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Nov 6, 2005
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ALL PRICES ARE OR BEST OFFER!!! Nothing set in stone. Everything LOOSE COMPLETE unless otherwise stated. Paypal preferred, payment as gift preferred, but not necessary. Buy more, save more. Shipping is additional. Will ship international if you have great feedback. I am a more than willing negotiator.


Siege Omega Supreme
Legends Big Powered set (Dai Atlas etc)
Mechfanstoys Pipes
Siege wave 2 and beyond battle masters
Siege Micromaster 10-pack
Amazon Prime Wars Punch / Counterpunch
Amazon Prime Wars Blast Off
Legends god bomber
Perfect effect add ons for god ginrai
Unite warriors Computron
Masterpiece Star Saber
Combiner Wars Bruticus
Power Of The Primes Predaking



-Star Wars
-Gi Joe
-Marvel Universe etc
-Video Game Figures, others

Third Party

OS KO Toyworld Trace 10
OS KO Toyworld Throttlebots combiner parts 10
Igear Outback missing one screw cover panel next to head 10
Igear Spray G2 Chrome 10
TFC toys Ares loose complete. Tip of horn broke on the rhino, barely noticeable. 160
Warbotron Bruticus all 5 and shockwave MiB...heavy treads screw covers are not there. never got them 175

CHUG...Classics, Henkei, Universe, Generations

Combiner Wars Legends Chopshop 10

RTS Solar Storm Grapple 20
RTS Bumblebee 10
RTS Deluxe Laser Prime 8

Generations Hoist 10
Generations Wheeljack 15
Generations Jetfire Leader 20
Generations Springer (Voyager) 13
Generations Doubledealer with Missile add on (3rd party) 30
Generations Kup 10
Generations Cosmos and Payload 10
Generations FOC Brawl 5

Universe Silverstreak 10
Universe Ironhide 10
Universe Sideswipe wrong gun 10
Universe Tankor/Octane 10
Universe 2.0 Silverbolt 10
Universe Dropshot, no accessories 10

Classics Cliffjumper 20
TF Prime

Thundertron 15


TLK Steelbane 5

TRU Bumblebee AOE evolution 2 pack loose complete 10

Star Wars

Code 3 Collectibles ROTS Best Buy sculpted poster 25

Black Series 6 Inch

TLJ Rey 7
TLJ Kylo Ren 7
KMart Jyn Erso no base 7
KMart Rey no base 7
KMart Kylo Ren no base 7

3 and 3/4 inch figures below!!!

Force Awakens First Order Tie Fighter with 2 pilots 20
Force Awakens Walmart Exclusive Resistance X-Wing with Poe 25
Rogue One Tie Striker with pilot 20
Rogue One U wing with Cassian Andor 20

Vintage Collection Anakin Skywalker Episode 1 8
Vintage Collection Deleted Scene Jedi Luke 10

Black Series Death Trooper 7
Black Series Lando Calrissian General 5
Black Series First Order Stormtroopers x2 ⅝ each
Black Series Leia Slave, missing chain 5
Black Series Admiral Ackbar 5

Star Wars Rebels Kanan Jarrus 4
Star Wars Rebels Ezra Bridger 4

30th C4 Exclusive Mcquarrie Concept Luke Skywalker 12

Clone Wars 03 Deluxe Durge with Swoop. Durge custom painted 20

Saga 03 Wampa no ice base, 5

GI Joe

Retaliation Jinx 10
Retaliation Cyber Ninja 9
Retaliation Zartan missing crossbow and quiver 9

POC Renegades Cobra Commander 10

ROC Agent Helix 12

25th Comic Pack Armored Storm Shadow 7

Dollar General Storm Shadow Black and White 10


ML 12 Inch Hasbro Deadpool MIB 20
ML 12 Inch Hasbro Captain America 20
ML 12 Inch Hasbro Iron Man 20

ML 6 inch Beetle (Vulture wave) 7

3 3/4 inch scale (MU is Marvel Universe, Infinite and Legends)

MU (The Wolverine) Silver Samurai Sword Slash (5POA) 6
MU Invincible Iron Man 4
MU Mk I Iron Man 4
MU Spiderman (lighter blue) 4

Marvel Legends Deluxe Pack Ant Man and flying ant 10

Target Spiderman Homecoming 3 3/4 Vulture 8

Avengers Movie Loki 8
Avengers Movie Captain America 8
Avengers Movie Iron Man 5

Thor Volstagg 8
Thor Hogun 8

Avengers (non-Movie) Phoenix Bow Hawkeye 7

Civil War Deluxe Falcon 7
Civil War Deluxe Captain America and Motorcycle 7

IM2 Comic War Machine 5
IM2 Mark V Iron Man 5
IM2 Movie War Machine 8

Winter Soldier Captain America (unmasked) 4
TFA Hydra Soldier 8

Amazing Spiderman Movie Super Articulated Spiderman 8

Movie Masters 6 inch Superman 6

Play Arts Kai Batman (Arkham) one hook part of grappling hook broke, otherwise great 30
Play Arts Kai Devil May Cry Dante Sword attachment for back broke, glued to sword. 60
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