LEGO FS. Want mostly Clone Wars 3.75"

Dec 26, 2009
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LEGO FS. Want mostly Clone Wars 3.75\"

Hi guys. Ive made the move from LEGO to 3.75" figures and am looking to trade or sell my collection to transition to the figure line. Heres the thing though. Ive traded some of the minifigs that were in the sets, so what I did was listed the sets with prices, but please know that the price is for the set, instructions and box(if youd like it) but no figs come with it. How I came to the price was I took how much the set cost when it came out at retail, and took 40% off (a little more for the smaller sets). The figures are listed after the sets and what I did to come to those prices was the average used price on Im also more than willing to trade for figs that I want listed below, loose or carded/boxed, although I do prefer carded/boxed. If you feel things I have listed are too high, please feel free to pm me with a counter offer, Im pretty lax on prices and would be willing to work with you. I dont have a PayPal acount set up right now, so I can only accept concealed cash or a money order. Thanks for taking a look.

Stuff Im looking for. Looking for multiples unless marked otherwise. My biggest want right now are AT-TEs.

The Legacy Collection
BD05 Darth Maul
BD11: Saesee Tiin
BD15 Jango Fett
BD25: Saleucami Trooper
BD26 ARC Trooper
BD44 Clone Commander Cody

Saga Legends
SL04: Clone Trooper (AOTC)
SL05: Super Battle Droid
SL08: 501st Legion Trooper
SL12: Clone Trooper (ROTS)
SL14: Shock Trooper

The Clone Wars
No.07 Battle Droid
No.14 Plo Koon (Just 1)
No.19 Clone Trooper 212th Battalion
No.22 Magnagaurd
No.23 R3-S6 Goldie (Just 1)
CW03 Rocket Battle Droid
CW04 Clone Trooper 41st Elite Corps
CW10 ARF Trooper
CW11 Heavy Assault Super Battle Droid
CW12 Obi Wan Kenobi In Space Suit
CW14 Yoda (Just 1)
CW15 Whorm Loathsom (Just 1)
CW16 Commando Droid
CW17 Clone Trooper Echo
CW20 Clone Trooper Denal
CW21 Anakin Skywalker In Space Suit
CW29 Destroyer Droid
CW31 Captain Arguyus
CW33 Battle Droid ATT Driver
CW36 Clone Tank Gunner

Clone Trooper Senate Security
Commander Fox (Just 1)
Commander Ponds (Just 1)
501st Legion Trooper
Nahdar Vebb (Just 1)

Thire And Rys 2 Pack

Yoda And Corusant Guard Battlepack (Just 1)
AT-TE Assault Squad
Obi Wan Kenobi And 212th Attack Battalion Clone Troopers (Just 1)
The Battle of Christophsis

212th Battalion Clone Troopers and Backpacks
Turbo Tank Support Squad
Crab Droid
BARC Speeder With Clone Trooper
Scout Tank With Battle Droid

Republic Gunship
Trade Federation AAT
Hailfire Droid
Republic Tank Fighter
Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

Heres what I have for trade or sale.


7250 06$ AT-RT x4 No Boxes
7662 60$ MTT x2 No Boxes, 1 Set of instructions
7667 04$ Imperial Dropship x2
7668 04$ Rebel Scout Speeder x2
7669 12$ Anakin's Jedi Starfighter x1
7670 20$ Hailfire Droid x1
7671 24$ AT-AP x1
7672 30$ Rouge Shadow x1
7675 54$ AT-TE x1
7676 72$ Republic Dropship x1
7679 30$ Republic Fighter Tank x1
7681 12$ Seperatist's Spider Droid x1
7748 15$ Corporate Alliance Tank x2
7751 24$ Ashoka's Starfighter x1
7753 24$ Pirate Tank x1
8014 04$ Clone Walker x8
8015 04$ Assassin Droids x2
8016 12$ Hyena Droid Bomber x1
8017 18$ Darth Vader's Tie Fighter x1
8018 30$ AAT x2
8019 36$ Republic Attack Shuttle x1
8036 18$ Seperatist's Shuttle x1

LEGO Minifigs (Accessories will be thrown in with minifigs. If you have any special requests please let me know and Ill try my best to get you what you want.)

05$ Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)
10$ Asajj (Clone Wars)
09$ Ahsoka (Clone Wars)
07$ AT-ST Driver
06$ Battled Damaged Vader (The Force Unleashed)
06$ Darth Vader
12$ Hondo (Clone Wars)
07$ Juno Eclipse (The Force Unleashed)
06$ Mace Windu (Clone Wars)
11$ Nute Gunray (Clone Wars)
08$ Obi Wan Kenobi (Clone Wars) x2
15$ Plo Koon (Clone Wars)
04$ R2-D2 (Clone Wars - White Top)
10$ R7-A7 (Clone Wars)
05$ Rotta (Clone Wars)
12$ Turk (Clone Wars)
06$ Vaders Apprentice (The Force Unleashed)
08$ Yoda (Clone Wars)

01$ Rebel Trooper x2

03$ Clone Trooper (Clone Wars) x32
09$ Clone Pilot (Clone Wars)
08$ Jet Trooper (Clone Wars) x4
03$ Clone Gunner (Clone Wars) x7
15$ Captain Rex
15$ Commander Cody

03$ Rocket Battle Droid (Clone Wars) x3
03$ Super Battle Droid (Clone Wars) x1
04$ Heavy Super Battle Droid (Clone Wars) x4
02$ Pilot Battle Droid (Blue) (Clone Wars) x4
02$ Commander Battle Droid (Clone Wars) x2
02$ Security Battle Droid (Clone Wars) x2
01$ Battle Droid (Clone Wars) x59
01$ Elite Assassin Droid (Clone Wars) x4
01$ Assassin Droid (Clone Wars) x6