Looking for help/info with JPN 6" BS possible variation/exclusive

May 16, 2003
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Greetings! I am looking for help/information regarding a possible variation/exclusive in the new 6" Black Series line.
I previously purchased a 6" BS Darth Vader from Japan.
Here are pictures of the front and back:

I have recently been sent pictures of a different Japan-stickered Darth Vader that has a different sticker on the back:

This version of Darth Vader (and some other figures) is reported to include a stand for the figure.

The stands appear to be packed/taped on the outside of the box on top as seen here:

You will notice that there are no small JPN stickers on the front covering the age warning. I am not familiar with the stickers on the plastic, which makes me wonder if it is a store/chain exclusive.
If you have any information to share on how I can obtain a MISB Darth Vader w/stand and w/the TOMY sticker on the back, I would be very grateful!
Thanks for your time and any help you may be able to offer! :grin:


Sep 16, 2011
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Hot toys was a Hasbro's Star Wars products distributer in Japan.
But from this year (end of the last year) Takara/Tomy was took over the license and started with new Star Wars campaign.

I do not know how many were sold with Hot toys stickers or Takara/Tomy stickers, but there will be no more Hot toys stickers from now on.

It was a January this year, If you buy a certain action figures, you can get figure stand. Most of the stores were participated with this campaign.
And for the 6 inch's, when you buy a figure (That time only 4 figures were released, Luke, Vader, Chewbacca and Storm),
you can get a figure stand, I am not sure that stands were inside of the box or could get at
cash register.
so, those the figures with "Free action figure stand" sticker are not store's exclusive, just part of the Star Wars campaign prize.

Happy hunting! Chao!