Jar Jar Binks (TPM)


May 18, 2000
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Hasbro have revealed that Jar Jar Binks from The Phantom Menace is in the pipeline for the Retro line.

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Will you be purchasing Jar Jar Binks?
Well thanks to Rose Tico, Jar Jar moved up from the least liked character ever made to the second. Who knows, maybe he'll make great customizing fodder or maybe it will have such a vintage feel it'll be a good surprise.
I hope this can really capture his personality.

The best Jar Jar figure is the one from The Clone Wars. Can that sort of vibe be put into a 5 POA Kenner figure?

When the last time we saw a new Jar Jar figure? 2012?

That’s actually not as long as Farm Boy Luke is it. Shocking!
I think I might get this Jar-Jar - and will be the first one in a loooooong time ( it since the original TPM line was released, all those years ago.

I also love to see what Kenner style accessories they put with him.
I'd like the retro line to go on for years so I guess this is their shot for the prequel fans. I have no interest in these but I hope they sell. It will be fun to see what they look like.
A few years back I started customizing vintage style figures using the prequels (as though TPM came out in 1977).

It was fun and they mesh pretty well with my vintage figures. So I'm hoping these announced figures turn out very Kenner-like.
Without the sticker, what if someone puts this up on ebay as a 1978 original Jar Jar and it sells to a confused buyer for $2,000?! :LOL:

As long as I’m the seller and I make that $2,000 🤪

Jar Jar imo is the best of the wave imo
Great looking figure, but a little bummed Hasbro cheaped out and gave us another droid blaster instead of a proper Gungan weapon.
But hesa no hava dem booma!

I just realized it took three viewings of TPM before I understood what Jar Jar was even saying.
I do think he looks great. Just not sure he looks Kenneresque though, his paint apps seem far beyond what we would have gotten at the time.
I see I wasn‘t the only one thinking this.

at most, I was thinking mainly of many of the single-colored aliens in the cantina, like Greedo or Hammerhead back in the day.
I don’t buy retro collection but the Prequels are my preferred trilogy and I will show up for these. 2 sets atleast.

I hope they do the same for AOTC and ROTS.