Jabba’s Court 4pk


May 18, 2000
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Jabba’s Court 4pk ($72.99)
(Ree-Yees, Velken Tezeri, Taym Dren-Garen, Tessek)
Hasbro Pulse/Shop Disney

More #StarWarsCelebration reveals from #StarWars #TheVintageCollection, it's Jabba’s Court Denizens inspired by Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett. Pre-order exclusively on #HasbroPulse and #shopDisney on April 11th at 1pm ET!

Will you be purchasing this pack?
While I'm not too fond of the priciness of the set it is a definite purchase for the simple fact I need Tessek! Now whether or not I decide to sell all of the other goons to try and offset the price a little, I'm not quite sure about yet because they are cool looking figure that you kind of need for the Barge setup. I guess I can be thankful for all the other stuff I don't want and are passing on like the N-1, ROTJ Vader, Han, Tusken 4-pk that winds up making up for over spends like this. Though not by too much.
I would’ve never guessed we would ever get Velken or Taym. Heck, in a multipack, nonetheless!

Outside of the pipelines, this was easily my favorite reveal from Celebration. I have my issues with the set (pricing and inclusion of Ree Yees), but I’m really impressed. I hope to see more sets like this in the future. Just imagine what they could do for the Cantina aliens!
I am super excited for this. The prisoner skiff is finally complete, and we get a much needed update to Tessek, and one of the most prominent Barge guardss, Taym. This is a must-have for me.

That only leaves 4 more skiff guards from the prisoner set. Ive been working on customs for them, having done the unidentified shirtless male (the same actor that played Taym), we still need Yotts Oren, Gailid and the mercenary pilot guy
Jabba's Court Denizens Multipack from Return of the Jedi.

  • #VC137 - Ree-Yees - Reissue. Comes with two blaster pistols.
  • #VC286 - Tessek - Comes with soft goods cape & blaster pistol. Utilizes Cal Kestis's legs per Emily.
  • #VC287 - Taym Dren-garen - Comes with removeable helmet & DL-18 blaster pistol.
  • #VC288 - Velken Terzeri - Comes with removeable helmet & DL-18 blaster pistol w/ working holster.

On shelf Summer 2023. MSRP is $72.99. Available for pre-order April 11th at 1pm ET.

Press Release

Protected by Skiff Guards, Jabba the Hutt’s palace bustled with court members, henchmen, and dregs of the galaxy who attempted to curry favor with the grotesque crime lord. Fans can celebrate the legacy of STAR WARS, the action-and-adventure-packed space saga from a galaxy far, far away, and the 40th Anniversary of STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI with this premium 3.75-inch scale STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION JABBA’S COURT DENIZENS multipack. These figures feature premium detail and design across product and packaging inspired by the original Kenner line, as well as the entertainment-inspired collector grade deco. Includes 4 figures and 5 entertainment-inspired accessories.

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another warehouse sale item......
Does seem that why but to put in perspective, it's an item I want so I'll get it whenever opportunity arises. Getting a discount deal is unbeatable but last week, I had unexpected 3x bypass surgery. Not even a full month ago, I went in for routine lung scans for a diff. years old health issue. Pulmonary Dr said, dude your lungs look great but..I see these light spots around your heart. So I took his advice, went to a cardiologist and had angiogram. The worse I expected was I needed a splint...nope, too far gone for that option. Showed I had this far a couple years. I was never informed of past scans showing any thing wrong w/ my heart. Hell, had covid last may, scans then showed nothing. In July, my wife and I started errands 1 sat. am, went to target 1st and I got all out of breath. So we drove to ER across the street. Scans then, they said, shows nothing and was dismissed as long term covid effects. FF to 2 weeks ago, talked w/ surgeon team and they pulled up my scans from the July er visit and the Dr said, "well I don't know what those er Dr's were looking at, because your blockage was clearly visible".

So I've been basically a walking dead man for a couple years and didn't have a clue, it seems.
Well my point here is there's no guarantee that you may be around for a chance for a non guaranteed wh sale. If you want the item bad enough in your collection, only you can make that choice to wait or not.

I'm placing my orders on Tues. If shopd gets it in b4 pulse and offers free shipping, great, I can always, always cancel pulse.

..cancel pulse, no pun intended
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Great looking set! I like that Hasbro included two additional new background characters. I already have the Ree-Yees so might sell him to offset the price of the full set.
Well my point here is there's no guarantee that you may be around for a chance for a non guaranteed wh sale. If you want the item bad enough in your collection, only you can make that choice to wait or not.
Yeah, there are some things that you don't want to chance. This being a limited run Pulse Exclusives tells me to get one while the getting is good, unless you like paying double retail to scalpers. If this was more widely available at other e-tailers then maybe I'd take a chance that it might go on sale at some point, especially since I kind of do need two.

But since it is limited it's something I'm not going to take a chance on.
I have been dead 3 times in the span of a year. I actually have you beat. but since you had bypass surgery, you were technically dead since they have to stop your heart and run your blood through the heart/lung machine while they do the bypass. the 4 pack is shared with Disney like normal .
When I woke up today I still needed to make customs for three Sarlaac pit combatants. With the announcement of this four-pack, I’m down to one. Red pants, I’m looking at you…


ETA: I’m 99.9% sure that Taym’s arms are from TVC Nikto. Best I can tell, Velken looks all new.
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I never got into anything related to Jabba’s palace or barge but I know how much people in the community wanted these figures, and I honestly let out an audible “no way” when I saw the reveal. Truly happy for everyone who never thought they’d get these and now get to add them to their collection.
After four or five years I can’t believe they’re finally making some brand new, never-before-made OT characters. I hope this works and they keep going.

There are plenty of other background goofballs yet to make.
I was seriously ready to give up on the Vintage Collection because I really thought the days of OT backgrounders were over. I guess I am still in. This is one of my favorite reveals ever. Jabba palace is my favorite part of SW. Maybe there is still hope for Fozec. He is my most wanted palace figure. Put him and the last three skiff guards in a pack…mmmm.
^ IKR, this set is just enough to keep you interested just like the Barge was in 2019 and then the 3 figure set and new skiff! And right when the line if feeling stalled/stagnate again they pull out some cool reveals!
With the announcement of this four-pack, I’m down to one. Red pants, I’m looking at you…

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I think he is easily doable too, pretty much all the tooling required already exists it's just a question whether people want TVC 1.0 reuse or all new.
ETA: I’m 99.9% sure that Taym’s arms are from TVC Nikto. Best I can tell, Velken looks all new.
Yeah same here, as well as Andor's legs. Velken does look all new but for some reason his legs do look familiar, perhaps they will be used elsewhere on a future figure of a character I'm not recalling ATM.
Despite owning a skiff and the barge, I was never one who cared all that much about "finishing" the Jabba goons.

That said, I'm surprised by how delighted I am by this announcement. The set looks terrific and the all-new Tessek is the icing on the cake!

Well done, hasbro! Well done indeed!
I would like to applaud hasbro for figuring out a way to cut out the scalpers by just becoming the scalper! Heck, maybe they can add a spot on hasbro pulse to leave a monetary tip as well when we preorder to show them we're all so grateful and would gladly pay more for these bits of plastic. Dont get me wrong. The figures look great. I just can not believe people aren't making more fuss about the price. Clearly hasbro will change how they do business to get our money as we just saw with the rethinking of no plastic in packaging.
So it's been almost a whole day since this reveal, and I just kind of want to discuss how astounding this reveal truly is. I keep thinking I dreamed it. I'm still shocked it's actually happening. Tessek isn't all that shocking... though still somewhat in this day and age. He's been made before and has been long overdue for updating again, though this doesn't remotely diminish how exciting it is getting him. But it's really Taym and Velken that just blew my freaking mind.

This just doesn't happen anymore. Levels of this obscure material haven't occurred since the Legacy Collection. I've oddly had dreams where I went into some bizarre hobby shop and came across fictional figures like these guys, stuff I thought they'd just never make. These two were easily at the top of the list of "Never Going to Happen." I just crossed them off my wishlist, if I'm being honest. It wasn't merely a fat chance; I considered their possibility to be literally zero percent.

Obscure human backgrounders from the cantina and palace, or Sarlacc, just don't really happen. We've gotten BoShek, but he is the one to introduce Obi-Wan to Chewbacca. We got Wuher, but his status as an obscure backgrounder is debatable. He does have an iconic line and is pretty integral to the cantina scene. Dude is the freaking bartender, and, well, when you're in a bar...that's pretty important to represent. Malakili is probably the only really noteworthy one, but you can argue he's not a backgrounder. He's minor, but very memorable. All of these roles have some level of "standout," minor though they may be.

These guys don't. To get Velken and Taym in 2023 is like seeing a unicorn during the vacation you took to Shagri-La after winning the Mega Millions. :ROFLMAO: Two previously unmade human backgrounders in the most literal sense of the word for the original trilogy. Just...wow! Huzzah!

I described my reaction as shock turned to realization that my team, who you've effectively given up on, made it to the Super Bowl for the first time in 20 years and scored the game-winning touchdown.

It's downright thrilling! I am a ball of positivity over this! This really gives folks like me and others hope for the likes of the Tonnika Sisters, Fozec, Shasa Tiel, and other never-before-made roles and really makes one think that, relatively speaking here, bigger obscure roles (I know that's an oxymoron so I hope people get what I mean) like EV-9D9, 8D8, Imperial Dignitary, Barada, and others just don't seem impossible at all anymore. And it makes the likes of the ANH mains, Count Dooku, Ventress, Ewok Gown Leia, Baze Malbus, Bodhi Rook, Cobb Vanth, and some other legitimately large and crucial roles—seem downright likely with enough patience. Now whether they really are or not is something else entirely, but the point is...this meant they're listening...

And that, well, that is inspiring!
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When I woke up today I still needed to make customs for three Sarlaac pit combatants. With the announcement of this four-pack, I’m down to one. Red pants, I’m looking at you…

View attachment 457376
With Nikto's reissue, I'm looking at kitbashing Kithaba's legs onto Nikto's body with a RFT head and calling it a day. Headgear is the only place I'm stumped. Might slap together something using the Klatooinian Raider helmet and Logray's pointy headgear.
Not for me but I'm sure glad for everyone that is into these. They have all be high requests for years and it's awesome that they are getting to them.
Oh, no, I get that. Absolutely! They're very niche figures. Very! They're certainly not going to interest everyone. Even Tessek, the most famous of this pack, isn't really a character with universal mass appeal. What we have here is almost on the level of Willrow Hood. Not quite, but it's kind of close. While they're more interesting than, say, literally just a dude in an orange jumpsuit running with an ice cream maker (Velken and Taym at least have action-oriented roles), they're kind of the skiff guard equivalents. So what I mean is, well, I think there's just no way this doesn't translate to a confirmation that Hasbro is listening. I just don't think it's remotely possible they'd have ever been naturally made without Hasbro listening to message boards and comments. It breaks down to the thought of, Well, if they're willing to do these guys, who else are they willing to do? Possibility! Suddenly, prior unlikely figures don't seem so unlikely anymore, and it feels like they're giving TVC much more attention and love again by Velken and Taym even existing at all. And that, I think, makes for a more hopeful future for a section of the board that often seems bleak anymore, and thus a victory for all.
Am I mistaken? I could have sworn it was mentioned in the panel that these would eventually get individual releases later on, right?

Edit: At the end of when they were talking about this 4-pack Emily mentions "all of these vintage reveals will be on shelves later this summer."
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Awesone set. But why release Ree Yees yet again? Why not Fozec instead. He would of been an easy kit bash of existing parts. Maybe a new head dress. Or a repaint of Kithaba into Barada.

Repacks increase their profit margin. I would have preferred if the Ree Yees slot was another retooled new character as well, but that would have probably increased the price, and made this release less likely. I'm just happy they managed to put together a set of OT backgrounders - this is actually a great tribute to ROTJ and the collectors that have been waiting patiently for years (decades) for these types of figures. Hopefully they find a way to release the Imperial Dignitary as well - lets get these Kenner 96ers wrapped up!