Jawa Collection For Sale, Tuition Calls *Lowered*

Mar 11, 2009
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I was really wanting to hang onto these, but having just bought a new car and with it looking more and more like I will not be receiving financial aid I must part with my jawa collection.

OTC Sandcrawler, Loose no figures $50

40 Loose Jawas, includes Legacy, OTC, TAC, POTF $80, droids are not included, sorry sold those long ago, I have a baggy of the small accessories that come with the legacy jawas but cannot find it at this time.

Custom Jawa, Jedi Knight $10

Holiday Jawas with white mailer box $12

Action Fleet, Micromachine and EP 3 Sandcrawler lot $10 Action fleet does not include jawa figure, sorry.

Star Tours Jawa Cruiser, $8

Kenner 6 inch Jawa doll, $7 (sold to hothwampa!)

MIP TAC, OTC, CW and Legacy Jawas $30

Custom Mighty Mugg Jawa with light up eyes $25

Kubrick, Bearbrick and Pepsi topper Jawa, $15, topper jawa is missing his gun.

Galactic Hero Jawas 10 for $8

Jawa Marbles, One Loose, One MIP $5

Jawa Unleashed Minis $5, Loose, but I still have the package if you want it

Tomy Plush Jawa,$20 Looks good, but has fuzzys on it, the guy who had it before must have washed it, no tag on it either

Jawa Puzzle, 140 Piece, Framed 18X34 $15. 1977 Puzzle

Framed Jawa Print, and Two Comics $15

Gentle Giant Animated Statue $20

Gentle Giant Mini Busts $20

I prefer paypal, but we can work a deal out if you don't have it. I have a little feedback on RS, and have perfect feedback on eBay and I am verified paypal. Gonna put these on here for a week and then go the eBay route if nothing moves, don't be afraid to lowball me offers because I need money =P Shipping is not included, but I will find the cheapest way to ship to you and will low ball shipping costs.