Lots of stuff for sale

May 21, 2002
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I am trying to sell a few things to make some money. I haven't been into collecting as much recently so if my prices are high on some items, don't flame, just let me know because I will be flexible and if you buy a lot of items I can combine shipping and give you a good price. I basically used EBAY as my price guide so it might be off some. All items are MOC, MOMC, MIB or MIMB unless stated. For better descriptions for certain items feel free to ask. I can also throw in a Star Case with each carded figure.

AOTC Jedi Starfighter w/Obi Wan (KB version) $23.00

AOTC Republic Gunship MIB (some shelf wear) $42.00

Holiday Yoda MIB $18.00

Silver Boba Fett Moc-Momc $18.00

Episode I Holograph Darth Sidious (c8-c8.5) $16.00

I also have a ton of POTF2 figures MOC-MOMC, mostly the common ones but if you are looking for one let me know and I can see if I have it.

(Non star wars)

Transformers Armada:

Unicron (yellow/purple version) MIB (shelf wear) $33.00

G.I. JOE vs Cobra:

Duke vs Cobra Commander (red and gold cobra) (c8.5) $8.00

I recently had my PS2 stolen and am looking to replace my network adapter and GTA: San Andreas and might be interested in trading for either item as well. Also if anyone has a PS2 system they don't want anymore, let me know. More stuff to come soon.