L.A./ San Fernando Valley, CA YARD SALE!

Mar 30, 2002
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Not sure where else to post this:
Posting this for my buddy Rob who's having a yard sale tomorrow (Sunday 9/25)
My friend is moving out of his place and is letting alot of his collection go. He's sold some stuff and put a few things on ebay, but the rest of it he's selling for yard sale prices (way below retail)
Items for sale include:
Modern star wars ( mostly boxed and loose 12" figs)
A bunch of MOC Marvel Legends
a bunch of MOC Lord of the Rings figs
also some movie posters and the usual yard sale stuff

Thought a few L.A. Scummers might wanna check it out

The address is: 6463 Montgomery Ave.
Van Nuys, CA 91406
(X-street is Victory Blvd)
Sunday 9/25 9am-6pm