Koths UK Trade list - (updated 03.12.14)

Jun 5, 2006
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Koths UK Trade list - (updated 25/06/2018)

Hi there!

In an attempt to clear out to make space here's a list I have for trade.

I have for Trade

BAD Droid Parts
HK-50 Left Arm x2
HK-50 Left Leg x2
HK-50 Right Leg x2
HK-47 Right Aem
MB-RA7 (silver) Body
MB-RA7 (silver) Left Arm x2
5D6-RA7 (black) Left Arm
U3PO (champagne) Right Arm x2
U3PO (champagne) Left Arm
U3PO (champagne) Right Leg
C3PX Head
C3PX Body
BG-J38 Right Leg
BG-J38 Head
BG-J38 Body

R2-L3 (Red) Right Leg

MB RA7 (Silver) Complete

I'm Looking For

Silver U3PO – All
Champagne U3PO – Head
Champagne U3PO – Body
Champagne U3PO – Leg [L]

I also have the following for sale £20.00 each plus postage. All unopened.

30th Anniv. AAT
SW Tri language (Darth Maul) AAT

** I'm Also looking URGENTLY for a Clone Airborne Trooper helmet **
I am based in the UK. please email me if you would like to trade.

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