Last Chance! Dagger B-Wing, 6in Sandtrooper, Jax/Kanos, and more

Nov 9, 2010
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Pasadena, CA
cody_campbell's For Sale/Trade!!

Hey Guys-

Selling some stuff...I think the prices are reasonable, but I might be willing to make deals and take offers. Last chance before eBay!

Anyway, prices are listed. Shipping is extra via USPS. Depending on what you buy, I will give you a quote if you include your zip in your PM to me. I accept paypal gift

______FOR SALE______

Dagger Squadron B-Wing. Both guns, missles, and Pilot included. $45

POTF2 A-Wing $$$$$SOLD!!

Custom Painted Rogue 2 Snowspeeder. My very first custom. $20

Black Series Sandtrooper


TAC Carnor Jax/Kir Kanos Comic Pack (dark visors)

Has some minor wear on the bottom corners. $26

Some sort of TIE Advanced. Not sure where it's from $2

Cobra Fangboat $12 (loose but freshly opened and complete)

43 Various Stands - $5 for all

$8 for these guys (minus Han)

______In Search Of________
I'm only looking for X-Wing miniatures (from the current FFG boardgame)
TVC Rebel Fleet Troopers
TVC Endor Troopers
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