Jabba's Goons, Rebel Pilots, CW Jedi and More

Oct 4, 2011
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Asheville, NC
TVC, TLC, CW & More...


I'm switching my collecting focus, so here's what I'm looking to sell. I am in the midst of starting a new semester at school, so I don't have the time nor the interest to haggle over prices. All figures are loose, unless otherwise noted. They will come with all of their normal accessories (weapons, etc...) unless otherwise noted. They do not come with stands or coins or anything.

All prices are not including shipping. I ship with USPS and use the cheapest shipping I can with tracking. For both of our sakes, I only accept paypal as a form of payment. You can either pay me as a gift, or you can pay the fees. Either way, I will make sure you get the figures you pay for. If you are wanting to make a trade, you can take a look here to see what I am looking for. It's mostly non-Star Wars stuff. If you would like to do business, please let me know.


Kyle Katarn $9

The Phantom Menace
Adi Gallia $4

Power of the Jedi
Eeth Koth $5

Ashla $4
Jempa $4
Chian $4

Clone Wars
Human Jedi Knight $9
Twi'Lek Jedi $9
Yoda (Animated) $6

Star Tours
Padawan Girl $18
Padawan Boy (Short) $18
Padawan Boy (Tall) $18

Revenge of the Sith
Zett Jukassa $6

The Saga Collection
Aurra Sing $7

30th Anniversary Collection
Koffi Arana (Purge) $13
Princess Leia (Infinities #2) $10
TAC41 4-LOM $8
Master Sev (Order 66) $12
Tsui Choi (Order 66) $18
Sora Bulq (Episode II Tin) $12
Ki-Adi-Mundi (Battle on Mygeeto) $11

The Legacy Collection
Basic Figures:
BD19 Evan Piell $11
BD34 Obi-Wan Kenobi (No Table) $22
BD43 Agen Kolar $13
BD45 Plo Koon (No Mask) $8
BD53 Willrow Hood $17
BD54 Zuckuss $10
BD57 K'Kruhk $65

Comic Pack Figures:
T'Ra Saa (Republic #65) $85
Darth Krayt (Legacy #22) $68
Ganner Krieg (Legacy #6) $18
Sigel Dare (Legacy #22) $44
Darth Talon (Legacy #2) $54
Princess Leia (Shadows of the Empire #5) $9
Lumiya (Marvel Star Wars #96) $38
Darth Nihl (Legacy #7) $126
Cade Skywalker (Legacy #2) $22
Sharad Hett (Star Wars #11) $26

Geonosis Arena:
Joclad Danva $22
Rodian Jedi $58
Coleman Trebor $30
Shaak Ti $40
Roth Del-Masona $20
Nicanas Tassu $72

Miscellaneous Figures:
Lord Maleval (Joker Squad) $90
Corran Horn (Droid Factory) $36
Bultar Swan (Jedi Legacy) $27

The Clone Wars
TCW59 Savage Opress $27
TCW08 Pre Viszla $25
Nighsister (Darth Maul Returns) $12
Nahdar Vebb $17

The Vintage Collection
Basic Figures:
TVC12 Darth Sidious $13
TVC17 General Grievous $25
TVC20 Yoda $18
TVC21 Gamorrean Guard $20
TVC23 Luke Skywalker $17
TVC29 Kit Fisto $20
TVC35 Mace Windu $19
TVC49 Fi-Ek Sirch $21
TVC58 Aayla Secura $20
TVC75 Qui-Gon Jinn $10
TVC86 Darth Maul $18
TVC93 Darth Vader $18
TVC96 Darth Malgus $22
TVC102 Ahsoka Tano $40

Jocasta Nu $32
AT-AT Driver (Imperial Set) $17
Dengar (Imperial Set) $24
Imperial Commander (Imperial Set) $18
Imperial Snowtrooper (Imperial Forces) $12
IG-88 (Imperial Forces) $18
Bossk (Imperial Forces) $18

Shadows of the Darkside
Darth Phobos (The Force Unleashed) $62

Ric Olie $6

Movie Heros
Mauler Mithel TIE Pilot (Yavin Pilot Pack) $13
R5-D8 (Yavin Pilot Pack) $15
Roan Shryne (Battle of Geonosis) $62
Khaat Qiyn (Battle of Geonosis) $40
Selig Kenjenn (Battle of Geonosis) $58
Jek Porkins (Battle of Geonosis) $24

The Black Series
Jango Fett 6" $18
TBS04 Biggs $5
TBS10 Pablo Jill $28
TBS11 Luminara Unduli $9
Rey $10
Kylo Ren $11
Captain Phasma $15 (MIP)
Admiral Ackbar $11

Inquisitor $6
Kanan $5
Jedi Temple Guard $40

The Force Awakens
Tasu Leech $10 (MIP)

Rogue One
Sabine Wren $8

Marvel Legends
Rogue (MIP) $21
Wolverine (MIP) $21
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