Just got my first carded figure

Aug 5, 2010
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Forest of Endor, Vermont
Hi guys, I got my first carded figure off ebay: Lumat. I have only been collecting loose but have been frustrated with the quality and prices of loose figs and just need a couple of ewoks to finish my set, so I figured I could get them to display carded. I hope I didn't overpay too much or make a mistake. I knew there was a risk but I mostly wanted this for the figure rather than the card. The figure looks beautiful and the card is in okay shape. The bubble has a tiny crack that was disclosed/shown on the listing. This is a Mexican cardback and has the vent hole in the back.

It does not have the waffle pattern seal but I know a lot of them don't. I'm just wondering if this looks right to people and not like a reglued card or anything like that. The seller offered what I thought was a good discount compared to other similar figures I have been looking at.

I didn't think anyone would fake a low value item like this so I thought it was a small risk to take. I know everyone on here says "do your research" but to be honest it's hard to figure things out from images rather than holding a real item in your hands, so it will be a learning curve for me. Like I said, I wanted this mostly for the figure rather than the card, but I do feel that this may be the start of getting more interested (or at least being forced to learn about) carded.

Thanks for any thoughts or advice.


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Thank you all for the responses, I feel like I can now relax and begin to enjoy it. Now I've got to think about making more space, getting some UV protection acrylic cases, and so on and so on ...


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Yes! Though I'd rather belive that I've taken my first step into a larger world .... ;)
This guy just arrived. Beautiful clear bubble. He has a slight bump on the bubble where his arm goes out, which I've seen with others, so it looks legit. Same Made in Mexico card style as the Lumat (without the offer obviously). Some sticker was removed at the top but it doesn't look bad. I think everything looks legit. It's only my second carded figure. Paid slightly more than I wanted to but it's in great shape and I was getting frustrated with trying to get these guys loose. IMG_2483.jpgIMG_2484.jpg
Now he can join his brother. The back story to this is that when I was trying to complete my first full set, a few years ago, I did a deal with a guy on here (at the time it was a great deal for both of these guys loose, prices you would never see today). I sent the money but never got the Ewoks, then found out this guy had let a lot of people down and was having lots of personal problems. I never got my figs and he never made it right. At the time I didn't think too much about it since it was a pretty small amount of money compared to what many others had lost.

I focused on getting other figures I needed (A-Wing Pilot, Blue Snag, etc) but went very slowly about it (prices kept jumping up) but these were a hole in my collection. After years, I finally decided to try to get them, but got disappointed with the prices and quality of loose, and decided to go carded. So they are the last two that I needed for a full set of vintage, and the first two carded I have gotten. IMG_2487.jpg
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Hey starkiller,this is a Canadian card just so you know. Also worth a little more than a regular. That’s what all the French is about on the cardback. Also front has ages in French. I always liked these moc. 👍 K
Hey starkiller,this is a Canadian card just so you know. Also worth a little more than a regular. That’s what all the French is about on the cardback. Also front has ages in French. I always liked these moc. 👍 K
Thank you for that. I'm not too knowledgeable about cards, as you can tell. It's nice to know it's worth a little more. It clearly says Canada on the front, haha. So the "Made in Mexico" refers to the figure then. It will be interesting to learn more about these, I have only collected loose until now. Appreciate any thoughts and advice, thanks. (y)