Jedi Knight Revan and HK-47


May 18, 2000
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Jedi Knight Revan and HK-47 (rehash)


Entertainment Earth

Ages 4 years & up
Approx. Retail Price: $39.99
Available: Fall 2023





Product Description​

A Hunter-Killer droid from the Old Republic era, HK-47 is a deadly assassin with a dark sense of humor. The journey from dark side back to the light is complete as the legendary Revan finds redemption as a white-robed Jedi Knight
Celebrate the legacy of Star Wars, the action-packed space saga from a galaxy far, far away, with premium 3.75-inch scale action figures and vehicles from Star Wars The Vintage Collection. Action figures feature premium detail and design across product and packaging, as well as the entertainment-inspired, collector-grade deco that fans have come to know and love.

Product Features​

  • 3.75-inch scale (9.53cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From the
  • Collector-grade quality with premium details
  • Figure features multiple points of articulation

Box Contents​

  • Revan figure
    • Lightsaber
  • HK-47 figure
    • Blaster

Who’s interested in these figures?
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HK-47’s last release:

From the 2009 Legacy line as a build a figure. Maybe with some modern day weathering it’ll turn out really good.
Well at the very least with a reissue I'll finally be able to try and mod HK without fear of making a mistake and being SOL. Always wanted to give him a better articulated head/neck. Jedi Revan I guess could be used for a custom too I suppose.
I'm kind of really looking forward to the Jedi Revan figure.
I’m looking forward to this, just wish it wasn’t a two pack. Imma have a few extra ravens laying around lol
They should add an antenna to ol' HK and switch out to a better rifle.

The articulation could also be improved/updated, but the above two changes alone can do wonders.
I wonder how many more figures they'll try to squeeze out of the new Revan build. Carbonized? Prototype? Battle damaged?
How about a deluxe with a few of his unmasked faces alongside the "canon" face from the MMO.
Elbows, knees, and ankles are also ball-hinged/peg-hinged.

For its time and for a droid, it was pretty well articulated.

It’s just that the gun they gave him does NOT allow too many good action poses.
There was also a Revan "Redeemed" set from SW:TOR that is very similiar. The Black Series Revan and Jedi Revan are both based on that version.
I wonder how many more figures they'll try to squeeze out of the new Revan build. Carbonized? Prototype? Battle damaged?
about a deluxe with a few of his unmasked faces alongside the "canon" face from the MMO.
I'd actually prefer it if they repainted Bastila Shan black for her Darkside outfit over a 3rd Revan repaint. That said, I wouldn't be opposed to a "proper Jedi Revan" before he becomes a Sith. It's been years since I've played the game so I don't recall what his face even looks like.

I's also want a retooled Jocasta Nu for Atris figure over a 3rd Revan repaint.
Sith Troopers
Satele Shan

Just to name a few.
T3-M4 is at the top of my Kotor list being a huge Astro fan! Juhani would probably be next due to her being an interesting looking Alien that we don't see often at all, followed by Visas Marr. Wouldn't mind Darth Bandon either.

Honestly speaking Kreia and Darth Traya would have been fairly easy ones to do out of them all.
I'll probably order this (assuming they're both carded) and then sell the HK-47...
I believe the appearance of Jedi Revan is based on the Star Forge robes from in game. It is an ugly recolor of Revan’s Sith robes.
Yes. It's just a dumb idea. Revan is the sith name lol. It's just lazy. Like that white darth vader
Still giving HK that garbage gun. Posing options are so limited with it. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Revan looks alright. But would have liked a cloak/cape added for this look.
Agreed on the KotOR cardbacks, but I think we already knew it was going to be GoH theme based on it being Jedi Revan repaint. And for that reason is why I don't need this set, as cool as the new deco on Hk-47 looks I already have the figure that was essentially free. And I don't really need a light side version of Revan. But had HK-47 been on a KotOR card I'd have definitely bought it to have a MOC version!

Which brings me to the sad realization that I think we'll probably see more GoH themed releases of these characters than we will older VG media tie-ins. it's just more relevant to today's era. I've also come to the conclusion that T3-M4 will never be made, which BTW was Revan's true companion. lol
So they have Legacy Collection tooling still available? Wonder why we haven't gotten more re-use from that line. There's a lot of stuff there that still holds up today.
Nope, HK-47 is his translator, murder-bot friend, and insulter of Malak for Revan.

T3’s cool, and it would be awesome to get a figure of the droid. But still gonna roll with HK, the original orange-colored murder droid!
VERY intrigued they were able to summon a TLC-era mold. Adds spice to the old sculpt rumors.

Assuming it's not a major deco upgrade, this is a pass for me, too. I like the old HK-47 just fine (and I'm not even one of those "oh no, its aftermarket price is failing!!!" kind of guys). No interest in this version of Revan, but nice to see physical copies to get an idea of how the regular Revan will shape up.
A must have set for me.

I have the TLC HK and just need more and I’m a huge Regan fan and played him in the games as more of a Jedi anyway.
I don’t have HK-47 in any form, so I’m definitely in. Not super excited about Jedi Revan, but I don’t mind.