Is it me, or is the "sail" on the Solar Sailer in the wrong direction?

May 30, 2002
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Looking at pictures of Dooku's Solar Sailer in the INCREDIBLE CROSS SECTION book -- as well as looking on the back of the box of the new Action Fleet -- suggests that the sail should be vertical. That is, it is much higher than it is wide.

However, the Action Fleet vehicle has the sail going the opposite direction.

I don't understand how Hasbro erred here. The picture of the back of the box clearly shows the sail's position -- but they still made a mistake.

Fortunately, you can change the direction of the sail to make it like it was in the movie. You can pop the piece off and arrange it in the proper direction.


I totally missed that, but you are right, At least now I know it can be changed. Mayber they flipped it because it fits better in the box. You know how the higher ups can be.