FS Loose 3.75 FO Trooper Lot

Nov 9, 2010
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Pasadena, CA
Hi everyone-

I need to do the painful collection downsize and have a group of FO Troopers I've got to let go.



It consists of: Black Series Phasma, x4 TVC FO Stormtroopers, and x2 5POA troopers from the FO Assault Walker set (1 missing Pauldron)

Asking $60 + Shipping (think it'll be 6 but I'll x2 check for you). Prefer to only work in contiguous United States, but if you're interested from elsewhere let me know.

Also open to partial/complete trades. Rather than list everything, let me just tell you who I am as a collector.

My collection is generally OT Military; troopers, pilots, droids, techs, etc. Lots of kit bashes and customizations especially on the rebel side. You're not going to find many of the main characters unless they can be a modded into some kind of commando or officer.

Also big into articulation. The 5 POA stuff is usually a no go unless the sculpt is cool.

If you want to purchase, let me know, or if you want to work out a trade of some kind send me pics of what you got!

I use PayPal and ship via USPS. Let me know!
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