Loose Action Fleet lot for sale



Hello all. I have a loose lot of Action Fleet stuff that I would like to sell. These are my doubles. I am getting rid of them to get the cash to complete(or come close to) my main collection. I am asking $250 shipped in the US for all of it. In this lot there are few goodies such as the TIE Defender, Rebel Blockade Runner, and Virago. Not all are complete though. Some are missing the figures. I will note that next to the ones that are. I am pretty firm on the price as there are over 50 of them not including small loose items from Battle Packs and playsets. Also, I would rather not break the lot up. Anyway, here goes:

TIE Defender-missing figures
TIE Fighter- missing figures
TIE Bomber- missing one pilot
TIE Interceptor- missing figures
Vader's TIE small version- complete
Vader's TIE from Death Star playset- complete
Vader's TIE 2002- complete
Virago- complete
Luke's X-wing 2002- complete
Battle Damaged X-wing w/Yavin Playset- complete
A-wing red- missing figures
B-Wing- missing figures
Y-wing red leader- complete
Y-wing blue leader- complete
Y-wing gold leader- complete
Rebel Blockade Runner- missing figures
Naboo Starfighter 2002- complete
Naboo Starfighter E1- complete
Sandcrawler- complete
Trade Federation MTT- complete
Sebulba's Podracer- complete
Luke's Snowspeeder 2002- complete
Battle Damaged Snowspeeder w/Hoth playset- complete
Luke's Snowspeeder 1st version- complete
Rogue 2 Snowspeeder- complete
AT-AT 2002- complete
AT- AT RC- complete
Dooku's Solar Sailor- complete
Millenium Falcon 2002- complete
Republic Gunship x2- both complete
AT-TE x6- all complete
Republic Assault Ship- complete
Boba's Slave I- missing figures
Jango's Slave I- complete
Gungan Sub- missing figure
Cloud Car x2- one complete, one missing figures
Theed Playset w/speeder- complete
Alpha AT-AT- complete
Alpha X-wing x2- both complete
Alpha Y-wing- complete
Alpha B-wing x2- both complete
Alpha Cloud Car- complete
Alpha Snowspeeder- complete
Alpha Imperial Shuttle- missing figures
Luke's speeder
Desert Skiff