Lego Star Wars TRU Display for sale! - UPPDATED

Sep 16, 2011
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I was fortunate enough to snag a humongous and rather cool Lego Toys R Us display a few months back through some connections I had there. It's been pretty much the pride and joy of my collection because of the uniqueness of it. But unfortunately I was laid off from my job recently and subsequently have hit very hard financial times. I've done a bit of research into it and realized these can go for quite a bit of money, as typically they're destroyed. I've seen them upwards of a few thousand to, my specific one, about $500ish. But I'd really much rather see it go to someone who truly appreciates Star Wars. I'm asking $450 for it if anyone would be interested.

Unfortunately I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment, so this is the only photo I have currently. It's fairly lousy but I will take better photos in the near future.The display includes set 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer, set 75050 B-Wing fighter, and all six of the first wave of Lego Star Wars mini-rigs, and all the mini-figs included in those sets. Display is in excellent condition with no visible scratches. Also lights up, but unfortunately the plug is missing so it's would have to be supplied by the buyer if looking to light it.


Thanks for your time, guys!
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Chris Wyman

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Nov 30, 2005
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Per our forum rules, you will need to state an asking price and go from there. Only accepting best offers via PM is not allowed.