Lot Only Sale: Saga, POTF, Titanium, Unleashed +

Aug 26, 2007
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Here are a few things up for sale. It's a lot of odds and ends, most of which I didn't know I had. Everything is near mint and sealed, unless noted.

Only selling this as a lot only. Will not split, unless you make it worth my while.

Make a great offer on the lot and I'll pay to ship!

Only Interested in Trading for a Commander Cody Bust!

Here's whats in the lot:
Star Wars Saga Figures C9:
#30 General Grievous
#44 Luke Skywalker
#74 R4-M6
#26 Utapau Clone Trooper
#48 Holo Darth Maul
#20 Jango Fett
Heroes and Villians General Grievous (#9/12)

Star Wars Comic 2 Pack #9
Leia/Darth Vader Infinities

Power of the Force Figures - sealed on cards (cards have creases and bends)
Han Solo in Carbonite
Princess Leia (slave girl)
Obi Wan (Ben)
Chewbacca (Hoth)

Star Wars Titanium Figures
Titanium Vader (patina finish)
Titanium Bossk (colored)
Titanium IG-88 (colored)
Titanium General Grievous (colored)

Star Wars Unleashed (7" figures)
Unleashed Shadow Stormtrooper
Unleashed Shocktrooper

TAC Vader w/ coin album (sealed)

12" Clone Trooper (ROTS) MISB

Skirmish in the Senate Battlepack MISB

General Grievous Wheel Bike MISB

Kit Fisto's Jedi Starfighter MIB

Order 66 Unleashed Battlepack "Shock Troopers" - MOSC

Darth Vader Bank (ROTS) MISB

Star Wars Vintage Saga Collection 2006 - MOSC (no outer star cases, someone opened to get proof of purchases)
Tusken Raider
Han Solo w/ Trench Coat
X-Wing Pilot Luke
Scout Trooper

Star Wars MISC C6+:
Ep1 Gasgano w/ commtech
POTJ Sebulba
POTJ Gungan Warrior