Looking for Christmas presents

Jul 10, 2001
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I'm looking for the following figures. I'd prefer LOOSE (or damaged cards are acceptable, too), since they're going to be displayed that way anyhow. I'm hoping to get them cheaper that way, too.

POTJ: Sandtrooper, IG-88, R4-M9, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Imperial Officer, Gungan soldier, Security Droid, Leia w/ Cannon
POTF: Wedge Antilles (from Rebel Pilots or otherwise), Zuckuss, Max Rebo Band Pairs (except for Sy Snootles & Joh Yowza), Oola, Gammorean Guard
CTC: Motti, Hooded Leia
EP I: R2-B1, Tc-14, Naboo Royal Guard (w/ removable helmet), Sio Bibble
SAGA: mostly newer figures

I do have some figures to trade (check my list in that section) if you want to go that route.