Jabba's throne room - Refurbishment project

Nov 19, 2009
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Pennington, NJ
I built on years ago, around 2009. The floor grate was a big pain in the rear. Like you, i cut each individual hole, think it was around 450 individual tiny little cuts to get the floor grate pattern. Another thorn in my side (there were many) the spit grill, i could never get it right. Also like your orig. palace, my wall paint was way too dark. Mine started to deteriorate, think i used plaster of Paris, i eventually had to throw it away.

This is beautiful, one of the best i've seen. You nailed every detail. I'm most impressed with the knob like texturing on the stairs and other flat areas. Pillows are also very well done (as is everything) My kids are now 12 and 7, after looking at your pics they're asking me to do another with them. If we do i'll no doubt be stealing all your techniques/ideas. again, awesome job with this.