Is OTC sandcrawler worth it?

Dec 20, 2011
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I recently purchased two at a discount compared to typical secondary market prices. I opened one for my son and left the other sealed. My 3 yr old son is a huge Jawa fan and likes it.

While I like the repaint, the item itself just feels cheaply built and corners were cut. While I wasn't surprised to see decals omitted, it would've been a nice touch. I was surprised to learn there are not wheels for rolling it on the floor. My hardwood floors are taking a beating. The door and elevator feel flimsy. At least the door was redesigned with plastic hinges. I also wonder why there are no figure pegs in it?

The entire toy feels like one minor drop from a coffee table during playtime will break it. I've been keeping the Gorillia Glue on standby just in case.

It was sold in 2004 as purely a "decorative" display item.

Considering this originally retailed at $50-$60 in 2004, I don't think it was worth it then and especially not now (at current prices). If it was released today, I think $35-$40 would be acceptable with or without included figures. It would just need to be built more sturdy.
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Mar 10, 2011
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I got mine in a lot of Tatooine stuff for 100, so I got it for very little. It's not great, but it serves it's purpose.