blast Shield - no date

Leia blaster rifle– No date

Leia Ewok celebration– Dated

Leia Hoth - no date

Leia Endor (toys r us exclusive) - no date

Han Cantina - no date

Han Cantina - no date

Han Cantina - no date

Chewie Hoth - Dated

C3PO removable arm - Dated

C3PO - no date

C3PO - no date

C3PO - no date

R2 D2 Launching Saber - dated

Deathstar Droid

Ghost Obi Wan (mail-away) - no date

Obi Wan- dated
Also, this figure shows 2 saber, you only get one, BUT you do also get the small
lightsaber (not seen) which attaches to his waist

Obi Wan -dated
Note, this figure shows two of the same arm, I have corrected that. Also, you do also get the small lightsaber (not seen) which attaches to his waist

Obi Wan Hooded -dated

Emperor (the photo shows the lightening on the tree, sorry it is no longer on the tree)

Lak Sivak - no date

Zuckuss - no date (note, this figure shows 2 weapons, you only get the one correct weapon)

Yak Face (SAELT-MARAE) - dated

Cantina Band Member Bith - no date

Lando Calrissian - no date

Admiral Ackbar - no date

Nien Numb - dated

Weequay - dated

Adi Gallia

Anakin Tatooine - no date

Darth Sidious Hologram - dated

Darth Sidious - dated

Ki Adi Mundi -no date

Anakin Jedi - dated

Anakin Mechinic & droid - no dated

Space Trooper

Clone Emperor - no date

Kyle Katarn - dated

Gasgano & pit droid - no date

Captain Tarpals - dated

coruscant guard - dated (also, you only get the black weapon)

Jar Jar with Staff - no date

Chancellor Valorum - no date

Battle droid - no date

Emperor - dated
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