Make room sale!



I am trying to make some room for the saga figs I have been getting, so I want to get rid of my doubles and figs I no longer want. All figures are carded the condition of the card is next to the name. I will take $5.00 for each figure, I will also trade if you have any of my wants.Just email me at if intersted. Thanks

POTF2 green card w/hologram
Bossk C-8.5

POTF2 Flasback Card
C-3PO C-9
Hoth Chewbacca C-9

Yoda X2 no/episode1 C-9
Darth Maul(jedi duel) X2 C-8.5
Darth Maul(tatooine) C-9

My wants if you would trade are:
POTJ Dagobah Darth Vader C-9.5

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