Lando's Haves & Wants (updated 5/16/19) Some carded stuff

Mar 6, 2001
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Greater Boston Area
Want (loose is fine, as long as it's complete)

• Nikto Gunner (Nysad)
• Wooof
• Black series 3.75" Jawas
• Nikto Skiff Guard
• Snaggletooth
• Walmart exclusive Vintage Collection TIE Fighter
• Legacy Collection TIE Interceptor

Have (all loose, unless specified)

• Darth Talon
• Hermi Odle (carded)
• Montross (comic 2-pack)
• Jaster Mareel (comic 2-pack)
• Utupau Shadow Trooper X2
• Covert Ops clone
• Clone Trooper - 5th Fleet security
• Force Unleashed Starkiller (Sith ending)
• Darth Malgus
• Mandalore (from Evolutions 3 pack)
• BG-J38 torso/head, right leg

• Lava reflection Vader (carded in case)
• Celebration III Vader (carded)
• Celebration III Vader (carded in Starcase)
• George Lucas Stormtrooper (carded) X2
• Episode I Padme Amidala (carded)
• Target exclusive Demise of Grievous (carded in case)
• DVD Press Release tin box and Luke action figure with Press invite (pic)

• McFarlane Xenomorphs (carded) X2

I have pretty much every prequel figure, with too many types of clones to list. If you're looking for something specific, just ask!
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