Latest Custom Acquisitions?

That skinny clone definitely is weird, and essentially every clone helmet/head sculpt is goofy on any figure it wasn’t designed for (or even the one it was). In this case, I was just glad to be able to use the LEGO heads for my preferred scale, even if slightly off. Among my throng of other clones, they fit into the background nicely.
I ended up with an extra Piett, so I did the most basic head swap. I now have two Ozzels meeting in different Imperial warrooms. His hat is a different gray color, but it looks fine in the right lighting. The top pic has the new Ozzel, which I think works fine.
I love the fact they are using the AOTC Genossian holo-table in the last picture. Totally works for the scene.
I enjoy checking this thread out as it gives me ideas for any customs I might want to do. I like that Pellaeon custom. Is the head from Marauder Gun Runners?
Thanks y’all! The Pellaeon head was either Marauders or Boss Fight. I often also use JoyToy and Acid Rain.
Thanks y’all! The Pellaeon head was either Marauders or Boss Fight. I often also use JoyToy and Acid Rain.
Nice! I never heard of those last few you mentioned. I will have to check them out. Always nice to have more options. I believe the Pallaeon head was from Marauders, I used the same head. Worked out well!
I ordered a static Disney Fifth Brother figure, but I didn’t like the floppy rubber lightsaber (or the big unremovable stand).

So I used an X-ACTO knife to cut off his hand and stand. Then I replaced his hand with a small black one from who-knows-what (I have a bunch of figure hands in a bag). Anyway, here he is!
That looks great! I did that to some cake toppers from AOTC years and years ago.

Did anyone else hate stands on figures and army men when they were kids, or was it just me?

I would remove the stands from my 1.5" army men and figures because I thought they looked dumb and they restricted their kicking abilities during play time.
Absolutely. I’ve come to appreciate salt-shaker figs, but I do hate stands! I used the knife to shave the stands off sixteen figures. It took me all day.
I grabbed this guy on eBay from the seller i_am-boba_fett. I’ve gotten a lot of incredible stuff from him before. I absolutely love this figure and can tell he will make a great spaceport foreman.
I don’t know, but I assume it’s from a Fortnite guy.
I had an extra purple/silver astromech head and a guy on eBay had an extra lower body from one of the advent calendar droids. So now all is right with the world:
I been working on Dark Siders and support troopers ...



He's cool!

Dumb question: is this guy in the SW universe? I'm guessing the Sequels? He's kind of familiar, but I can't place him.
He was one of the alien guys playing sabacc with Han and Lando at the end of Solo.
Appears as if you've got several Rebels Fifth brother figures from the looks of that armor. lol

I really like that that Twi'lek figure, neat combination of parts there.
I gave a spare Maul Mandalor a spare Cassian lower to give him much needed proper articulation and dynamic posing even if the shade of brown doesnt exactly match.

I actually have some customs to post!

They were 2-3 bucks each. I bought them more for fodder than to use as is. The Juno head is pretty expensive in my area. I never saw the JW figures in Canada.

EDIT: Stang! I just realized that body can be used for a female Ash.
I don't recognize those ladies on the right at all, I must have missed something back then.

The Marion figure really was nice despite the limited POA. Works great as random background fodder!
Yeah, back in 2015-17 I stocked up on plenty of figures and vehicles and often clearance priced.