Is This Helping Anybody?

Aug 30, 2011
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Northern Utah
So, I'm fine with posting in this section just so I have someone to tell about what I found(the wife doesn't seem to care, funny :confused:). Even if I'm more or less talking to myself. But we can really turn this into a useful section if anybody reading wants some leads. I live in Davis County, work in Salt Lake County, and have a delivery route in Utah County. So I can cover a lot of ground. I'd be happy to give directions to sales or where to find inventory if people can use it. Please respond to this thread and let me know what you're looking for or what part of town you're looking.

Also, I'm happy to help any locals get stuff that's outside your normal range. I know that Davis and Utah counties are what I like to call "Utah Far". 30 minutes? I ain't going that far, lol. So rather than compete against each other let's cooperate. We're all Rebel Scum, right? B)