Lego Reviews

Jun 8, 2002
Reaction score
Episode I (The Phantom Menace) sets: 0

Episode II (Attack of the Clones) sets: 2


Stats: Released in April 2002, includes 253 pieces for $29.99.
Parts: The colors are a’blinding! Lots of really bright colors from Coruscant's vibrant cityscape. Great pieces though, but I don’t know how customizable they will be. I love the pieces and I loved building this set so for now it’s a 10/10.
Movie Accuracy: Great! The aerodynamics are here too! 10/10.
Mini-Figures: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are great because I didn’t have them before this set and I really needed their blue sabers for my Geonosis diorama. Zam Wesell is awesome too because I character collect Zam items. 10/10.
Price: Pretty good, at first I didn’t see how 30 bucks for two little speeders would be worth it, but after completing them and seeing Zam’s speeder in its 10” of greatness, I found that the set had been priced at almost a bargain. 10/10.
Overall: 10/10. duh…

7103 – JEDI DUEL

Stats: Released April 2002, includes 81 pieces for $9.99.
Parts: Good variety, including cool light blue pieces. The crane made out of Technic pieces is an added bonus to an already awesome set. 10/10.
Movie Accuracy: This set loses points here because the speeder looks nothing like the one Dooku rides in the movie. Also, the crane was edited out of the final version of the movie, so that’s a flaw as well. 5/10.
Mini-Figures: Yoda and Dooku. But YODA?!?!? Too awesome. 11/10.
Price: Ten bucks is a little steep for 81 pieces, but I guess it’s worth it. 7/10.
Overall: 8/10.

Episode IV (A New Hope) sets: 1


Stats: Released in 2001, includes 44 pieces for $6.99.
Parts: They are annoying, and for such a small set it provides at least 15 minutes of frustration with those ---- rounded parts that combine to become the pod. But then again, it needs to look like a rounded escape pod, so it’s a half rating of 5/10.
Movie Accuracy: It’s the escape pod…what else do you want? 10/10.
Mini-Figures: The figs are the reason to buy this set. C-3PO and R2 are the best, and this is the only opportunity to get 3PO without paying $100 for the Falcon. 10/10.
Price: 44 pieces for seven bucks, yeah, I guess I can live with that. Any less and people would have probably worried. 8/10.
Overall: 7/10.

Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) sets: 3


Stats: Released in 1999, includes 212 pieces for $19.99.
Parts: Good amount of gray and orange pieces make this set a good source for customs like assault gunboats and E-Wings. 10/10.
Movie Accuracy: Too bulky and compact to look like the film version. 6/10.
Mini-Figures: This set really only needed Luke Skywalker and Dack. But they gave you both of them and a Hoth Rebel Soldier as a bonus! Yeah! 11/10.
Price: Ah…back when legos were cheap… 15/10.
Overall: 11/10. (Just because it’s my favorite J )


Stats: Released in 2001, includes 169 pieces for $19.99.
Parts: Good assortment, lots of black and blue, good for making other custom ships but must be combined with other sets for the maximum amount of effectiveness. Overall a great variety with enough pieces to improvise if needed. 9/10.
Movie Accuracy: Everything is good except the fact that the ships in the movies don’t have as much blue as the set does. Also, this TIE comes with a ventral docking post, which is odd since the real ships hang inside Star Destroyers like bats. 7/10.
Mini-Figures: A TIE pilot and a Stormtrooper. Just awesome. 10/10
Price: Good, for the amount of pieces and the amount of fun this set is the best. It is the true gem of Lego’s 2001 Star Wars line. 10/10.
Overall: 10/10.


Stats: Released in 2002, includes 117 pieces for $9.99.
Parts: Red, lots o’ red, it’s a little intimidating but since I don’t plan to destroy and rebuild this set as of now I guess it really works for the set. 10/10.
Movie Accuracy: It’s too chunky to be the one from the movie, but at least Lego didn’t make a bunch of new pieces to achieve its smooth appearance. 8/10.
Mini-Figures: Lobot? Just Lobot? Don’t get me wrong, Lobot is awesome, and I’m sure Lobot fanatics (do they exist?) went hog wild when they found out he was a Lego figure. But this would have been the perfect set for Lando, a Bespin Security Guard or two, or dare I say it, an actual Cloud Car Pilot? But no, we get Lobot, that’s it. 5/10.
Price: This is one of the few sets of 2002 that is reasonably priced. But I think Lego does some of the pricing on Mini-Figure inclusion, and since this has only one they got away with a ten-dollar price tag compared to a fifteen tag if another figure had been included with this set. 9/10.
Overall: 8/10.

Episode VI (Return of the Jedi) sets: 3


Stats: Released in 2002, includes 119 pieces for $12.99.
Parts: Weird pieces in this set make for odd customs. But the Speeder bike provides some good pieces. 7/10.
Movie Accuracy: All of the components of this set have been lego-rized so nothing is very movie-accurate so to speak. The catapult is constructed wrong and the glider is very beefed up compared to the movie version. The speeder bike is worse than the first ones due to its forward bulkiness and aft bareness. Um…yeah. 5/10.
Mini-Figures: Ewoks and Imperial Troops!?! As good as Yoda!!! 15/10.
Price: Three dollars more than the Cloud Car for two more pieces!!! 5/10.
Overall: 10/10. Ah screw everything else. I just don’t care because I love the Ewoks.


Stats: Released in 2001, includes 107 pieces for $9.99.
Parts: Yee-haw! This set is awesome and the nifty pieces provide for some great custom making. 10/10.
Movie Accuracy: Er…not very good. It’s too small but I think it’s all right. 8/10.
Mini-Figures: This set would have kicked so much *** if it had included an AT-ST pilot and a Stormtrooper. But no, we get Chewbacca. An awesome mini-fig, Lego just cut corners with this set. 5/10.
Price: I guess its fine. 9/10.
Overall: 8/10.


Stats: Released in 2000, includes 53 pieces for $5.99.
Parts: Good for customs when combined with other sets. 9/10.
Movie Accuracy: WAY too small!!! This set is a horrible interpretation of the skiffs in Return of the Jedi. I hope that Lego will soon release a newer, larger version, because this small hunk o’crap doesn’t cut it. 2/10.
Mini-Figures: At the time, I didn’t have a Luke or a Han so I was excited when I got them. Sadly, upon reflection, I find that Lego included two main characters when they could have made it much more interesting by including some Skiff Guards (Barada, Nikto, Klaatu) or a Boba Fett. 5/10.
Price: When I bought this two years ago, six bucks for 53 pieces was very steep and a rip-off to me. Now I see that it is pretty good, since today a Final Duel II set with 23 pieces costs approximately one dollar more. 7/10.
Overall: 6/10.

Mini-Figure Sets: 2


Stats: Released in 2000, includes 22 pieces for $4.99. Lego S@H exclusive.
Parts: 3 Mini-Figures…that’s it. Boring but it’s a mini-figure pack after all. 6/10.
Movie Accuracy: Lego really did these three well, with accurate accessories and everything. Well, all except Boba’s “megaphone” gun. 9/10.
Mini-Figures: Yeah, that’s what this set has. 10/10.
Price: five dollars for 3 figures? What a rip-off. 1/10.
Overall: 6/10.


Stats: Released in 2000, includes 23 pieces for $4.99. Lego S@H exclusive.
Parts: Three figs and their stands. 6/10.
Movie Accuracy: Good. Again with the “megaphone” guns though. 9/10.
Mini-Figures: Yep, Chewie and two Scouts. 10/10.
Price: Ah! 1/10.
Overall: 6/10.

Technic Sets: 1


Stats: Released in 2000, includes 553 pieces for $49.99.
Parts: Ahh! I hate technic and there are too many damn rubber bands in this set! Works well for the Destroyer Droid and the AAT though. 6/10.
Movie Accuracy: Very good for a Lego set, and it unfolds too! 10/10.
Mini-Figures: None…it’s a technic set after all… 1/10.
Price: My Mom got me this for $50, now its $20. Damn. 5/10.
Overall: 8/10.