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Thanks a lot, Ben. I put the statues back in their boxes and they are in the warehouse/unit I've been renting. I had to do the same with the Code 3 Millennium Falcon I had in one of my Detolf and replaced it with Vader's TIE. But the statues are so nice I really dont want to get rid of them, so here is hoping we can move to another part of Florida and get a house with a bigger room to display those and all the PT stuff I have plus the Action Fleet collection. We have a realtor looking into this for us. The value of my house (most houses in Miami) has tripled within the last 2-3 years so we could probably move to another part of the state, more up North, where real estate prices are less and just pay off our next house with the money we make selling this one. Those are the plans, somewhere near the Orlando area. We'll see.

Sounds like a plan. (y)
I know you've been itching to move for quite a while. :)
No joke, guys. Yesterday I had this short video taken by family members while helping me overcome one of my "Get-out-of-Miami" itch attacks! :) ..

Set up looks amazing. What's the company that made the escape pod MYC, I've not heard of them.

Thank you, Carly! :)

MYCSCULPTURES is located here in Florida. It is not an "official" company but rather put together by collectors for collectors offering a take on what official ones are not producing. They work together with great modellers to create a wide range of products dealing with statues from all Star Wars films, etc. Very limited amounts are produced for each of their offerings, somewhere between 60 to 100, thus it is imperative when a popular item goes up for preorder to try to get to it within hours after going live or it will be gone.

Their vehicles are the newest addition to their product line. So far they've offered the Escape Pod, TIE Fighter, Vader's TIE, Snowspeeder, Skiff, Tantive IV and Probe Droid. Most of their vehicle replicas are made of Polystone and PU and some even offer light up features. Most are Studio Scale and they come with stainless steel rods and black bases ready to display. They are comparable in detail and finishes to Master Replicas without the high cost of today's prices. There are many more vehicles on the works which I'm not allowed to mention, but there will be a wide variety to please most collectors. They do require a down payment on their preorders once the vehicle is ready to go into production, usually about 5-6 months prior to start shipping. Container costs have skyrocketted since the pandemic, thus Michael, the owner, is not able to ship from Florida but rather directly from China where these are getting made and you are given several options for this: boat, air, and train, depending on your location. Trust me when I tell you the people they use to put these together in China are not what GG uses. One can clearly see when you receive the product, the attention given to secure everything well in the package, the sturdy almost wood-like boxes used to ship and most importantly the finish of the vehicles is definitely top notch. You get a plaque and stand for it and a nicely rendered bronze coin depicting the vehicle on one side and the logo of the company on the other. You can subscribe to their webpage to be notified when a new item will be up for pre-order or through their Facebook page and messenger. Here is their website if you or anyone you know ever become interested in getting anything from them: and their Facebook page is:
I received my sample of the Holiday Snaggletooth Mini Bust a couple of days ago, and I think it is a good one. I could not find any issues with it, it is the correct size for the 1/6 scale, the accessories and magnets work well, and the paint application has no issues. I'm giving this one a thumbs up despite it would have been much better to get the red outfit version of the character as seen in the film, nonetheless we needed a Snagletooth Mini Bust as part of the Cantina patrons to dress up the shelf.. My sample is number 201 out of 500 ...










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"Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in!"

Another storm coming to Florida at the end of Hurricane Seasong... Oh boy! :mad:

Thanks, guys. Luckily this one was more of a dud than anything else. Newscasters tend to blow things a bit out of proportion sometimes and all we got here was a little bit of rain and some winds of about 45mph (approx. 72 km/h), which is really nothing for a storm. Nicole entered Florida about 3 1/2 hours from us here in Miami by car ( Melbourne area), and while it did cause some beach erosion and a few coastal structures went down, it was nothing compared to what hurricane Ian did to the west coast of Florida on Sep. 28th which was really catastrophic. I'm sure as it moves up it will debilitate and won't cause much damage wherever it goes next. To those folks still within the path of this storm, I wish you all the best outcome and stay away from flooded areas. Best to you, Ben, in the Carolinas.
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Thanks Julian. Just a lot of rain here. No winds to speak of. Downtown Charleston will probably flood but here in the burbs (where I am) there should be no problem.
Adding up to my Retro action figure collection ( the only action figures I collect from the OT) I received today the Amazon exclusive Bossk and Boba Fett 2-pack from ESB. A set I ordered to help out another Scummer will be here next week. The figures look pretty good, and they are a throw back to the early years of Star Wars collecting.




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The patriots blood is the seed of freedom’s tree. We don’t know them all, but we owe them all. Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being and with freedom comes the responsibility to never forget the men who have fought for us, the men who died for us, those who have given us this human right and within it the freedom of thought, conscience, the right to life and liberty without slavery and torture, the right to opine and express ourselvers without persecussion, the right to work, to educate and practice our religion without discrimination. So today let us mourn the U.S. military personnel who have fought and died while serving in the United States armed forces, but also let us praise those heroes ( dead or alive) for the sacrifice they've made to keep us free.

While we find ourselves today in a divided and politicized America, give a try to putting aside any ideological differences you might have, look at each other as what we all are: Americans, and make sure to shake the hand of a Veteran every chance you get; thank them from the heart. Remember that while some of them are now old, curved, tired, missing limbs, some can no longer see, some are speech impaired and many are no longer with us either due to age or as a result of the war, without distintions of any sort they did more for the Black, the White, the Brown, the Democrat, the Republican, the Independent, the straight and the gay, than any of us did at a young age for the country to make us, Americans, and the world a safer place. That's an effort never to be forgotten.

"Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause." -Abraham Lincoln

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Here's my usual image review of the (sort of) replacement Biggs bust I got. At first I'd asked GG for a replacement when showing them the pictures of the messed up one I received, and as usual I was instructed to destroy the one I had first. However, a friend here in the forums that had picked up two Biggs busts graciously offered to send me one of his own so I could put together a better one combining parts from both mini busts.The helmet-less heads were equally tanned and nothing could be done about it, but I was in fact able to get a helmeted head with no visor cracks (as mine was), better matching flight suit colors between the arms and the body, and better shoulder joints. So, no mini busts were destroyed, which I see as a Polystone crime. :)

A big shout-out to this fellow collector for his willingness to help!







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Thanks, Ben. Yeah, the sculpting of his face/overall finish of the bust is good, and it could have been a perfect hit if only his skin tone and shoulder alignments would have been done correctly. I ended up displaying mine with the helmet-on head and arms to the side. Hopefully they get to make more pilots. I'll always welcome them in my collection. :)
Glad to read, you were able to composit a good one out of your Biggs-bust, and a second one offered to you by a fellow scummer Julian! Great to see, how people are able to help each other out, when they can. I reckon this is a far better solution than smashing your previous one, and have to hope you won't get another example with issues from DST/GG. Happy for you!🙂
Thank you, Peter. You are right. Throughout the years of interacting with collectors in Rebelscum, and despite the few loose cannons that show up sometimes, an overwhelming number of members here have shown a willingness to befriend and help out others, and that is truly commendable. It does not matter the person's nationality or geographical location, I think for the most part collecting creates a sense of community, a sense of union, that brings out the best of us, and it is that friendly, family-like feeling that we need to maintain alive in a world that seems to be so much at each other's throats. RS provides a venue to be at our best. It might sound a little cheesy, but that's how I see it. :)
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I received this pair today from Amazon as part of their 2-pack Bounty Hunter exclusives for the Retro line. This time the set actually packed in a sturdy box (instead of an envelope like the previous set), but the carbacks are slightly wavy. No creases or bends, so a couple of Star cases will fix the waves. :)




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I just want to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family. Enjoy the day and be grateful for all the great things you get to have, and even for those things not so great that have helped you become a better person.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Julian!
Thank you very much, Peter. It'll be a time to focus on the little positive this year has given to my life but nonetheless a day to be thankful for my family and what we have. I know Thanksgiving gets celebrated in The Netherlands, not exactly as here, but if you do celebrate it, am I to assume you'll have or have had Dutch Stamppot for the occassion? In any case Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Enjoy the day..or days! Some have off till Monday. Not me lol
I received the TIE fighter studio scale replica vehicle from MYC a couple of days ago. This thing is huge, and just its sheer size makes it quite impressive. It is nicely detailed and weathered. Now I have to find a place for it in the house, which will be difficult, considering I'll be going outside of the Star Wars room boundaries dictated by my sweet partner in life :) So folks, if you don't hear again from me, I'll be in hospital after the wife beats me up with the wooden rolling pin from the kitchen , ouch! ... haha!










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Congrats getting this one Julian! It looks fabulous! That's the kind of perfection you expect, when paying good money for a collectible. Absolutely love it! 🤩😍🤩
Now... good luck convincing your wife to place this beauty outside the boundaries of your collectionroom. Wishing you already a speedy recovery!😁😉
Thank you, folks. I really like the TIE, but considering I also have the Snowspeeder coming and lacking the display space needed, I think I'll have to decide when the Snowspeeder arrives whether I should keep both ships or choose one out of the two and sell the other one. Hopefully I can find a way from now until then to work these ships into my display.
So today I received the little bag of hats I ordered through Amazon for the Snaggletooth Mini Bust. While I'm not planning to display him wearing the hat, I did think the idea was kind of "cute", and I felt the hat should have been included as part of the Christmas Holiday accessories in the box, even more when the promo shots had shown the bust with it on, but they scrapped it without letting the consumer know. Well, Snaggs got his hat and it is a perfect fit! :)

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