Lots of new and old SW for Sale!!! updated 8-25

May 11, 2004
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*Added EU Carded Figs, Galoob Micromachines and Action Fleet
Prices do not include shipping. Paypal preferred.

POTF2 Orange Card
Boba Fett .01 $8
C-3PO x2 $5 ea

POTF2 Green Card ($3 ea)
Ponda Baba .01 x3
Greedo .01 x3
Weequay .01 x3
Han Solo Endor .00 (Blue Pants) x3
Rebel Fleet Trooper .01 x3
Bossk .00
Hoth Rebel Soldier .00 x3

Freeze Frame Card ($5 ea)
Darth Vader Removable Helmet .00
Chewbacca Boushh's Bounty .00
Luke Stormtrooper .03
Leia Jabba's Prisoner .02
Lando Skiff .01
Han Solo in Carbonite .04
Han Solo .02

Shadows of the Empire
Leia Boushh .00 $3
Boba Fett vs. IG-88 x2 $5 ea

Extended Universe
*Luke Skywalker $5

Episode 1
Qui-Gon Jinn $2
C-3PO $2

POTF2 A-Wing MIMB x2 $15 ea
POTF2 Imperial Speeder Bike with Biker Scout MIMB $10
Dash Rendar's Outrider (loose, mint) $8

Creature Assortments
Complete Galaxy Endor $20
Dewback and Sandtrooper x2 $7 ea

*Spirit of Obi-Wan MIB x8 $3 ea
Slide Holders (MOC, still in sealed mailers) x2 $4 ea
Figures Maker Slave I MIMB $2
Droids Kit Figure Maker MIMB $2

*1997 Micro Machines collections $3 ea
III - DV TIE, Y-Wing, X-Wing
VI - Frigate, Slave I, Cloud Car x2
VIII - Speeder Bike, Shuttle, TIE
XI - Bespin, Rebel Cruiser, Escape Pod
XII - (A-wing, TIE, Y-Wing)

Rebel Fleet Troopers x2
Imperial Pilots x2
Imperial Naval Troopers x2
Tusken Raiders

Action Fleet:
Series Alpha Concept Model/Final Design $5 ea
X-Wing (Proto is MIB, Final Design is loose)
AT-AT (Proto is MIB, Final Design is loose)
Shuttle (Proto is MIB, no Final Design)

Vehicles (most are incomplete, PM for details)
Shuttle $20
B-Wing $15
Y-Wing $12
X-Wing $10
Darth Vader TIE (Complete) $25
AT-ST $20
Snow Speeders x2 $10 ea
Landspeeders x2 $4 ea
Millenium Falcon x2 $10 ea
Battle Wagons (from Robin Hood line) x2 $6 ea
Jan 13, 2004
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i'll take your vintage y, b wings and imp. shuttle if they're still available. please pm details. thanks