Life size yoda gentle giant light up lightsaber

Nov 6, 2002
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Hate to see this guy go, but i need the funds!
i have been the only owner of this guy. He has been displayed in a non smoking, non pet home out of direct sunlight. He has no damage at all. He has wires in his sleeves and the bottom of his cloak. His saber lights up, i just have to find the power cord. He is about 35 inches tall from head to foot and about 54 inches tall from the top of his saber down. he is about 40 inches from hand to hand and the base is about 24 inches wide. He is numbered 0457/2500 and the tag has come off the base and has a little wear in the upper right corner. I dont have the box, but it was only a plain brown shipper box. I haven't seen one on ebay and don't know what they are selling for. I am asking $1500 for him. I am not looking for any trades because i do need the money for another project. He weighs alot and shipping will be tough so i am only offering pick up for him. I live in Plainfield, il. Please contact me with any questions! Thanks for looking!